Educational center "Sirius" (Sochi) for gifted children. How to get? Reviews

The educational center "Sirius" (Sochi) did not appear by chance. The President of the Russian Federation is well aware that for economic growth the country needs young and talented guys. It is necessary to identify gifted children in a timely manner, create the most comfortable conditions for them, attach senior mentors to them. For each such child, an individual developmental path should be developed. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that in the future these talented guys will work in their country, help solve various problems, and timely prevent crisis situations that arise in the domestic economy.

educational center Sirius Sochi

The need to create a center

The educational center for talented children "Sirius" has become one of the points of a large-scale state program to support talented young people in Russia.The place to create was not chosen by chance. After the Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, an excellent infrastructure remained. Already at the stage of the construction of the Olympic Park, the government thought through the subsequent operation of the erected sports fields and buildings.

how to get to Sirius educational center

The history of the center

In 2014, the Foundation "Talent and Success" was created, the initiator of its appearance was the President of the countries V. Putin. The most talented and gifted children gathered exactly the educational center "Sirius". Sochi is considered a real forge of young talents. On the basis of the Olympic facilities for the children, unique conditions are created for individual personal growth, the formation of team spirit, the education of the true patriots of great Russia.

Features of the activity

Children's educational center "Sirius" operates on the basis of the statute of the Fund. The Center has a license to conduct educational activities under the leadership and with the full support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

How do the students themselves evaluate the educational center "Sirius" (Sochi)? Reviews show that this platform for unique Russian children fully justifies its existence.

The main purpose of this amazing "city of smart children" is the early diagnosis of giftedness, the subsequent development of talented children, and their help in vocational guidance.

The educational center "Sirius" (Sochi) supports schoolchildren, who, despite their young age, have already demonstrated in sports, art, their amazing abilities in natural science disciplines, and have certain achievements in technical creativity.

children's educational center Sirius

The specifics of the educational center

Reviews of the guys who were lucky to get to the educational center "Sirius" (Sochi), confirm the uniqueness of such a project. The center operates year-round, with all the costs of staying in it for schoolchildren are borne by the state. Each month, the educational center for gifted children "Sirius" takes in its walls about 600 schoolchildren aged 10 to 17 years. The guys come to Sochi from different parts of our country. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that there are no “random” children in the center. All the guys already have certain achievements in their fields of knowledge, have shown themselves in sports or creative activities.

educational center sirius sochi reviews

Organization of educational process

In order for talented schoolchildren who came to the center from different Russian regions to develop along individual educational trajectories, the best trainers, teachers, musicians, and psychologists of the country work with them.

Coaches and teachers have a special selection, many criteria that they must meet. The teachers who come with the children have the opportunity to take professional development courses, they do not waste time in "Sirius".

What does the educational center "Sirius"? Literary creativity, research in the field of chemistry, academic music, classical ballet, visual arts, master classes in various types of applied art, all this is represented in this educational center. The program of stay in the center is designed for four weeks. In addition to classes in the main specialty (activity), they hold creative meetings for the children, organize leisure activities, pay attention to health procedures.

educational center for talented guys sirius

The terms of participation

How to get to "Sirius" - an educational center for the gifted and talented Russianchildren? Schoolchildren who have already become participants in this unique educational project say that they have not passed any special Olympiads or competitions. The application for participation was submitted by their teachers or coach, from the students themselves only require the provision of certificates and diplomas confirming their victory at All-Russian and international conferences, competitions, competitions.

The main condition for filing an application is that the child has Russian citizenship. The age of children ranges from 10 to 7 years depending on the profile. For example, the change "Science" is designed for children from 12 to 16 years. The direction of "literary creativity" is intended for talented Russians from 14 to 17 years.

The guys tell us how painful it was for them to wait for the result, and how happy they were when they learned that they were invited to the profile shift.

In order to fill out an application for participation in a certain change of center "Sirius", a certain list of documents is necessary. The child must have a SNILS (individual insurance account number).

In addition, be sure to send along with the application scans of all documents that are direct confirmation of the candidate's victories in competitions, contests and conferences.Such documents may be copies of diplomas, diplomas, certificates.


For musicians have additional requirements. Along with the application must be sent video recordings that are posted on the Internet no later than six months prior to the submission of documents.

Artists who dream to be in the center of "Sirius", send up to 10 photos of their works.

Athletes provide protocols for sporting achievements over the past two years. After the results of the selection round have been summed up, a list of shifts is formed, and each participant is personally informed that he will be invited to the profile shift at the center of development of gifted children in Russia.


Where is the "Sirius" - the educational center (Sochi). The address of this educational complex: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Olympic Avenue, Building 40.

You can get here by bus from the train station or from the airport.

educational center for gifted children Sirius

Guys reviews

In order to understand the special atmosphere that prevails in the "Sirius", let's get acquainted with some of the reviews of the guys who have been trained within the walls of this center.Arkhangelsk schoolchildren who have fallen on the “Science” profile shift, note the uniqueness of the research laboratories that were provided to them for conducting experiments in physics, biology, and chemistry.

Many of them have never seen so many talented teachers, got the opportunity to confirm their hypotheses with the help of professional equipment.

Athletes from the Far Eastern region who find themselves on the sports ground note the unique conditions that were created for them in Sochi. The guys trained on the highest quality ice.

All Russian schoolchildren, who have already visited various shifts at Sirius, note the combination of serious scientific, creative, sports training with various leisure activities. During their stay in the center, the guys were able to get acquainted with many famous politicians, cultural and art workers of the Russian Federation.

Talented programmers from St. Petersburg, who became the winners of various international competitions, got into the center "Sirius", felt the care and attention to themselves from the state.

Parents of children who were in the shift for talented physicists, noted that they had a lot of useful reminders and the necessary information.During the calls, the children talked about a variety of interesting activities, creative activities, a six-fold buffet (bonus for intellectuals). With "Sirius" the guys returned with a mass of new ideas for creativity, awareness of the importance and significance of their activities. The morning began at about seven in the morning, then there was an obligatory morning exercise or jog. After a hearty breakfast, classes began, they were 5-6 hours a day. After dinner, the guys were waiting for interesting meetings and creative events. In addition to intellectual activity, it was possible to swim in the pool, visit the spa.

Sirius Educational Center Sochi Address


The government of the Russian Federation has recently been developing various programs aimed at supporting talented young people. Despite the economic difficulties that exist in the domestic economy, the “Sirius” created by the center for talented and gifted children became a landmark event in the domestic profile education.

The very name “Center for Gifted Children” indicates that only gifted schoolchildren fall into these walls, who have high results in various activities compared to their peers. These Russian schoolchildren are rightfully considered to be its national treasure.

Young scientists with outstanding results in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, on the basis of the center "Sirius" get the theoretical basis for their subsequent experiments. President Vladimir Putin is convinced that all graduates of the Sirius Center have a great future. Each of them will be able to express themselves in the area that he chose as a priority educational and developmental trajectory. He is convinced that the young citizens of Russia who have undergone specialized training in “Sirius” will be an example for their peers.

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