Board. This is an excellent building material that people use in the construction of housing and in the manufacture of furniture. The wood from which boards are made is one of the most valuable natural materials in the country.

In ancient times, from the boards did the covers of books. Here, it turns out, what is the origin of the phraseological unit "read from board to board."

How to put the stress in the word "board"?

The word "board" is difficult in pronunciation. This is due to his inconsistent stress. So in the singular the stress in all forms is placed on the last syllable, but in the nominative and accusative cases - on the first:a board, a board, a board, but a board.

In the plural, the same thing: only in the nominative and accusative cases the stress on the first syllable: dOski, in the others - on the last: board, boards, boards. About boards.

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