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We continue to talk about the regions in which elections will be held in September of this year. Today is Perm Territory.

Last week, this region was in the spotlight because of the resignation of Governor Viktor Basargin. His term was to expire only in May of this year, but, according to Basargin, he specifically decided to leave earlier in order to give the person who will be appointed acting. the governor, time to get acquainted with the region, "to find interaction with the residents of the region, political parties, social movements, so that already in the elections <...> to come up with a program of priority steps for the development of the Perm region".
Maksim Reshetnikov, who previously held the post of head of the economic policy department of the Moscow government, was ultimately appointed acting head of the region. He cannot be called a new person for the region: earlier Reshetnikov worked with two predecessors of Basargin - Yuri Trutnev and Oleg Chirkunov, with whom he was deputy and head of the administration of the governor.So in general, the edge is familiar to him. Immediately after the appointment, Reshetnikov defined his priorities, declaring that first of all he would work on solving problems in the social sphere and developing the economy, and six months later he hoped to get the support of the residents of the region. This can be considered an application for participation in the elections as a "candidate from the authorities."
As for the other candidates, so far no party has officially announced who will be nominated for gubernatorial elections, but there are some promises. Thus, a source in the local headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party claims that the head of the party’s branch, Oleg Postnikov, is inclined to push the former deputy head of the governor’s administration, ex-minister of public security of the region, deputy of the regional assembly Igor Orlov, from the party. True, Postnikov himself refutes this, noting that the decision on the candidate for governor has not yet been made: “I’ve heard about this for the first time. In fact, we have several candidates considered by the LDPR Supreme Council. And it’s not a fact that they will be put forward, because The nomination is accepted only by the Supreme Council. I cannot disclose the details while consultations are being held.When we have official information, I will immediately post it on my Facebook page. "
In the Perm branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, they also did not quite decide on the candidate. The fact is that the “dual power” for the Communists of the Territory has been for a year - Secretary of the Territorial Committee Vladimir Korsun and Marat Bekmagambetov, who was appointed to the post of the head of the electoral headquarters of the party by the federal leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for the right to lead and make decisions. Korsun is currently consulting both local politicians and Perm citizens who left the region and is not in a hurry to name his candidate. But Bekmagambetov has a candidate who, according to rumors, has already been determined - he can become an ex-deputy of the State Duma of the 5th and 6th convocations, and nowadays a deputy of the regional legislative assembly, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov. Vladimir Korsun refused to comment on both the situation with the “twench” in the local branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the possible nomination of Komoyedov, referring to the fact that such a decision should be made by the leadership of the party, not the regional branch.
The press service of the Fair Russia branch in the Perm Territory is also not in a hurry to name the candidate: “We are very responsible in our approach to participation in the election campaign. Will we nominate our candidate, the question is still open.Preliminary consultations are now under way with the senior management. "
It is worth noting that, in accordance with the regional legislation, only political parties may nominate candidates for governors. That is, waiting for "surprises" in the form of self-promoted not necessary. Taking into account the fact that not many parties work in the region, and there will be relatively few candidates. Another question is who will eventually be put forward.
Special mention deserves a few more people who are attributed to the media gubernatorial ambitions.
Before Basargin’s resignation, in January of this year, the former “internal political” deputy head of the regional administration, Alexander Kozenkov, called a potential candidate for governor dismissed Basargin in December from the post of regional government head Gennady Tushnolobov: degrees of influence ... And as a matter of fact, of course, can be a serious potential candidate that would be supported by many people. " But Tushnolob, who by that time had headed the board of directors of the Permsky Krai Development Corporation, resigned from this perspective: “I work in the same team that I worked for.”
Another person who looks at the governor’s seat is the former deputy of the legislative assembly of the Perm region, and now the deputy of the State Duma (United Russia) Dmitry Skrivanov. He has long been called the main enemy of Basargin. In favor of the version about the nomination of Skrivanov, the fact is that in December, in the formation of new compositions of territorial election commissions on the edge, supporters of Skrivanov, representing various parties and public organizations, passed into them. They also remember that Skrivanov owns the media holding AktivMedia, i.e. He has his own resources for campaigning. True, there are arguments that make the deputy’s participation in the elections impossible: the local branch of United Russia will unequivocally support Maxim Reshetnikov, which means he needs to look for who to nominate. And it is unlikely that his supporters from opposition parties will want to nominate the United Russia party.
It causes some suspicion and activation of the ex-head of the region Oleg Chirkunov: recently, he regularly visits the Perm Krai and tells in detail about it on his Facebook page. According to experts, this hardly means that he is going to run - Chirkunov has long since left big politics and has repeatedly stated that he does not intend to return to it.But still there are rumors that he can support the nomination to the governors of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory Valery Sukhikh, who is also ranked among the brightest opponents of Basargin when he was the governor.
Since we are talking about Chirkunov, it is worth mentioning another former head of the Perm Territory, and before that, the head of Perm, Yuri Trutnev, who now holds the post of plenipotentiary president in the Far Eastern Federal District. The fact is that long before Basargin’s resignation, back in December, a petition appeared on Change.org entitled “Yuri Petrovich Trutnev Return to our Sinking Region”. As the name of the petition suggests, its author stands for Trutnev’s nomination for governor’s office: “He was born here, created this region, uniting the Perm Region and Kudymkar. He is the highest level manager, it’s not for nothing that he is trusted by the most responsible areas at the federal level. I think that we, all together, want a better leader for our region. Let's ask Yuri Petrovich Trutnev to put forward his candidacy for the 2017 gubernatorial elections in the Perm region. " It is clear that Trutnev is unlikely to leave his current post for the sake of elections, but this does not prevent to consider this petition as a manifestation of the mood of voters.
Naturally, now, a week after Reshetnikov’s appointment to the post of Acting the governor, it’s too early to talk about the current balance of forces on the eve of the election of the head of the Perm Territory. More or less clearly the picture will be visible by April-May, but for now it is rather the first outline. And what they will turn into - depends, among other things, on what steps the intervener has time to take. the governor.
Sergey Ponomarev, political analyst and expert of the Foundation of Regional Social Programs “Our Future”, shares his opinion on the recent resignation of Viktor Basargin and possible candidates for the upcoming elections: And this decision was pronounced almost from the first year of his governorship. And finally it happened. <...> And it’s good that the choice fell on Maxim Reshetnikov, who himself was from Perm, graduated from Perm Gosun sity, an economist. So quite progressive-minded young people. Therefore, this assignment can be most welcome. <...> Let's see how he would be able to negotiate with the various groups of influence in the Perm region.So far, of course, it’s too early to draw conclusions. But he has all the prerequisites for a good game and for victory.
Maxim Reshetnikov has no strong rivals yet. <...> There are various political heavyweights in the Perm region, they will claim according to the established tradition. But Reshetnikov has all the chances, while this figure looks very convincing. "
Political scientist, board member of the Perm Civil Chamber Vsevolod Bederson notes that at the moment the pre-election picture is not entirely clear: "There have not yet been any public statements that someone is ready or is already being promoted or is pushing someone to the post of governor.
Perhaps the appointment of Reshetnikov, who enthusiastically received the community and the elite, has changed some plans of those who could stand against Basargin, but will not come against Reshetnikov. "
Political analyst, head of the Mossovet agency Yuri Zagrebnoy is confident that candidates for governors from other parties have practically no chance compared to Reshetnikov: "As for the interest that Russian parties can show towards the Perm region in terms of the upcoming elections of the governor, then It seems he will. Want to defeat Reshetnikov? Well, let them practice.None of this will work, I'm sure. And you need to participate all the federal parties that are going to develop. "
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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