Dream Interpretation: I paint my lips - the meaning and interpretation of a dream

Very often, our dreams store not only the experiences of the subconscious, but also hints on how to do the right thing and prevent life errors and adversities. The most important thing is to be able to recognize such signs and pay attention to them. And here dream books will help to explain the dreamed characters and helps. The main sign of the importance of sleep - a person after waking up can not forget the picture, she constantly unobtrusively emerges in his thoughts and does not give rest. If you had such a dream, it is best to find out what the vision meant, but what if it is an important warning from the subconscious about future events. For example, the girl woke up, and the brightest thing she remembered is the realization: “I paint my lips.” Dream interpretation in this case can give a lot of interpretations, it all depends on the nuances of sleep and details that must be taken into account.

What does it mean to paint lips in a dream, looking in a mirror

First of all, it should be noted that for the subconscious, lips symbolize sexuality and sensuality.If a person paints them in a dream, looking in the mirror, it means that he shows excessive pride and selfishness. Mostly such dreams are taken by self-assured women, who pay more attention to their appearance than to spiritual harmony.dream painter lipsIf a man woke up and remembered that in his dream he decided to paint his lips in front of a mirror, the dream book says that narcissism is peculiar to a sleeper. But the level of egocentrism of the seer of a dream determines the color of the applied lipstick and intensity. If the lips in the dream were untidy and unkempt, then such symbols mean that a person in real life is trying to hide his flaws from others.

Dream Interpretation: beautiful lips with red lipstick

In the real world, red lipstick is chosen by girls who have a bold character, they are bright and passionate. But for a dream it is not a very good symbol, the subconscious mind is trying to warn a sleeping girl that a rival has appeared in her life and her relationship with a man is threatened. The treatment of this dream also depends on the method of applying lipstick.dream book paint lips lipstickIf the girl saw that she seriously approached the issue and first uses a pencil and other aids and only then paints her lips with red lipstick, the dream book saysthat there is no particular danger to the relationship and the situation has not yet reached a critical state. But when a lipstick is applied with careless, nervous, sharp movements and there are smudges, it means that in reality it’s time to take up your personal life and start saving your own relationship with a partner. The opponent is serious enough, and she has many chances to destroy your alliance with her beloved.

Pink lipstick

If a girl in a dream uses a lipstick of a delicate pink hue, it means that in reality she is expected to achieve her goals. But here it is important to know that in order for the ideas to be fulfilled, one should be guided not by logic, but by the dictates of the heart and inner sensations. Only by listening to himself, a person will go on the right path, says the dream book. I paint my lips gently in pink - so I hear a quiet and timid inner voice, which I ignore in everyday life, means sleep.dreamer dye my lips with red lipstickIf the tone of the lipstick matched the color of other paints of cosmetics, then the balance and harmony inside the person shaken a little. And fix the situation will be easy. But if a person sees that this color looks ridiculous on his lips, it means that in real life he has a serious internal conflict. The actions and goals of the sleeper are not at all consistent with his inner needs.

Black lipstick

A dream book often speaks about self-doubt and low self-esteem. To dye your lips with black lipstick means inner doubts for a sleeper. A dreaming person wants to show, emphasize his individuality, but uses only external attributes for this. But it is worth remembering that neither clothes nor cosmetics will be able to fill the inner void.to paint lips red dream bookThis problem can be solved only by learning to listen to your own desires, and you need to strive for harmony within yourself. Ask for support from people close to you, start learning something new or develop long-abandoned skills. This will help to find harmony with yourself.

Lip gloss

As the dream book says, to paint lips in a dream with glitter is a clear symbol of seduction. Most likely, the sleeping girl wants to increase the number of her fans, to achieve greater prestige among the strong half of humanity. Glitter primarily symbolizes the bait, but is not a guarantee of obtaining the expected result or the continuation of the relationship. There are also some clarifications in the dream book. To paint lips with red glitter means the desire to enhance the experience, to get rid of excessive modesty, lack of complexes and increase your own self-esteem in real life.

Lip gloss orange lipstick

If a person dreams that he paints his lips with orange lipstick, it means he is very good-natured towards others, a very energetic and joyful person, a reliable companion. Such a dream foreshadows positive emotions in the dreamer's real life. As the dream book says, to paint your lips with orange lipstick in a dream before traveling and meetings is a clear sign of their successful completion in real life.dream book paint your lips with red lipstickMoreover, favorable circumstances will be in all spheres of life of the sleeper. If such a dream occurred to a single woman, it means that a man will soon appear in her life, worthy of taking on the role of her second half. If she already has a relationship, then soon they will move to a new level.

To paint lips in a dream before a date

But if you dye your lips with red lipstick before a date in a dream, the dream book interprets this dream as a sign that the partner of the sleeping woman values ​​their union very much. And the more lipstick she puts on her lips, the stronger their feelings in reality.dream book paint lips in front of a mirrorIf problems arise during painting, lipstick is quickly erased and looks unnatural on the face, then your other half does not plan to have a serious relationship with you and he is only interested in physiological contact.

Lip colorless lipstick

If a girl dreams that she applies colorless lipstick, it speaks of her loneliness. It doesn't matter if there is a man in her life, in the real world there is an emptiness inside her, which provoked this dream, warning that man is unhappy and needs to change something. Ahead is a time conducive to radical changes in life, do not miss it, fill the void with really standing people able to give you what your soul lacks.

Dream Interpretation: beautiful lips in a dream with unusual colors

Such a dream shows the originality and creativity of the sleeper. Such dreams can dream people who have not yet found their way, but are seeking self-expression. Perhaps you lack fame and respect. It is necessary to analyze what is happening and take into account all the possibilities, it's time to look for a way out.

Tint lips in a dream

Such dreams speak of self-doubt and dissatisfaction with their own appearance. This dream warns that there are people near you who make you doubt yourself. It is necessary to seriously analyze the behavior of loved ones and stop allowing you to inspire doubt.

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