Easter eggs in the game - what is it? Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and "GTA-5"

"Easter eggs" is the slang name for "Easter"eggs "in games, movies, software.It is a kind of secret, the contents of which do not fit into the general content, it looks improbable, ridiculous and most often funny.The secrets and easter eggs in games are developed by creators. They act as jokes, provided that the viewer understands their meaning.Extensive players prefer to find such "Easter eggs" on their own.New beginners who do not yet know exactly what Easter eggs are in games and where to look for them prefer to use hints more experiences GOVERNMENTAL "colleagues".

Brief information about "GTA-5"

Grand Theft Auto - a series of computer games fromRockstar Games. In them, the player is offered the role of a criminal in a big city. He regularly receives from the leaders of the task of the type of robberies and contract killings, the implementation of which promotes the character on the career ladder of the underworld. In between missions, you can take care of in taxi, courier, policeman, ambulance driver and so on. Practically in each series you can find a large number of secrets, jokes and parodies.

Easter eggs in "GTA-5": humor is above all

Pleasant news for fans of the series "In all"The face of Jesse Pinkman, a partner of Walter White, who is engaged in amphitamins, has been knocked out of the rock in the rocky ground of Mount Chelenedan.To get to the place, you need a helicopter, you can get it on the roof of a police station or hospital. .

UFOs, zombies and cast

Easter eggs in the game

On the streets of Los Santos you can meet zombies. One of them is located next to the storefront of the Fashion Vinewood store. You can talk with a walking dead man. From the conversation it will be clear that this is not a real zombie, but just an actor who decided to paint the face on the street, but he is constantly distracted. To see the ghost, take a look at Mount Gordo during the trip. Between the 11th and 12th hours yesterday, a ghost of a girl appears there. To see the ghost in detail, you need a sniper rifle.

Some easter eggs in "GTA-5", as in manyother games are associated with UFOs. In the fifth part of the popular video game there is a spaceship of aliens. But to see it, you need to completely go through the game. It is located on Mount Chiliad, at the beginning of the cable car, which can be reached by cable car. On the walls of the buildings is a picture of the image of the mountain. At its foot there are many different alien drawings. And on the very top of the picture of the alien ship, surrounded by lightning.

Easter eggs in GTA 5

Another version of the alien Easter eggs can bemeet at the very beginning of the game. During the robbery of the safe in "Mission 1" the player needs to shoot back from the cops, while the other characters sit down in the approaching car. One of the policemen will still shoot the driver. Then the control will pass to the player. To see the "Easter Egg", you must turn right after the railway line under the bridge. In the frozen river is an alien.

Snowman and a giant snowman

If you try hard, then in GTA 5 you canfind even a snowman. During the "Predator" mission, a player on a helicopter chases opponents through the forest. If at this time the sniper rifle is turned on and you look at the forest from above, then at good magnification among the deer under one of the trees one can find the silhouette of Bigfoot, that is, of the Snowman. But it will only be visible for a couple of seconds. The secret is that right after the pointing of the optics, the Snowman disappears. If you want to examine it in detail, then the sight should be kept on the side of Bigfoot, so that it does not fall into the green circle. It can also be tried through an increase in conventional optics.

Easter games

In "GTA-5" you can meet even a giantsnowman. To do this, you will have to drive to the central part of eastern Los Santos and carefully study the warehouses. The snowman is behind the open doors of one of them. Log into the warehouse does not work. But in detail you can consider a snowman using a sniper rifle. It will be required not only to enlarge the picture, but also to shoot the boxes in front of the object. At the same time, the bullet does not injure the hero himself.

Remember the old days

One Easter eggs in the game leads to GTA 2. In one of the missions of car theft Franklin will be chasing the Z-Type retimobile, which was visited by members of the Japanese group Zaibatsu in the second part of the Grand Theft Auto. And Trevor, who at this time watches the chase from the helicopter from above, will say a familiar phrase from the radio-broadcast "GTA-2": "All units be advised ...".

Another interesting enough paskhalka in the gamejust like fans of criminal thrillers. If you go to the south-west direction of the Chiliad mountain reserve, before reaching the quest with a hunt, on the country road you can find a passage from No Country for Old Men: five cars, several corpses in a virtual circle and a suitcase with $ 2 million.

The first acquaintance with Goat Simulator

Coffe Stan Studios is known for the series of games Sanctum. She recently released Goat Simulator. The essence of the game is that the player moves around the city and destroys everything. But this indie-fun is definitely worthy of attention. Here you never know what secrets and jokes are waiting around the corner. However, attentive viewers could find Easter eggs in the game. "Simulator goat" draws the attention of the audience by allowing you to repair the chaos in the open world.

Secrets in Goat Simulator

According to the townsfolk, game developers all day longare engaged in the fact that they are entertained behind the prefix. To get one more proof of this statement, it's enough to look into the building of the developer's office in the game. Easter eggs are not only funny secrets. Sometimes they contain bonuses that help to quickly overcome the levels. Those who are not tired of Flappy Bird (if they still have such players) can try their hand at Flappy Goat. Ten points in the mini-game can be exchanged for the achievement of The Flapmaster. A puzzle and a snake will definitely make the pet happy.

