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Eunuchoidism(from the Greek. The custodian of the bed and the type) - a clinical syndrome caused by hypofunction of the sex glands and characterized by an underdevelopment of sexual characteristics, a disproportionate physique (relatively shortened body, long limbs with high growth), often obesity.

ETIOLOGY. Occurs on innate soil (seeHypogonadism, gonadal dysgenesis) or acquired (trauma, inflammatory process, surgical castration and other) insufficiency of the sexual glands.
The basis of pathogenesis is the lack of sex hormones that regulate the development of genital organs and ensure the formation of secondary sex characteristics and norms, the functioning of many organs and systems. The weakening of the synthesis and secretion of hormones can be caused both by the primary pathology of the hormone-producing elements of the testicle or ovary, and by the disruption of the gonadotropic function of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.
CLINICAL PICTURE: externally. the genitals are underdeveloped, secondary sexual characteristics, in particular hair growth, are either very weak,either completely absent; skin is wrinkled, yellowish, skeletal muscles are poorly developed; the voice is usually preserved female, the larynx is underdeveloped and the thyroid cartilage does not protrude; sexual feeling is usually absent. The state of the generative function is determined by the form of hypogonadism; typical eunuchoids are sterile. Marked changes in the cardiovascular system, a decrease in blood pressure. Clinical manifestations depend on the age at which the disease began. The older the child, the clearer the signs of E. In children and young adults, pronounced eunuchoid obesity is less common than in adults. E. practically does not affect the working capacity of patients and their social adaptation.
TREATMENT is reduced to the use of gonadotropic drugs, and especially sex hormones (for example, girls and women are prescribed estrone, synestrol, diethylstilbestrol; men - testosterone propionate; in boys and boys, you can limit the use of testobromolecyte). When hypogon-dotropny E. choriogonin gives a good effect.

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