Event tourism: history and development prospects. Organized trips to festivals and holidays

Have a good time - the natural desire of every person. After all, the pace of life is now incredibly intense, so much so that it often does not allow you to fully relax. Therefore, many of those who, for whatever reason, cannot allocate enough time to relax, put it on hold. How to hold it as bright as possible? For many, an ordinary beach holiday is no longer of particular interest, as is, by the way, standard sightseeing tours. That is why some people prefer to plan their vacations for the duration of an event, which allows them to make their holidays truly bright and unforgettable. This type of travel is called event tourism.What else can be said about the essence of this type of travel? What are its advantages for both tourists and host communities? How did this direction develop? What events are particularly popular? What can be said about event tourism in the Russian Federation? Detailed answers to all these questions you can find out by reading the article in question.

event tourism organization

The essence

For a start, it is important to thoroughly understand what event tourism is. Find out this will help a small, but very clear example. Suppose that there is a small nice town in which there are a number of attractions that, however, do not attract tourists too much. At a certain point, the city government takes an important decision: to establish a flower festival in this village. It takes only a few years, and now thousands of interested tourists visit this city to plunge into the sea of ​​colors and fragrances. This is event tourism. In other words, it is a conscious, purposeful movement of travelers to attend a specific event that takes place outside their hometown or country.They can be any show, ceremony, concert, various theatrical performances, festivals. Sport tourism is also very popular. For example, attend the Olympic Games or the World Cup. As you can see, the essence of this term is extremely simple and clear. The situation with its other features is a bit more complicated.

event tourism

Event tourism: development and role

Tourism of such a plan was firmly entered into the theory and practice of the international tourism industry only at the end of the previous century. And over the past fifteen years, this particular field of travel has developed incredibly fast. Every year, a huge number of people leave their homeland in order to attend some attractive event. What is this kind of event interesting for their guests?
As a rule, they are absolutely unique, their analogue can not be found in another territory. This is an affordable way to get new bright impressions. However, for this, the tourist must be at a specific time and place.

What is the role of event tourism? Projects are diverse and perform a number of important functions. Among them are the following:

  • provoke further development of the infrastructure of a particular settlement;
  • create an attractive image of the area;
  • attract new tourists;
  • to revive "stagnant" settlements.

And although the role of event tourism is rarely spoken of, the above functions of this type of travel confirm that it is of great importance for the economic situation of certain territories. To ignore this fact would be extremely unwise. After all, not every settlement has the opportunity to discover for itself such an additional source of income. Therefore, those cities that have similar potential should use it to the maximum. Already in a short time such efforts will bring noticeable results.sports tourism

Main types

There are various directions of event tourism. They differ, for example, by the goals that their organizers set themselves. Some activities are intended solely for entertainment, entertainment and recreation, others - for the promotion of certain sports. And some have even more worthy goals (for example, educational or educational).

So, what types of activities are distinguished in the framework of event tourism? Among them are the following:

  • Cultural tourism. This type includes exhibitions, carnivals, concerts and festivals. Subject does not matter.
  • Sports tourism. Within this type, events such as the Olympic Games, as well as the European and World Championships in various sports, are distinguished.
  • Business events. Namely: presentations, meetings, business fairs and meetings.
  • Scientific and educational events. This type includes symposia, conferences, lectures and seminars.
  • Children's event tourism. Entertaining and educational activities for children of different ages.

Such a variety will help everyone to choose something to their liking. Do not be afraid to try new things, expand horizons. Attending an event that was not previously interesting to you may give you a new hobby or even change your tastes and preferences altogether. Be open to new information. And then life will be able to play with really bright colors.cultural tourism

What to consider when organizing

Often the organization of event tourism is the task of specialized organizations.However, they sometimes make mistakes. What is required to consider when organizing weekend tours or carnival tours? There are a number of special requirements for the place of residence of tourists in the process of travel. Among them are:

  • The correct location of the hotel. It should be near the venue of the event.
  • The architecture of the hotel should be a reflection of the old style.
  • The hotel must have an appropriate number of attendants.
  • The color scheme of the room and its interior should look dignified and harmonious.
  • It is important that nearby there are restaurants and other quality food establishments.
  • Nearby must be located shops where you can buy themed products corresponding to the event.

If the organizers take into account all these rules for accommodating travelers established by international standards, event tourism will bring guests only the most pleasant emotions. After all, this is what they expect from such trips.

 event tourism examples

The most famous events

Youth event tourism on a par with its other types today is extremely dynamic.This is partly due to the fact that this type of travel not only provides an opportunity to get new emotions and relax, but also to become an integral part of a large family that is united by common interests. Such events give people unforgettable impressions and memories that warm them for a long time.

For example, among carnivals all over the world, Brazilian and Venetian are considered the most popular. Most tourists are impressed by their duration and scale. After all, these cities for several weeks become festival sites of enormous size.

