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How to call what is happening around? What word fix the elusive phenomena of the world? Nothing comes to mind? Then we will tell you: the word “event” will help us - this is a well-known definition, but still some are lost when they are asked to tell about its meaning. Therefore, there is a need to consider the meaning of the word and its synonyms. Of course, not without examples.


this event

It is believed that the event is a festive word. That is, he is remembered when something significant happens. So they say: "Today Petrov came in pairs!" “Yes, this event. This has happened rarely lately.”

But is this fair to the word? We do not think, because the world is filled with events that even nobody knows about. For example, the rising of the sun is an event, but very few people observe it, and if it does, then at that moment he really wants to sleep, not admire the beauty of nature.

However, in order for the conversation to go on more substantively, let us turn to a friend-dictionary, who has repeatedly rescued us.What does he think about the word "event"? It is very important to find out. There are two basic meanings:

  1. Accomplished fact.
  2. A noticeable phenomenon of social or personal life.

As we see, in the opinion of the dictionary, the arrival of Petrov and the sunrise are all events. Another thing is that in the first case the event is festive, because an irresponsible student rarely couples, and the sunrise is an ordinary fact, why pay attention to it at all? Indeed, in colloquial speech, and in general, the glory of something inconceivable was fixed to the “event”. But we will leave it and move on to synonyms.

Replace the word "event"

meaning of the word event

Like almost every concept, “event” is something that can be replaced. It is difficult to say how well it is, but we leave it to the speaker. First, synonyms, then reasoning:

  • phenomenon;
  • fact;
  • happening;
  • history;
  • an incident;
  • incident;
  • incident

In this rather extensive list there is no such word that would serve as a complete analogue of the definition “event”. This is a bit sad. But if you really need, then you can replace what is.

Linguistic delights

Let us at least briefly consider why certain words do not fit.“Phenomenon” and “fact” are basically neutral, so they can be used, but some of the meaning will be lost. True, if you say "phenomenon" with the appropriate intonation, then in this case the replacement is quite possible, and it will even be adequate. “Fact” is a neutral word for nothing, but tradition must be honored. Remember that in most cases the meaning of the word "events" implies at least a small conspicuous or minimal festivity. Characteristics can exist both together and separately. And what is a "fact"? "Fact" can not surprise anyone. The "incident" also does not imply fireworks, although it can be entertaining and surprising, so it will do in some contexts. “Incident”, “incident”, “incident” are definitions of what happened with a negative connotation, so if events with a minus sign, then, of course, such synonyms will work, but otherwise it is better to choose another replacement. The word “history” is firmly connected in consciousness with a chain of phenomena, and an event implies simultaneity, as a rule.

It is clear that all these are intricacies of language, about which few people think. But sometimes to find a synonym for the word “event” is a matter of life and death. For example, in the Soviet period, at a certain time, they could imprison a typo, not just a word.So beware.

Examples of events in culture and sport

What makes this or that phenomenon of social life an event? That's right, media attention. In the news you can hear that the deputies have adopted another law. To be honest, most laws rarely affect the life of an ordinary person. But a camera lens aimed at this law turns it into an event. And without television and the Internet, people would have lived in ignorance. Meanwhile, for the State Duma, the next bill is a routine. You think it has nothing to do with the topic, right? You are mistaken. This is an illustration of the first meaning of the word "event" and confirmation of what is sometimes called ordinary phenomena.

synonym for word event

With the cultural life of society, the situation is different. Sometimes a book read in time or a ballet seen can turn a person’s whole life upside down. Therefore, this or that statement is an event without any reservations. True, it happens that expectations of themselves do not justify, and something does not become an event, does not receive such honor. For example, we think that all subsequent films about the terminator after Part 2 did not become an event in the cultural life of anyone else, and J.Cameron, on the contrary, made a landmark film.

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