Dubai Highrise

Hello! In this post I want to talk about how I went to Dubai budget this winter.
Well, let's go!


After the new year, I began to think about what to do after the session, during the February holidays. Well, if you go somewhere in the winter, then it must necessarily be a country in which at that time the thermometer does not fall below +20.
Why Dubai? Yes, everything is very simple, firstly I found insanely cheap flights from Kiev, and secondly Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, it’s just a paradise for those who enjoy altitude. But first things first.
From the very beginning I was planning a very budget trip, I thought even to sleep in Dubai on the roofs. From Moscow to Kiev, I decided to hitchhike. In the summer I was already riding this route and I thought everything would go well in the winter. Oh how did I make a mistake!
It all started just fine. Early in the morning I got on an electric train and drove towards the track. Literally in a few minutes the first car picks me up. All drivers came across interesting and friendly. On which cars I just did not drive, starting with the dead cornfields and ending with a powerful gelendvagen.Passing the Eagle, I realized that a little confused route! Instead of driving along the Kiev highway, I drove along the Crimean highway. After the Eagle, a road (about 100 km in length) leaves the highway, connecting these two highways. On 1/3 of the way is the city - Zheleznogorsk. I still somehow reached it, but further on ... no one practically traveled further. Only rarely did cars with Moscow numbers, which naturally did not stop, rushed. At the bus station I was told that the bus that goes to the intersection with the Kiev highway will go only the next morning. At the exit from the station, local taxi drivers harass me, offering to get to the place I need in 1500r. Laughing, I went on. For that kind of money, I could get from Moscow to Kiev by train. Already on the street, another taxi driver offers for 400, I practically did not have an exit, I really did not want to wait until morning, so I agreed. As a result, he drove me 30 km and landed right on the road with the words: "Do you want more? Pay more!". Cursing this guy, I stood on the side of the road, and began to catch the car. There were very few cars, 1-2 in 5 minutes. Of course, there were those who stopped, but they did not go far to the nearest villages.My rescue was the truckers on KAMAZ, who threw straight to the track.

I thought that when I found myself on the track, all the problems would be solved immediately, that I would catch some car and rush on it towards Kiev. Yes, I was on the track. But the situation has not improved, rather even worsened! It seems to be the federal highway connecting the two capitals, and there are NO cars! Absolutely not. Absolutely empty track in both directions. To the border about 12 km. Wearing two backpacks, I set off towards civilization. That feeling, when you are completely alone, around no one, the phone does not charge from an external battery, because it is too cold, and only the winter sun, touching the tops of birch trees, falls before your eyes.
Inside, a small spark lit up, when once in 10-15 minutes a car silhouette appeared over the horizon. I had to jump with an outstretched hand and a raised finger to at least somehow attract attention. But the spark immediately faded away when the car passed by at a speed of over 120 km / h. And again the empty road stretches into the distance. Finally, there was a good man on a small ocean, which brought up to the border!
As soon as I passed the control and found myself on the Ukrainian territory, the sun had set, it became dark and uncomfortable.As before, there were practically no cars, and only wagons stood near the curb, waiting for their owners.
Went to bask in the cafe. Having drunk tea, I began to think, and if I should not stay here until morning, because in the dark time of the day it’s simply pointless to stop. And then I looked at the time, it is 6 pm Moscow time, and then only 4:00 pm in Kiev! I still had no idea what I would do. Already it began to tend to sleep, but then I began to hint that they say here you are not a hotel. I realized that if I don’t leave now myself, then in an hour I’ll just be kicked out of here.
The border checkpoint is in an open field. Not only is -15 -20 on the street, it is also a strong piercing wind that does not allow to stand still. At the border, the only car appeared after she had passed the control, I, already out of despair, stand up in front of her and she stops. I ask the driver of the minivan to drive anywhere, to any location, away from here, otherwise I just turn into an icicle. Good-hearted people agreed to throw up the nearest gas station. The nearest gas station was 70 km from the border. Perplexed tanker comes to meet me with the question: "Who are you to?" I just shrugged.
Next to the gas station was a car.To the question “Where do I go?”, I didn’t even know what to say, he would definitely not take me to Kiev. In the end, he asked to take to the train station. By the way, she was not far away. But on the way to her the driver, whose name was Denis, called his acquaintances and found out that trains no longer run to Kiev today. In response to the fact that I have nowhere to go, he offered to stay with him for the night. I'm just amazed how good people are! Not everyone agrees to enter a complete stranger, whom you see for the first time.
As a result, they threw things in his house, went to the station, looked at the schedule and bought me a ticket to Kiev. By the way, his car was a very cool speaker system, which he himself mounted. When you cut it to the fullest, you feel an incredible thrill from listening to music. Now I am convinced that the car just has to be the perfect sound. Early in the morning he took me to the station. After 3 hours I was in Kiev.

