Eggplant manicure: techniques, features, ideas

Not without reason purple from ancient times was considered royalcolor. It looks really luxurious and expensive. That is why it is not surprising that this shade was chosen by everyone who is somehow connected with beauty: designers of footwear and clothes, jewelers, hairdressers, masters of nail service.

eggplant manicure

If in the near future you will have a celebration,on which you plan not only to be present, but also to eclipse everyone around, be sure to pay attention to this shade. Moreover, there are a lot of varieties of eggplant manicure. Of course, it's impossible to talk about all existing technologies, but some materials and methods, especially popular today, should be given attention.

The most fashionable trends of the season

Modern masters of manicure are armed soan unimaginable amount of materials and tools for nail art. Today the aubergine manicure can be performed not only with a single-color glossy or matte varnish. Widely used various decorative elements that facilitate the work of the master and give scope for creativity. For example, with the help of transfer images on a water-soluble basis, even those who can not draw can decorate nails with neat images.

As for technology, it does not lose its relevancestamping, had time to fall in love with the craftsmen, and their clients. The last winter was marked by such a hit as the imitation of a knitted cloth on nails, made with volumetric paint. According to experts, this technique will hold positions for a long time. One of the most popular technologies today is the rubbing, which allows to obtain an almost mirror surface (by the way, in the eggplant shade it looks simply luxurious).

manicure with eggplant pink

However, the most important fashion trends can safely be called individuality and accuracy. Increase the level of skill, do not be afraid to embody your own ideas - and will definitely be on top.

Color combinations

This moment is very important for everyone who aspires to learn to do his own manicure with his own hands. The eggplant color is in harmony with the following shades:

  • citric;
  • pistachio;
  • Ivory;
  • marsala, carmine, bordeaux;
  • all shades of purple;
  • black White;
  • silver, gold.

For everyday manicure is worth givingpreference for a combination of eggplant with calm tones, it will be quite appropriate even in a business environment. For an exit in light do not be afraid to underline depth of the basic tone by means of sparkling varnishes. Such a combination simply fascinates, it causes associations with a festive cake decorated with mirror glaze and candurin, thick plum wine in a luxurious painted glass, set with precious metal amethyst, dragon scales. Eggplant is magnificent and in itself, but silver and gold accents will go to manicure only for the good. However, as in other cases, the main thing here is not to overdo it.

Manicure with a rub

Until recently, you can purchase this materialwas only in expensive stores of materials for nail art. Today China also offers excellent budget samples. Many craftsmen speak about the rubs from the Middle Kingdom very positively.

If you decide to make eggplant manicure withrub, pay special attention to hygiene procedures. All unevenness, scratches, unpolished areas under such a coating will be visible. Be sure to use a buff.

manicure eggplant color design

Cover the nails with a base and black or purplevarnish. Use the top without an adhesive layer. After drying, apply a little powder to the nail with the help of an applicator (as a rule, it comes in the kit), carefully rub. Cover the surface only with a glossy top.

This is an average instruction that is suitable for most types of rubbing. But remember that there are exceptions! Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations carefully.

Spot Painting

Looks like an eggplant manicure with a designlooks intricate and even a little pretentious. But it's worth looking closely at how you can find out that only two varieties of lacquer and the simplest tool were used for work - dots. The main thing in this business is a confident hand and accuracy.

eggplant manicure with a design

If you want the surface of the nail to be even, use a white lacquer. Acrylic paint will get a three-dimensional image.

Beginning to learn is, of course, with simple figures. A little stuffing your hand, you can decorate the marigolds with any patterns: mandalas, paisley, flowers.

Volumetric patterns

Such aubergine manicure with a pink knitted pattern is especially relevant in the cold season. He is associated with a cozy sweater, a grandmother's plaid, a favorite scarf.

manicure eggplant color

Especially effective is the combination of monophoniceggplant color, which covers the bulk of the nails, and a delicate pink "knitted" design, chosen for accents. To get a three-dimensional image, masters use acrylic paint. It can be replaced with a mixture of usual gel varnish with acrylic powder, adding density.

Before starting to work on the aranes and braids, cover the nails of the ring fingers with the main pink color and dry it in the lamp. The volumetric pattern itself needs to be dried a little longer than the varnish.


Fully glossy nails are appropriate innightclub, but in everyday life this design can quickly become boring. Yes, and it looks not always appropriate, like a smart dress on a tram passenger.

Another thing - sparkling strokes. The easiest way to make eggplant manicure with golden accents is to use glitter with glitter.

eggplant manicure

But there are many alternatives. Most are much more comfortable to use sequins. They are added to the top just before work and applied to pre-painted eggplant nails, dried in a lamp. Dry such a coating you need as much as without glitter. Additional time is not required.

Topical decorative elements

There is a huge number of all kindsThe decor options that will make even more beautiful your eggplant color. Design can complement the foil, glass-imitating film, a variety of flakes, glitters, rhinestones, kamifubuki, bouillon and much more.

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