Electrophoresis for infants

Most young parents now agreewith me in the moment that we are not so easily scared by the names of any treatment methods. However, the expression "electrophoresis for babies" sounds somehow ominous. At least, that's what I thought, when our district pediatrician appointed my baby such a procedure. Now I, as a seasoned man, will share my experience with those who have such a course yet.

To begin with, I would like to note that onToday, most young parents still have to resort to the help of doctors and specialists. Our mothers and grandmothers treated themselves and their children with home remedies, using the minimum number of medications. However, this time has passed, the age of new technologies, methods and the like has come. Electrophoresis for infants is a harmless and, importantly, painless procedure. This is really so only if everything is done correctly. With the help of this method, special medicines are introduced into the baby's body. However, the method of introduction is not quite traditional. The thing is that in such a situation you do not need to stuff your crumb with tablets, syrups, injections. The drug is injected through the mucous membrane or through the skin with the help of an electric current. Electrophoresis for infants is prescribed for hypertension of muscles. In this case, the medicinal preparation "Eufillin", for example, when administered under the baby's skin, improves blood circulation and saturation of cartilaginous tissue. As for the procedure itself, it usually does not last long. It is worth noting that she does not experience any discomfort during her baby. This is ideal. Along with electrophoresis, a special therapeutic massage can be prescribed to the baby.

According to statistics, electrophoresis for infantsis prescribed in sixty percent of cases of detection of small neurological disorders. In addition, it turns out that doctors are often insured. It is for this reason that you should not panic if your child is given electrophoresis. For babies, there are no strict criteria for development. One should consult not one specialist, but several.

I will say a little about the method itself. Electrophoresis is used in many cases. Indication can be a threat of miscarriage during pregnancy, low back pain, impaired blood circulation in the brain and much more. Electrophoresis can be prescribed for almost any disease. As for efficiency, in this case everything depends on the nature of the ailment, the duration of the course. Electrophoresis has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing effect. The electric current relaxes the muscles, the muscular walls of our organs. In addition to all this, procedures of this kind significantly improve the metabolism and circulation.

As already mentioned, in many cases, the patientelectrophoresis may be prescribed. Side effects are almost completely eliminated. This is explained quite simply. The thing is that the drug itself does not affect the mucous membrane and blood vessels. However, during this procedure, a person can feel a burning sensation or tingling at the place where the electrodes touch the skin. Do not do electrophoresis to yourself, nor to a small child, if the skin is damaged. Sometimes after the procedure, the child may develop a rash. This is most likely a reaction to the medicine. In this situation, it is better to interrupt the course for a while.

Unfortunately, despite the harmlessness of the procedureunder the name of electrophoresis, a child may have not only irritation on the skin, but also nervousness. In our case, after two visits to the physiotherapist's office, my baby began to cry very much, to be capricious and shouting not only at the moment when she was lying on the couch, but also for several hours after the procedure. I decided to consult with our pediatrician, who for several days interrupted the course. After this time, the procedures were resumed, but the child behaved in exactly the same way. In the end, our specialist completely replaced electrophoresis with a therapeutic massage.

In conclusion, I would like to say thatNow I'm waiting for a second child, and I also got electrophoresis. In pregnancy, this type of procedure is often used. Indications are very diverse. The threat of miscarriage, the tone of the uterus and much more.

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