In Kiev, I was exactly a day.
Throwing things from a friend at work, I went to look at the Maidan. At that moment, when I was there, no confrontations, no active actions took place. The golden eagle stood in its place, and the protesters did not lean out from behind the barricades.I have heard from many that on the Maidan they treat the Muscovites badly, and indeed the Russians. As far as I understood, everyone didn’t care who you were, where you came from. There was nothing sensible on Grushevsky, and we, the St. Petersburg and Kiev friends, decided to go around the Golden Eagle from behind, to look at the aunts and as they say, to find adventures on our ass. In the end, we ourselves took over the titushek and deployed on one of the distant barricades of the Maidan.
I did not know where to spend the night in Kiev. Only in the evening there was an agreement. Vitali, in the former hitchhiker too, kindly provided me with his apartment, while he himself went on duty to Maidan, he was a volunteer medic. Evening I was brightened up by a kitten who was constantly playing and bewildered))

It's morning and a few hours later I have a plane to the UAE. By the way, the ticket cost about 4500 rubles in both directions. I liked the airport Zhuliany very much: small, with wifi, 15 minutes from the railway station.
The biggest expenses were supposed to be just for housing in Dubai. Just a week before the trip, through couchsurfing, I found a list not far from the Dubai Marina district. In addition to me in the apartment fit a guy with a girl from Germany.
My friends from Moscow, who flew in a couple of days before me, lived in a hotel where there was no wifi.Well, I had both wifi and a house key and a company with which I could practice my bad english.

There are many reports about Dubai, and in each of them they tell about the city, its advantages and disadvantages.
I want to show you the city from above! From a height of several hundred meters. From the steeples of skyscrapers.

The first spire, whose height is 345 meters!

After the Russian winter, being in a warm country was comparable to paradise!

Main road in the city: Sheikh Zayed Road. The shells on the right side are metro stations. Many have told me that taxis are cheaper in Dubai than the metro. This is not true. You just need to buy a silver card and use it in public transport. Even when we stuffed five of us into one taxi, the cost per person was 7 dirhams (70r), while in the metro I spent a maximum of 6 dirhams for one entrance. And then it was once, usually for one trip I shot 2.3 dirhams (23 rubles), but it was me who moved not very long distances.


At the very top of the Hotel Address is opposite the Burj Khalifa.

And here is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Height is 828 meters.

Crazy Russians


Hefty interchange


The city is absolutely not adapted for pedestrians, although it is not surprising, almost everyone in Dubai has cars.For those who do not have them, they drive an automated subway (trains are controlled by the system, not by machinists).

Finance center.


On the top!

In Dubai, we were about a week, and this was the best week of winter!


Most of the roofs in the city are open and almost anyone can get on them.

Dubai Mall - the largest shopping and entertainment center in the world! On it you can walk for hours. By the way, free wifi is working around the pier.

The observation deck in Burj Khalifa is located on the 124th floor. Tickets there cost at least 1250r, if you buy via the Internet, if you buy on the spot for the next sessions, it will already cost 4000r.
We cheated a little and got to the 123rd floor for free. In the evening I did not like it at all, the whole city was dark. I advise you to go there at dawn or afternoon.

District Dubai Marina. On the right, the tallest building in the area is the Princess Tower. In it, by the way, some corrupt honest officials of Russia have apartments.
On the penultimate day of our stay in Dubai, Volodya and I decided to run through the most delicious roofs of this area.

Climbed to the very tip of the Princess Tower spire! 414 meters!
By the way, those guys who tried to repeat the ascent were captured by guards with machine guns and almost sat in the local prison!


Palm Island Jumeirah

In the distance you can see the insanely expensive Hotel Atlantis. Next to it is a water park. The territory is huge, and there are not very many slides. Personally, I did not like it very much, it was not worth my money.

Burj Al Arab - another mega luxury hotel


Cayan Tower - a building in the shape of a curl.

330 meters

Some photos turned out better on iPhone

Panorama area


In the evening there is just a fairy tale.

Traveling is taught more than anything. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of living at home.

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