Do You know how to apply a foundation?

Smooth, beautiful skin without any flawsnature has awarded very few women. Most have to work hard to bring her in order, visiting beauty salons and using various cosmetics. However, even the best skin for creating a beautiful and persistent make-up will require a foundation.

Any woman needs to know how to apply a foundation. But first you need to choose the right, suitable for your type and color of skin remedy. There are several types of tonal bases:

Tonal basesuitable for evening or daytime make-up and has a dense structure;
Liquid tone (cream with tonal effect)- smooths complexion, suitable for women with good skin,
Cream-Powder- gives matte and is more suitable for oily skin,
Foundation- has many constituent components, it is recommended for normal and oily skin types.

To create really beautiful makeup is betteruse a foundation of dior, chanel, loreal and other brands, as which there is no doubt. Choose a cream with the skin type and visible defects. If there are acne and other irregularities, you will need a more dense structure of the cream, and it is desirable to additionally use a corrective pencil.

In addition to the type of skin, you need to consider its color. There should be at least two tones in the stock, suitable for the skin depending on the season: darker for summer and more light for the spring-winter period. In order not to be lost in a variety of means in the cosmetics store, contact a sales consultant or make-up artist who will offer a foundation, a cream with a tonal effect, a cream powder or other suitable for the type of skin. If you do not want to use someone else's help, then check the tester on the skin of your neck or face.

How to apply a foundation

Before applying any type of cosmeticsit is necessary to cleanse the skin, and then apply a moisturizer. When it is absorbed, a small amount of foundation is distributed over the skin. Application should start from the T-zone, that is, from the nose bridge upwards and to the sides to the border with the hair, and also from the nose to the sides.

To apply a foundation of dior, shanel or any other brand, it is better to use a ring finger. The skin of the face should not experience unnecessary stretching, and the ring finger is the weakest among others.

Care must be taken to applycosmetics on the skin around the eyes. For her, cosmetologists recommend using correctors that have a lighter color than the skin of the face. To avoid stretching the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes, you need to use a brush, if there is none, then the cream is applied with a light pat. In the absence of a corrector, you can use the foundation provided for dry and sensitive skin. The basis for oily and combination skin in this case will not work, because it will lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

How to apply a foundation so that it denser? - Use a wet sponge, gently carrying them through the massage lines of the face. To give the skin a natural appearance and to tone the tone, a powder is applied to the face with light movements, passing the brush from top to bottom.

Yet good even skin with naturalBlush does not need a strong dense foundation, enough cream with a tonal effect that will make the skin a little smoother and will give more color. Knowing how to apply a foundation, you can easily cope with a toning moisturizer. It is more suitable for summer, because the skin is almost invisible.

One of the main rules in creating makeup -you can not apply excess cosmetics, so as not to create the sensation of an artificial "mask", puppet-looking from under a thick layer of foundation, powder, shadows and other means.

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