Effective treatment of rhinitis folk remedies

Treatment of rhinitis folk remedies in our days has not lost its relevance, despite the abundance of special medicines. This phenomenon is due to the presence of people who do not trust their health with pharmaceutical preparations or, for whatever contraindications, cannot take them. Folk recipes in this case can be very useful, as they have a certain efficacy, a minimum of side effects and contraindications, as well as naturalness. Due to such properties, they are successfully used to treat women in the situation, the elderly and young children.

Onion-based formulations

Treatment of rhinitis with folk remedies is often carried out on the basis of a vegetable such as onions. Its unique healing properties are due to the antibacterial components included in its composition. There are many different recipes in which it is found, we give the most popular ones:

  • Inhalation. Slice the onions as finely as possible, measure out one dessert spoon of pulp and brew it with three liters of boiling water. Cool the resulting composition to a comfortable temperature for you, lean over the liquid and inhale its vapors. If necessary, place a towel over the head to create a specific greenhouse effect. The duration of one session is 15 minutes, it is recommended to repeat up to two times a day.
  • Drops.Promote vasoconstriction. Crush the onion, fold it into a clean gauze and squeeze it thoroughly. Add about 5 drops of the resulting composition to a teaspoon of olive oil, place the mixture in the refrigerator for storage. Use several drops a day in each nostril. Heat slightly before use.
  • Ointment.Mix Vishnevsky ointment, crushed to a uniform state, cyclamen root, onion juice and aloe. The proportions of each component must be equal. The composition is used for regular treatments of the sinuses.treatment of rhinitis folk remedies

With the help of onions, you can carry out not only the treatment of rhinitis with folk remedies, but also its reliable prevention. To do this, the vegetable is recommended to use on a regular basis in the diet, mainly in fresh form.

Natural vegetable based formulations

What other vegetables can use traditional medicine? Treatment of rhinitis with folk remedies is possible with the help of beets, carrots, potatoes and a number of other remarkable and very useful root crops. You can prepare the following funds based on them:

  • Drops.Grate carrots and beets on a fine grater, squeeze the juice from the pulp and mix it with the same amount of vegetable oil. To enhance the positive effect, you can add quite a bit of garlic juice. Use the mixture for treatment can be no more than 4 times per day. If necessary, you can dip cotton swabs into it, and then place them in the nasal passages, this is also a very effective measure.
  • Drops (second option).Prepare the composition of the juice of potatoes, carrots, beets and honey. The proportions are again equal. 2 drops in each nostril 5 times a day - and very soon you will feel the desired relief.
  • Hot massage.Boil a couple of small potatoes in a uniform. Several times roll them on the skin of the face in a certain sequence. So, it is first recommended to move from the forehead to the nose, and then to the auricles.After the procedure, the vegetable should be cut into two parts and used as a compress. One half is applied to the forehead, the other to the wings of the nose.

chronic rhinitis treatment of folk remedies

Useful mustard

Treatment of rhinitis folk remedies involves not only the preparation of drops, solutions for inhalation and decoction, but also the use of a large number of non-standard solutions. Thus, the use of mustard will help you to overcome the common cold and its main manifestations, cough and runny nose. Our grandmothers used this technique, and she proved herself well. The most enjoyable is the following procedure:

  • Pour hot water into the bathroom.
  • Add a small amount of mustard to the water and stir.
  • Put your feet in the bath and enjoy the warmth. Soaring should be no more than 20 minutes, the manipulation is allowed no more than once a day.

If you don’t like water treatments, just add a small amount of dry mustard to your socks and go to bed. After several treatments, you will notice that the runny nose begins to recede.

The healing properties of aloe and viburnum

Aloe is a famous folk remedy for the treatment of rhinitis.Just select a few large sheets of it (preferably located at the base, they are the most juicy), rinse thoroughly with boiled water and chop. Squeeze the plant juice through sterile gauze and use it in its pure form as a drop. Aloe-based treatment is carried out for three days, the liquid should be used three times a day.treatment of rhinitis folk remedies quickly

Kalina is another popular folk remedy for the treatment of rhinitis. On the basis of this rare but delicious berry, curative decoctions are prepared, the main task of which is to accelerate the discharge of mucus. The recipe for this drink is simple: squeeze one glass of juice from fresh viburnum and mix it with 200 ml of natural flower honey. Mix the ingredients well and drink one tablespoon three times a day. An additional advantage of the drink is the abundance of vitamins in its composition.

Additional helpful tips

How effective are folk recipes? How to quickly cure a cold with them? Try to observe additional rules that are aimed at enhancing the effect of any homemade drops and ointments. So, we formulate the basic postulates.First of all, they include:

  • Regular wet cleaning in the room where the patient is lying, this can greatly facilitate breathing.
  • Regular airing in the room where the patient is constantly located, it will also help breathe and speed up the discharge of mucus.
  • The use of large quantities of fluids that contribute to the removal of bacteria from the body. It can be tea with honey or lemon, herbal teas, rosehip based drinks.folk remedy cure cold

As an additional measure, hardening is extremely important. Regular treatments will help you avoid illness. However, this procedure is not carried out at the time of the disease, but long before it, on a regular basis.

Various herbal-based recipes

To carry out the treatment of rhinitis folk remedies quickly quite real. Various healing herbs are remarkable for their effectiveness, they can ensure the destruction of pathogens, as well as the softening of mucous membranes. Let us examine several original recipes that will help you to overcome the manifestations of common cold as soon as possible.

  • Mother and stepmother

Prepare drops based on this humble primrose.Separate the leaves from the flower, scald them with boiling water, skip through a meat grinder, and then squeeze. After performing all the above manipulations, you will have flower juice. It should be mixed with water in equal proportions and instilled into the sinuses about 3-4 times a day.

