Technological progress does not stand still. Today, smartphones, tablets and other devices have children and adults, and what used to be a luxury, today is available to all. Protecting the child from technology is impossible, so why not take advantage of the progress? Modern parents are increasingly asking questions about how to properly use technology to bring benefit to the child, and not harm. Today we will talk about tablets.

Educational tablet for kids

A tablet is a device comparable in power to a computer, with a relatively large display and simple control via a touch screen. Some manufacturers create tablets that were originally designed for the development of children. What is their difference from ordinary tablets?
Children's educational tablets have a number of functions that you will not find in conventional tablets. For example, the design of the operating system and all applications are chosen specifically for children. There is no advertising in the applications, as well as there are no applications unnecessary for children. The main part of the application - educational games for children of different ages.
Tablet can be used for drawingTablet can be used for drawing
Parental control, which allows you to block access to sites that are not suitable for children, can be carried out remotely on some children's tablets. In addition, tablets are often more resistant to shocks and other injuries, which is also important for a child.
But if you plan to take a tablet for the whole family, and not just for a child, then the children's tablet will be much inferior to a regular tablet.

How much time to allow the child to sit with the tablet?

It is no secret that a long pastime behind the tablet can do more harm than good. So how much time can a child spend on a tablet?
According to scientists, children of five or six years should not spend more than 25 minutes behind the tablet. If you are on the road, or somewhere in the queue, then you need to give the child a fifteen-minute rest every half hour.
The older the child, the more time he can spend behind the tablet. And this is due not only to the effect on physical health. The brain of children cannot concentrate on one thing for too long and memorize monotonous information, therefore educational games will not be of more use if the child has to sit in them for 30 days a day.
At eight years old, the child should not spend more than forty minutes without interruption for a tablet. The same children who are older than ten years, the bar rises to one and a half hours, with mandatory breaks.

Educational games for children

To benefit from the tablet, it is best to give children educational games. On the Internet you can find a lot of games on various topics that are designed for the development of children of different ages. As a rule, they have a nice interface, nice graphics and children's characters, which distinguishes them from games for adults. In addition, for children, games often contain useful information and an element of learning.
According to the editors of, a great option would be domestic educational games that are available in large quantities. In them, the children will meet the heroes of their favorite cartoons, which will cause more interest.

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