One of the features of open-world games isthat you need to collect all sorts of trinkets. In Goat Simulator, the player will have to show all the intellectual abilities to collect gold goat statuettes. Another Easter egg in the game allows you to arrange "goat rain" with the R key. To do this, you need to find a tower on the map near the place, fenced with a fence and a metal grill. Then climb to its top, after getting rid of the goats-guards. The goal is the throne room's throne behind the black door that is on the roof of the tower.

Hello, "Diablo"

Two slides of the pool outside the city are supported by a hill. From it you can see the tower, which can be reached by a stream of hot ventilation air. The tower has a view of the red glow, which in fact is a pictogram. Bringing her five goat victims, the character gets devilish abilities. The list of new abilities includes the possibility of creating a black hole with the F key and attracting black energy (that same R key). The latter helps to attract objects subject to regdoll.

Easter eggs in the game Simulator of the goat

To enjoy the flight, it is not necessary to knowsecrets and Easter eggs. You can use the usual abilities. To begin with, you need to jump on a construction crane from a trampoline that is on the roof of the opposite building. During the maneuver, first press the Q key and then the F key. The latter activates the deceleration. This time can be spent on disassembly with a young man who rests on one side of the crane. And you can not understand, but just wait for the hang-glider and jump on it.

Goats also communicate with aliens

Meeting point - country house with a greenhouse nearbywith a wheat field. First you need to look into the garage and grab the alien device with the tongue (E key). Then hold it to the tree on a hill. In the center of one of the nearby circles of crumpled wheat is an alien beacon. In 25 seconds after the signal device gets to the beacon, aliens will appear, take the goat with the help of a beam and take it into space.

Outlast - modern horror

This is a new game in the style of horror (horror) from the studioRed Barrels. The action takes place in an abandoned mental hospital in Mount Massy, ​​where the journalist Miles comes to unravel the mystery of this place. The game is constantly tense atmosphere. An important element of the gameplay is the character's camera, with which Miles moves along the corridors.

Easter eggs Easter eggs

As it was already written above, "Easter eggs" ingames are often comic. But there are exceptions to the rules, as, for example, Easter eggs in the game Outlast. They have little humor, but they help speed up the process of walking along the corridors of the mental hospital.

1. At the end of the gameplay, Miles loses the camera. If you are not too lazy and go to her search, you can immediately find two cameras: one on the floor and the other on the table.

2. If you turn your head in the courtyard towards the shack and turn on the night vision mode on the camera, you can see on the wall a pencil contour of the chainsaw from Evil Dead 2 on the wall.

Easter eggs in the game Outlast

3. In one of the files of the game, dedicated to the obituary of Rudolf G. Wernicke, there is a link to the site of erotic content.

4. The name of one of the founders of the studio is Philip Maureen. His name can be found almost on any subject in the game: from the refrigerator and battery to the marker and radio.

5. Another Easter egg in the game allows you to finish it faster. If you get to the hospital through the window and immediately see the "local residents", then to end the game you need to jump out in the opposite direction.

6. To ensure that during the game the batteries on Michael's camera do not settle, you need to dig into the game folders on your computer. In one of them, namely - in OLGame, there is a folder Config with a large number of files. Change the battery charge settings in the DefaultGame file, specifically in the NrmBatteryDuration line. The default value is 150.0. It can be replaced by any value up to 999999.0. It is in the format ".0"!

New "sandbox"

Minecraft - a popular game in the style of "sandbox",in which it is necessary to extract resources and build huge structures. The game space is divided into cubes with a unique texture. This makes the game more interesting. Great importance in the game is given to mobs - objects that change the original content of the game, give the player new sensations and impressions. Gamepady consists of two modes: construction and survival. In the first, it is necessary to extract resources and defend oneself from enemies. In the second mode, the fulfillment of these tasks is complicated by the fact that the character can be drowned or dropped from the rock. But in between battles, you can laugh a lot. This is provided by Easter eggs in the game Minecraft:

Easter eggs in the game Minecraft

1. If the sheep is given the name JET, it will flash in different colors.

2. If you give the name Dinnerbone to any mob, such as a skeleton person, it will turn upside down and move that way.

3. Inside the crack of the mine shaft is a button that opens access to the tunnel. This paskhalka in the game runs on the server number 41.

4. In one of the files of the game, dedicated to the obituary of Rudolf G. Wernicke, there is a link to the site of erotic content.

5. In the tunnels of the mine there is an inscription "here was Lonk".

 Easter eggs are

6. There is only one chance out of 1000 that the micreft will appear in the main menu.

7. If you put a red dust on the luminous stone, and then activate it, the stone will turn into sand.

8. One of the signs of lava Pourkour translates as "Where are my shoes?"

9. In the first jungle of the island to the right of the fallen log is a mini-mine.

10. On the eve of holidays, the appearance of mobs is changing. So, every year on the eve of Halloween (October 31) some mobs appear pumpkins on their heads. And on the eve of Christmas, the texture of the chests changes. They become like Christmas presents.

What is Easter eggs in games


Easter games are a varietysecrets that help players to quickly complete assignments or have fun. The player must be very careful and have a lot of time to roam the level and look for "Easter eggs".

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Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5 Easter eggs in the game - what is it Easter eggs with games Outlast, Minecraft and GTA-5