Do cats eat?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
December 6, 2012
Do cats eat?

The fact that people eat dogs, many have heard, but do they eat cats? And if they eat, then where, why, and what does their meat taste like? Let's try to answer these questions, referring to the history and traditions of cooking in some countries of the world.

In which countries do cats eat?

Historical evidence of human consumption of cat meat a little. The fact is that in the mythology of many countries the cat is a mystical creature, and it is deified, then demonized, but not eaten. If you do not take into account the cases when cats were eaten during times of famine for the sake of survival, then the dishes from them were (and still appear) on the table of the peoples of China, Vietnam, Peru, and even in northern Italy. The reason for eating these cute animals, whose meat, according to the testimony of knowledgeable, tastes like rabbit, lies in the faith of some peoples that you can eat cats to maintain health. The Chinese are sure of this, for example, and in Vietnam they consider the cat to be the best medicine for asthma, and a drug that enhances sexual desire is prepared from the gallbladders of an animal. Aphrodisiacs and exquisite delicacy are considered cats and residents of Peru.

Can I have cats?

Animal rights activists worldwide have reduced the number of restaurants where you can eat cats and dogs. Similar institutions remained, but they are not advertised, as before, even in Peru. And in Italy, human rights activists achieved the dismissal of a famous TV presenter for what he said on the air that he tried cat meat and dictated a recipe. In Russia, the law on cruel treatment of animals has not yet been finalized, so hardly anyone will punish cat eaters. Of course, there is no such exotic product in official trade, therefore there are or there are no cats - this, as they say, is a matter of taste and moral principles of everyone.

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