On the basis of this refreshing plant it is easy to prepare a useful and very tasty broth, the action of which is aimed at relieving cold symptoms. Crush the mint and take about 20 grams (one tablespoon), put the raw materials in a thermos and pour two glasses of boiling water there. The broth should be insisted for at least an hour, and then cooled to a comfortable temperature. The drink can be mixed with natural honey and consumed inside.

  • Burdock

Surprisingly, on the basis of this weed, excellent drops can be prepared to minimize nasal congestion. To begin with, it is necessary to make a decoction: six tablespoons of crushed burdock are added to one liter of boiling water, the vegetable raw materials are boiled for a couple of minutes, and then left to stand for another few hours. Before use, the national drug should be drained and cooled.cold treatment of folk remedies for children

How to win protracted rhinitis?

Treatment of prolonged rhinitis folk remedies is quite acceptable. However, if during the week you do not see an improvement in the situation, it is time to think about how correctly you have selected and prepared homemade preparations. Despite the fact that they are not addictive, it is quite possible that they do not fit you specifically. Try replacing them with special medicines or other folk compositions suggested below.

When fighting prolonged rhinitis, inhale a pair of garlic or onion. This treatment is carried out three times a day for 5 minutes. Vegetables are crushed and spread on a plate, and then they are drawn in by the nostrils. The recipe is simple, harmless, but very effective. As an additional therapy, drops based on aloe and honey (mixed in equal proportions) are used.

Remedy for chronic rhinitis

What other methods can eliminate chronic rhinitis? Treatment with folk remedies can be based on the use of tincture of ordinary calendula (popularly, this flower is also called marigold). The composition is recommended to prepare at home, do not confuse it with the pharmacy drug on alcohol (such an error can turn into a burn)You will need to mix one teaspoon of dry crushed inflorescences with two cups of warm salt water. Leave the broth for some time to insist, and then use as drops twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening). If necessary, the same drink may well be used instead of saline solution for washing the nasopharynx.treatment of prolonged rhinitis folk remedies

Treatment of rhinitis in children

There is a separate category of patients whose measures of care must be distinguished by their particular delicacy. It's about babies. What if you see that the baby has a cold? Treatment of folk remedies for children can help and do no harm. The last point is especially important! The two most simple remedies for the smallest patients are presented below:

  • Soda.Boil a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of water. Pour the liquid into a convenient container and let the baby breathe it in pairs, cover the child's head with a towel. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes. Such a basis for inhalation is the safest, since it almost does not cause allergies.
  • Salt.The main property of this substance is the reduction of mucosal edema. To do this, in the nostrils of the child must enter tampons moistened in a saline solution.Half a teaspoon of the product is diluted in 100 ml of warm water, the resulting composition is used for wetting cotton swabs, which are subsequently introduced into the nostrils.

Remember that serious diseases are often disguised as a common cold. Be attentive to the health of your children! If a runny nose has appeared in a newborn, be sure to call a pediatrician to the house for an examination, diagnosis and special treatment.

The most effective method

Is it possible to cure a cold with folk remedies quickly? Yes, but for this you need to find the most effective methods. Among them, of course, washing the nasopharynx. It is carried out using brine. To do this, in one glass of warm water is diluted with a teaspoon of salt. The resulting remedy is drawn in through the nostrils, and then carefully blown out. To achieve a significant effect, a few drops of eucalyptus can be added to the solution. Do not expect home remedies to be more effective than special medicines, but the former are natural and much safer, which, you will agree, is also extremely important.allergic rhinitis treatment of folk remedies

Additional methods for the treatment of chronic rhinitis

How to beat a chronic runny nose? Treatment of folk remedies can be based on washing the nasopharynx with various home remedies. Among them are sea water, beet juice, decoctions of plants and much more. An effective and simple recipe can be prepared on the basis of water (500 ml) and a teaspoon of calendula. Make a decoction and let it brew, and then use for its intended purpose (drops, washing). You can fix a positive result with the juice of celandine. To do this, you should dig in the beneficial substance of 4 drops in each nostril in a couple of techniques: the first time two drops, and the second time - after a few minutes in the same amount. Such a sequence will allow you to have a beneficial effect on the inner and outer layers of the mucous. Treatment of purulent rhinitis folk remedies is also possible. However, if the disease is delayed, refuse self-treatment and visit the doctor, he will determine the true causes of the disease and help to formulate a plan for its treatment.

Fight against allergic rhinitis

Is it possible to defeat allergic rhinitis without special preparations? Treatment of folk remedies in this case is acceptable, but not always effective.First of all, you must eliminate the very cause of rhinitis, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. First-aid measures include:

  • Use soap (rinse thoroughly with the help of the sinuses, as well as the skin around them).If necessary, prepare on its basis a solution, which should be washed and the inner parts of the mucous. Such a home product is equally good both for treating an existing problem and for its prevention.
  • Lemon juice.In combination with boiled water, this healthy drink is an excellent composition for washing the nose. If necessary, use it as a drop, but not more than 2-3 times in one day.

Contraindications and precautions

In what cases is unacceptable treatment of rhinitis folk remedies? Simple healing methodsthey are not suitable for everyone and not always, even despite their naturalness and safety. Non-compliance with the dosage or formulation can lead to serious health problems, so you should be as careful as possible. In addition, some recipes can be truly dangerous.So, inhalations or natural compresses can provoke burns of mucous membranes or skin. Similar side effects have onion-based products. Drops from the juice of this vegetable can cause significant burns and drying of the nasal mucosa. Having decided to abandon pharmaceutical preparations in favor of traditional medicine, do not rush to forget the phone number of your doctor, in some cases, even with a banal cold, you may need special help.

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