Do not try to argue with the Italians about food: 15 points to avoid in Italy

The summer holiday season is approaching, and this is an excellent reason to recall the rules and laws in force in Italy.

The forbidden fruit is sweet - right up to the moment when responsibility comes for its use. Not to say that in Italy everything was forbidden at every turn, but the list of things that are better not to do is rather long. Among them there are both traditional ones for the local way of life, and those that are intentionally set by the authorities - and those who are going to visit Italy, it is better to know about them.

Victoria Corneenkova, who has been living in Genoa for a long time, decided to lift the veil over the main “not” in the country of refined tastes and ancient history.

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1. Do not buy counterfeit products.

It is worth remembering that in Italy there is a law under which not only the sale is punished with a fine, but also the acquisition of any counterfeit products.

The scandal that occurred in the resort town of Jesolo on the Adriatic coast has not yet subsided. Municipal police detained a 65-year-old woman on the beach who bought a fake handbag from a famous brand for 7 euros. The seller, the Senegalese “peddler”, had not only a license to trade, but even identity documents.

In this situation, the unfortunate tourist suffered the most, because all illegal traders, both traded and will trade. They are constantly being chased, but all this is to no avail: they instantly assemble their portable stands and counters and scatter by the doorways at the first gig, and then return.

So beware!

2. Do not throw out payment receipts and checks.

This may seem strange, but it is strongly recommended not only to take receipts when purchasing goods or paying for services, such as restaurants or bus stations, but also to keep them before returning to the hotel.

Why? The fact is that the Italian tax police can stop you for a check (they saythis happened even at a distance of 300 meters from the outlet), and if you do not provide a check, then you will be fined.

Victoria says that she heard about it more than once, but, like everyone else, did not attach special importance to the rule. But one evening, when she bought ice cream, the inspectors suddenly appeared from the dark and asked for a check. Then I had to rummage in the urn in search of discarded paper. In the end, she was found, the controllers checked the time and the amount on the check and safely released Victoria and her friends.

One of Victoria’s friends was at a ski resort, drank a cup of coffee and was about to go down when suddenly a check out appeared out of nowhere. In the confusion, with skis, equipment to find a check was not an easy task ... Everything ended well, although a friend was very surprised.

3. Do not buy tickets from bus drivers.

Do not buy tickets from bus drivers or on trains directly from the controller. It is much more profitable to buy tickets at the box office or kiosk, so you can save money and not overpay. Trifle, but better to buy ice cream. If the grand bus trip is scheduled for the weekend - buy tickets in advance: it will be difficult to find a working kiosk (tabaccheria) on Sunday.

4. Do not be surprised at the word "coperto" in your check.

Many tourists are very surprised to see this word in the bill for a restaurant. Coperto means table setting service. That is, you pay for the tablecloth on the table, bread, staff service, dishwashing and laundry services. The amount can vary from 0.5 to 5 euros. It all depends on the level of the restaurant, its popularity and location.

5. Do not ignore local laws.

Italy is a gathering of individual regions where local laws are strongly recommended to comply. Perhaps some of you have heard that in the town of Lucca it is forbidden to feed pigeons, in Rome you cannot swim in fountains, and before you take the bus or train in Italy, you must compile the ticket in special machines. Fine and mercilessly all, so do not risk it!

6. Do not try to find an outdoor restaurant after 14:30

Remember, in Italy, most restaurants and restaurants are open from 12:00 to 14:30. Of course, “McDonald’s” in the city center has not been canceled, but you didn’t come to Italy for that?

After lunch, the places are closed until the evening, so you should think about where your lunch and dinner will be. Dinner time also varies in every region of Italy. The south, the later.Usually, reservations should be from 20 to 22 hours.

7. Do not rely on attentive attitude to yourself in a restaurant during peak season.

Yes, nobody will "lick" you from head to foot here. Not because the Italians are lazy or inhospitable. Just in the hot season in most restaurants that can work in the summer until late at night, the number of waiters in the hall is very limited. Therefore, they have to be torn between serviced tables.