From year to year Amsterdam attracts lovers of flora. Every September there is a parade of flowers. Others like to attend the Bonsai festival held in Japan. Connoisseurs of good alcohol gather at the Wine Festival in Moldova and the world-famous Oktoberfest in Germany. Fashion trends can be monitored by attending shows held in Paris and Milan, which attract the close attention of the secular lionesses. Others prefer sporting events or a variety of music events (for example, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Salzburg Music Festival, and the Eurovision Song Contest.

youth event tourism

Benefits of events

Why is tourism so attractive for travelers? Allocate a number of obvious advantages of various event actions. Among them are the following:

  • As a rule, this event is harmoniously woven into a complete outline of the trip. In this case, the audience feels the most deep immersion, which helps to achieve extremely high susceptibility.
  • Emotions are formed in large quantities among tourists as a group, and not as individual individuals. This creates a feeling of unity, belonging to the general. Thus much stronger impressions are generated.
  • These kinds of events are visited by tourists on a voluntary basis. This means that they do not have the impression that they are being imposed a variety of advertising information.
  • The positive emotions that a successful event causes are also transferred to the territory in which it took place. It helps to shape the loyalty of the population to tourists.
  • Events of such a plan provide an opportunity to establish contact with journalists and create a good reputation for an event in the press.
  • If the event is successful, it can become a brand in a short time. It is rather easy to use in the future in order to competently build a regional development strategy.
  • Significantly increase sales of thematic attributes, souvenirs related to a particular event.
  • Such events provoke active cooperation between business and city authorities in order to significantly reduce the costs of their implementation.
  • Ability to organize a long-term marketing campaign. It should start long before the event (creation of posters, announcements, invitations, holding thematic press conferences), and such a campaign will continue for a long time after it (articles in the media, tours, various final performances).
  • Among other things, travel companies can consider the audience of the event as a large focus group, on which the approbation of various offers and services takes place. It helps to collect preliminary information about consumers.
  • Event marketing can be used even where advertising is usually not active or even prohibited.

children's event tourism

All of the above proves that event tourism is capable of giving a lot to the territory in which the relevant event is held. This can not be ignored in long-term planning.

Brazilian Carnival

Cultural tourism attracts a huge number of tourists. One of the most popular events in this context is the carnival in Rio de Janeiro (however, similar events are held in other cities of this country). The roots of this holiday relate to approximately the same ancient traditions as the Russian Maslenitsa. Carnival marks the beginning of the post. This is how Brazilians say goodbye to their usual food for forty days. Carnival has become one of the most important holidays of this state. Such an unusual tradition came from Portugal 400 years ago. For several centuries, the carnival has undergone changes under the influence of the culture of other European countries (in particular, Italy and France). And only in the XIX century, this holiday was enriched with colors, unusual costumes and bright characters.That is why tours to Brazil for carnival enjoy such success. Should you also attend such an event? Judge for yourself.tours to brazil to carnival


What else is event tourism? Examples can be given for a long time. One of the most striking is Oktoberfest. This is a large-scale annual Munich beer festival. This holiday lasts about two weeks. Beer there really flows like water: for each festival its guests drink about six million liters of the drink.

How many tourists does Munich accept during this time period? About six million people. In general, the turnover of funds at the festival is about 450 million euros. Of course, not any organism is able to spend two weeks at a festival of this type without loss to health. In order to help those who became ill, over a hundred more competent medical workers are constantly on duty at the festival.event tourism projects

Event tourism in Russia

And what about the Russian Federation? How developed is this subspecies of tourism in our state? Despite the opinion of some, and Russia offers a number of interesting and well-organized events for foreign tourists. What events can be attributed to this group? Among them are:

  • Cinema festival in Sochi "Kinotavr".
  • Theater Festival "Golden Mask".
  • Yakut summer holiday Ysykhak.
  • Victory Day at Borodino.
  • Kaliningrad International Arts Festival.

event tourism in Russia

Of course, on a variety of topics, event tourism projects in Russia on many points have become equal to foreign ones. However, the level of organization and preparation, the scale of holding and the amount of funding for Russian events are significantly inferior. While event tourism could be an inexhaustible source of income for individual regions of the Russian Federation. This is clearly demonstrated by the situation in Tobolsk. This city has become home to more than two dozen different events. Every year they bring the city budget more than fifty million rubles. What is the essence of the problem of Russian event tourism?

  • Poor development of infrastructure in the state, including an insufficient number of hotels of decent level, poor quality road surface.
  • The passive position of officials, unwillingness to take measures that would contribute to the development of event tourism.


So what is the type of travel considered? This is the movement of people from their settlement to a certain place in a specific period of time when there is an event of interest to the tourist. For the travelers themselves, this means a tremendous amount of positive emotions, vivid impressions and colorful memories. This is an opportunity to spend a weekend or a holiday, to feel like a piece of something big and whole.

For localities in which, in fact, the event is organized, this means significant additional income. For example, they earn hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities, shops selling souvenirs and other thematic paraphernalia. However, the city itself must meet certain requirements in order to be able to host such events. Moreover, the larger the event, the higher the requirements for the locality. It should contain a sufficient number of decent hotels with a good level of service, the required number of cafes and restaurants, it should be well developed infrastructure (good roads, for example).event tourism development

Unfortunately, as far as the Russian Federation is concerned, far from all the cities that have the potential in this regard meet the established requirements, and there is no reason to talk about remote areas at all, even if they are unusually original and colorful. So, Russian cities, in which there are many sights and which could be an excellent venue for festivals and other cultural events, lose this opportunity only because local officials do not pay enough attention to the development of their subject. Meanwhile, such investments in development would be excellent investments, and would pay off very soon. After all, interest in event tourism is growing uncontrollably. Competent experts have long seen this as an opportunity to significantly increase revenues to the local budget.

Is it difficult to make your settlement point of event tourism? Of course, this requires some effort, including financial investments, the creation of a team of creative professionals who would plan activities. By the way, the organization of such events is also required to approach very responsibly. It is necessary to take care of the enormous amount of nuances.And not only about those relating to the event itself, but also about those that are related to the accommodation of guests.

Event tourism is definitely worth your attention. A detailed study of this topic can help you choose your type of tourism, have an unforgettable time and keep warm memories for a lifetime. Be bold! Grow and live interesting!

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