Egypt. Three thousand years later.

A graceful chariot is carried along the jagged mountains. The whip is tightly compressed in the driver’s hands. In the hands of his companion in the bow and arrow, and the girl behind her opened her eyes wide. Her long hair fluttering in the wind.
We are jumping through gold. It seems to be copper, but this is only ancient dust covered precious metal. We are moving under free skies. After all, the gods of the desert could not reach up, leaving the infinity of Isis and Amon Ra.
The army of the pharaoh is marching into the country of the Hittites and the dust raised by the sandals of the soldiers turned into white clouds. Thras have passed thousands of years. Unbaked clay is concrete, the palace marble has been replaced by plastic and the smell of gasoline. But the language is still the same taste ... tart and not giving rest - the taste of time aged like a wine, gliding on an hourglass.
Now the chariot is white. One hundred horses are harnessed into it, the dark driver keeps his wheel relaxed and is silent. Attributes of the twenty-first century around, but it seems to me that I see a trade caravan on a hill that will soon meet the antique bazaar and that we will have a rest in a tavern on the coast. The speed changes landscapes.Centuries behind the window flash, but the very same peasant from the kingdom of Ramses looks after the travelers.
1. The outskirts of Dahab

2. Three thousand lez ago.

3. Ancient Egypt. That is how I imagined it.

4. The barracks of the soldiers of Pharaoh?

5. Sinai is a world where clouds are born on earth and go to heaven.

6. On the origin of the word "Sinai" there are several legends. One of them says that the name comes from the name of the goddess of the moon Sin, who in ancient times was revered in these places.



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