You probably noticed that in Italy it is difficult to wait for the question whether you liked the food or whether you want to repeat the drink - the waiters simply do not have time for this. Of course, everything is individual and depends on the place, the reputation of the institution and other factors, but at the lunch peak the maximum that can be hoped for is a delicious meal. And this is a very big plus. Therefore, enjoy.

8. Do not touch fruits and vegetables with bare hands on the market or in the store.

When choosing vegetables in Italian supermarkets, you need to wear cellophane gloves, which are usually located next to the packages.

From the beginning of 2018, you also have to pay for biodegradable bags in which you put your vegetables and fruits. Now you can’t come with your own to the Italian supermarkets.In the check at the box office, you will definitely see the cost of biological packages, which is a few eurocents. They say this is a good thing, so the Italian authorities are fighting for the environment.

9. Do not wait for tomato juice when traveling by Italian airlines.

What juice do you expect to get at the sight of a dark red liquid? Of course, tomato ... Yes, many Russians simply adore him, but for Italians it is some kind of strange diluted sauce for pasta. Residents of Italy prefer to drink orange juice.

Russian tourists may be surprised to learn that in glasses with a dark red liquid that the stewardess carries are not tomato juice, but orange juice. Why does he have such a color? Yes, because it is a juice of red orange, a drink with a rich, thick taste. It is worth remembering this sort of oranges - "bloody", it grows on the island of Sicily, but you can try it outside Italy.

10. Do not pick oranges from trees.

Continuing the theme of oranges, it is worth remembering about orange trees, which grow in many in Italian parks and on the streets. Alas, but their fruits are bitter, and the trees here are planted just for decoration.

And one more tip.If you want to order a glass of fresh orange juice, do not call it fresh juice. Say: "Spremuta."

11. It is better not to call the Italians during lunch or dinner.

If there is no urgency, then in Italy it is better not to call anyone from 13:00 to 14:30 and from 20:00 to 21:30.

It's simple: at this time, the whole Italian family is going to have a joint meal. Italians, especially the elderly, believe that if someone calls after 20:00, something irreparable happened. After all, as a rule, most issues are resolved here during the day.

Do not make this big mistake by calling these forbidden hours, because you will only distract the Italian from the cult of such an important cult for him and piss off his mother. And this is unforgivable.

12. The most important rule

By the way, about mom. What certainly can not be done in Italy is to criticize the Italian mother. Under no circumstances. Just take the word.

13. Don't be surprised that stores are closed on certain days.

As mentioned above, in different regions and towns of Italy there are different rules. Therefore, it is worth considering that many stores on certain days of the week do not work. In Genoa, for example, on Monday morning most of the shops will be closed.Only some of them and only on the main streets of the city open on this day after lunch. Do not forget that the schedule of stores may vary depending on the time of year.

14. Do not plan a vacation in August

August in Italy is not the best time to travel. Want to hide and find a secluded place? Forget, it’s this month that all Italians go on vacation en masse. What awaits you? Many shops will be closed. Housing prices will be inflated to the skies.

The most exhausting heat - in August. At this time, the number of tourists reaches its peak. Therefore, to enjoy excursions in such dullness and heat will be very difficult. Come better to the sea in the first half of summer or autumn, at this time the water is warm, but the sun is not so active. Although Italy is beautiful in any weather.

15. Better not to argue with Italians about food.

And of course, the main theme in Italy is food, or rather, the cult of food. You may have been in many countries of the world and are well versed in local delicacies and cuisine. But here's a tip: forget about all this, being in an Italian company.

For any Italian, butter, wine, cheeses and many other goodies that are produced in Italy are many times better than in other countries.Do not waste time and do not try to prove that French wines are the finest, and Dutch cheeses are a quality standard. Italians love to argue, but, in their opinion, it is Italian cuisine that is the best in the world, and the rest of the countries simply do not understand anything about food, drinks or anything else.

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