Biography of Elizabeth Banks

American beauty Elizabeth Banks is a sought-after Hollywood actress who can shine brightly even in a small role, as a real movie star should be. Banks has appeared in more than 100 films, but in Russia she is known primarily for her roles in such TV shows as “Law and Order. Special Corps (1999), “Clinic” (2001-2010), “Sex and the City” (1998–2004), as well as “The American Family” (2009), “Small Accidents” (2014).
American actress Elizabeth BanksAmerican actress Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks - actress, director, producer ... How did she manage to make such a dizzying career?

Childhood and youth

Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell (Elizabeth Banks - creative pseudonym) was born February 10, 1974 in the small town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She was the first child of Mark Mitchell's factory worker and banker Anne Mitchell. After Elizabeth, three more children were born in the family, but it was she, stubborn and purposeful, who was the main pride and comfort of her parents, who did not have a good education.
Elizabeth Banks in her youthElizabeth Banks in her youth
The girl not only studied well at school, but also participated in the popular Finders Transfer program on Nickelodeon, a well-known children's channel in the United States.
After completing her studies at a local high school in 1992, a young girl, without losing time to think, entered the University of Pennsylvania, where she showed herself an active member of the student community Delta Delta Delta. After graduating from university with honors in 1996, she became the first owner of a higher education diploma in her family.
Elizabeth Banks in her youthElizabeth Banks in her youth
However, Elizabeth decided that this was not enough, and for two more years she continued her studies at the American Theater Conservatory. Having received her master's degree in 1998, the girl, eager for success, went to New York, hoping to take her rightful place in the world of theater and cinema.

Actor career

Activities on the New York theater stage soon disappointed the beginning actress, and she went to Los Angeles, hoping to climb the cinema tops here.
Elizabeth Banks in the movie "Spiderman"Elizabeth Banks in the movie "Spiderman"
Elizabeth got her first more or less significant role in the film "The Surrender of Dorothy" (1998) and played so sincerely and selflessly that she immediately found herself in the field of view of famous directors.So she got into the movies "Spiderman" (2002), "Favorite" (2003, both with Tobey Maguire), "Heights" (2005), and others, who made Elizabeth "recognizable." During this period, Banks caught her first rays of glory.
Elizabeth Banks in the movie "Favorite"Elizabeth Banks in the movie "Favorite"
Then came the pictures “Hot American Summer” (2001), “Gone” (2002), “Catch Me If You Can” (2002). Thanks to this actress, she was lucky not only to work with celebrities (including Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, for example), but also tirelessly to learn the basics of acting from them.
But the “ninth wave” of fame fell on Elizabeth after the release of the films “Forty Years Old Virgin” (2005) and “Baxter” (2005). Proposals went like a stream, and one is better than the other.
Elizabeth Banks in the film "forty year old virgin"Elizabeth Banks in the film "forty year old virgin"
Many films with the participation of Banks have become real hits. It is impossible to list all the pictures, but how not to mention “Clinic”, “Overcoming”, “Fred Klaus, Santa's brother”, “Meet: Dave”. The roles played by Elizabeth Banks in these tapes (and a number of others), critics consider the best in her career.
Elizabeth Banks in the series "Clinic"Elizabeth Banks in the series "Clinic"
A pleasant confirmation of Banks' professional success and hot love of the audience for her was the award of the actress with the Young Hollywood Award, the Screen Actors Guild of America Award, as well as the MTV and Emmy awards, although they happened in her film career and nominated for Golden Raspberry.
The skill of Elizabeth Banks allowed her to easily change the comedy role to dramatic. In this regard, biopic "Bush" (2008) and the thriller "The Uninvited" (2009), in which the talent of the actress sparkled with new facets, are especially indicative. In the future, the track record Banks added action-packed action films, fantasy, drama.
Elizabeth Banks on the set of The Hunger Games
Along with a tight schedule of filming, the actress managed to accommodate at 24 hours of the day and work as a producer / director, which can serve as a vivid example of the musical comedy “The Perfect Voice”, where she showed herself united in these two roles.

Personal life of Elizabeth Banks

July 5, 2003, the actress became the wife of screenwriter and producer Max Handelman. A romantic acquaintance happened to him as early as the first year of Elizabeth’s studies at the university, but young people were not in a hurry to get married: each of them wanted to be first in his profession.
Wedding of Elizabeth Banks and Max HandelmanWedding of Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman
In order to strengthen the matrimonial bonds, Elizabeth accepted her husband’s faith and converted to Judaism. Also an unwitting means of cementing their relationship was the female illness of the actress, because of which Elizabeth could not get pregnant. Max supported his wife in difficult moments of despair, not letting her weaken in spirit.
Elizabeth Banks has a stunning figure.Elizabeth Banks has a stunning figure.
The years of treatment did not give a positive result - and in 2011 and 2012, the famous couple still had to use the help of a surrogate mother. So the couple appeared with a difference of one and a half years, two charming kids - Felix and Magnus.

Elizabeth Banks now

Career Elizabeth Banks continues to gain momentum. The actress is still involved in the filming of various films, including "Power Rangers", "Perfect Voice-3", etc.
Elizabeth Banks on the set of the film "Power Rangers"Elizabeth Banks on the set of the film "Power Rangers"
In addition to filming, the film actress often takes part in photo shoots ordered by the most popular editions of Flaunt or the Los Angeles Times; Elizabeth's own Instagram photos regularly appear on Instagram.
The actress has to spend a lot of time and effort on the family business: a couple of Hollywood celebrities are actively developing the production joint company Brownstone Productions. The energetic, active nature of Elizabeth allows society to consider her a real heroine of our time - dynamic and vigorous. Well, this is logical: what is the era - these are the best of its representatives.

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