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How much did drugs cost in the Russian Empire when they were sold freely.
From the price list of the Tomsk branch of the St – Petersburg Schtol and Schmitt trading house, suppliers to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, for 1899.
Cocaine cost 35 kopecks per gram
heroin - 30 kopecks per gram
morphine - 1.2 penny per gram
opium - 1.6–2.2 kopecks per gram.
To understand the scale of prices, you need to know that at this time a bottle (0.615 l) of official vodka cost 42 kopecks without packaging, the simplest lunch in a folk tavern costing 20–30 kopecks, a full lunch in a good restaurant cost about 2 rubles. via
I recall that morphine was considered an ordinary medicine.
From the book “Anna Karenina”:
I restrain myself, I wait, inventing fun for myself - the Englishman’s families, writing, reading, but all this is just deception, this is all the same morphine
Give me the morphine. Doctor! give the morphine. Oh my god oh my god!
Crazy, she repeated. - When I think about it, then I do not fall asleep without morphine.
Anna, meanwhile, returned to her office, took a glass and dripped a few drops of medication into it, in which an important part was morphine, and after drinking and after sitting for some time motionless, she went into the bedroom with a calm and cheerful spirit.
And just as before, by daytime activities and morphine at night, she could stifle scary thoughts about what would happen if he disliked her.
The evening passed happily and cheerfully under Princess Varvara, who complained to him that Anna was taking morphine without him.

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