Emotionality is what?

Man has in his arsenal of many qualities,They favorably distinguish it from representatives of the animal world. One of these properties is emotionality. It is the ability to reflect the content of moods, experiences, and character. Not all people are the same in terms of emotionality. Some are too generous in sharing their mood with the world, not hiding anything. Is it good, is it easy for such people? Others seem closed, cold, emotionless. Coldness also does not like society, it is equated with closedness. And non-emotional people shy away. In this article we will talk about emotionality, its varieties, how to develop it for those who do not have enough.

emotionality is

Exit emotions

You probably could hear this phrase: "Give vent to emotions!" This is not an accidental expression, it is stably fixed in our language. We are not passive chips in the river of life, but constantly washed by its waves, sometimes willingly or unwillingly participate in real storms. Every day we experience a lot of emotions, and the mood changes from major to completely minor. In order not to go crazy with all these experiences, a person has the opportunity to share them with the world - this is his emotionality. Hence the question arises: why are not all people equally emotional? Let's try to understand this below.

What prevents the exit of emotions

Even shy children behave naturally and notFeel free to demonstrate what they feel. Agree that no baby will not hold back tears, if it hurts, or laugh, when it's fun. Hence it follows that we begin to close with awareness of ourselves as individuals, that is, with age. Most often this is the answer to life's circumstances. The child does not hesitate to express his emotions until his parent or teacher shames him: "Do not laugh so loudly, it's indecent!" Or: "Yes that you nurse dismissed, well, just like a girl!" A few such comments from a person who is considered authoritative, and indeed affect the emotionality. The child begins to behave with restraint and understands that calm behavior does not cause any complaints from adults. "Quietly you go - further you will be", and the kid gets used to that to hide the mood from the world.

heightened emotionality

Coldness as a result of grievances in the past

Sometimes emotionality (expressiveness, otherwords) may be hiding for another reason. For example, a severe reaction to openness will cause the desire to no longer show emotions. Imagine a young man who crossed over shyness and ardently admits to love a girl. Instead of acceptance and reciprocity, he is rejected by a beautiful lady, and is also subjected to mockery. Will he have a desire to be sincere in the future? Most likely, he will wear a cynic mask and will behave coldly with the opposite sex once and for all. We all faced the negative reaction of a particular person or society to openness, and this always leads to the same result. We become more reserved, we understand when it's appropriate to be natural and open, and when it's worth poker face, even if you want to scream.

Man is not passive, and his reactions to the world are not something stable. Therefore, hiding their emotions is more a protective reaction than a distinctive character trait.

Nonemotionality as a mask

It is not necessary to divide people into "emotional" and"non-emotional". It must be accepted as a fact that behind the mask of a cold person there may be a fervor and openness, but it is because of these features that the personality may have been hurt once. Is it possible to remove this mask somehow?

Force the temperament andthe emotionality of a person is difficult. A person should have his own desire to become more open to the world, do not be afraid to show his emotions and experiences. After that, expressiveness is just a matter of time.

high emotionality

Developing emotionality

High emotionality has yet moreadvantages, than low. It is for this reason, if you feel that you are not temperamental enough, you can develop such a quality. Below we give three really effective and simple ways of developing such an important quality as emotionality. Levels of passionarity, of course, are different, and from the quiet you do not turn overnight into the soul of the company. But to become more open and more emotional will be quick enough if you train and do not neglect simple exercises.

Useful exercises for the development of openness

  1. Communicate. "Cold" people are often not very sociable, they do not like noisy companies, casual acquaintances. But it is here that you need to relocate yourself. There is no need to climb to get acquainted with passers-by on the street and visitors of entertainment institutions, start with the fact that do not push those who want to meet you. People will not even try to get acquainted if you have an "acid mine" on your face, but an easy smile uniquely has to communicate.great emotionality
  2. Smile again. If you feel that you are not sociable, that it's hard for you to give a simple conversation with other people, then make it your rule to just smile. "Put on" a smile on your face in the morning when you are still in bed. Let you have no cause for a sincere smile, as soon as you opened your eyes, but stretching your lips as just a mechanical action will allow your facial muscles to get used to this condition. The habit is produced 30 days, and 90 must pass to be fixed. At first you will have to smile through strength, but every day a laid-back smile will be given to you all easier and easier. And let you not be hyperactive in communication, a friendly expression will attract people to you like a magnet.
  3. Dynamic meditation. This way of loosening up and unfolding may seem strange, but it is not just effective - you will understand its effectiveness immediately after the end of the meditation. Emotionality is just the same openness to the world. And dynamic meditation will allow you to uncover the internal reserves of sensuality and give a way out to the accumulated. What is the essence of this method, which will strengthen the development of emotionality? You do not need to register for special courses, you can conduct a session of dynamic meditation yourself and no less effectively. For this it is necessary to retire in some uninhabited place in nature. You must be sure that no one hears you and sees that no one is watching you, is an indispensable condition. Then start behaving insanely - shout, dance in wild style, do in a physical sense everything that you come to mind. In the beginning it will be difficult, but as soon as you start, you realize what you like, and this way out of emotions is given all easier and easier.

development of emotionality

Is excessive expression of emotion useful?

Increased emotionality is anotherthe side of excessiveness in the question of the manifestation of feelings and the degree of openness. Surely you know such people - a shirt-guy in the team, a man in the board, who does not have secrets and secrets from anyone. Is it good to be so, or is this temperament a defect?

First of all, let's talk about the advantage thathas a man whose character property is a great emotionality. This is the presence of a vast circle of acquaintances, the ease in getting to know new people, the opportunity not to be bored in solitude. At first glance, it may seem that it is really better to be an open person than emotionally limited.

But there are minuses in the life of such people. Because of this openness, the public knows everything about the life of this person in a literal sense. High emotionality - this is the factor that leaves no room for secrets, secrets. In addition, such a person can be considered mentally unstable, because he will not hide his joy or bad mood.

emotional expressiveness

How to become more calm?

Great emotionality can bring personalityno less difficulties than coldness and detachment. There are no exercises to become less passionate, here common sense will help you. Excessive expressiveness is appropriate on the stage or in the home environment with people who know you well. But a strong manifestation of your mood and inner feelings will not be approved by your colleague or boss. "Filter" what and how you say how you behave.

emotional levels

Become an observer of yourself, since it is even more difficult to turn from a very open person into a judicious person than vice versa.

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