Every consumer should know this: warranty repair period

No matter how careful a person is, sooner or later he will face a breakdown of the goods. Often this happens during the warranty period. But stores do not always rush to take back their products - there is often a reason for refusal. In order not to be a victim in such a situation, you need to clearly know what the warranty period is.

Often, sellers act in this scenario: they simply shift the responsibility for the breakdown of any equipment to the buyer. When the store carries out repairs on its own, the manufacturer of the goods reimburses part of the costs. Some cases are really not subject to warranty repair - then the workshop or the seller will pay for everything. That is why many outlets are doing everything possible so that the buyer simply refused warranty repair.

warranty repair period

Warranty - what is it?

This obligation on the part of the manufacturer (or its representatives - the store that sells the product) to carry out repairs when the product has a manufacturing defect, or it manifests itself for a certain period of time (which is agreed in advance). The warranty repair period is exactly this period. This favorable time for the buyer is usually indicated in any document that necessarily accompanies the goods (technical passport for the product, check, label). There is another interesting point here - the seller is obliged to the customer to fulfill all his obligations (stated in the advertisement). That is, if the advertisement promises the buyer a two-year warranty (and the store only talks about six months), the first option will be legal. All these norms are regulated by the Law on Consumer Protection - the seventh article, paragraph two.

terms of warranty repair by law

When does the warranty period begin

This information should also know everyone. Consider a simple example - a person bought something via the Internet and is waiting for delivery. Of course, the goods for some time on the road. The warranty repair period in this case begins only at the moment when the consumer receives his goods.Similar conditions are preserved when goods are purchased by sample.

If we are talking about some large-sized products, the warranty comes into force from the date of installation. In general, there are different cases when it is impossible to transfer the goods to the buyer (or, on the contrary, a person has them before the purchase) In order to have fewer incomprehensible situations, a contract of sale is concluded - the guarantee begins at the very moment when this contract is concluded: this also regulates the Consumer Protection Act.

maximum warranty repair period

What rights does a consumer have?

What can the buyer hope for if there are any defects in the goods during the warranty period?

  • He has the right to reduce the price in proportion.
  • Can count on free elimination of defects (in a reasonable time).
  • Often reimbursed for the elimination of defects.

If we are talking about the appearance of any significant shortcomings, the buyer can completely terminate the contract, return the entire amount that was paid for the products (or choose a similar product from those that the seller has).

In our time, a very common problem: warranty repair is delayed (it happens that for an indefinite period), explain it in different ways.The terms of warranty repair are fixed by law - two weeks, exactly 14 days. This time can be increased only when both parties, the consumer and the seller, agree. The buyer himself decides whether to sign such a document or not. Before you put your signature, it is recommended to carefully examine all the papers that are made upon delivery, so that later there is no unplanned waiting for repair.

delay warranty repair can not be

Compensation to consumers

Suppose that the item is under repair, but the maximum warranty repair period (those same 14 days) has already ended. The workshop promises to do everything in the near future, but this is not happening. In this case, consumers are paid a penalty - one percent of the cost (which is listed in the contract) for each overdue day! Thus, you can always point the store to this point of the law - repair, as a rule, is accelerated immediately.

If we are talking about some large-sized goods, the seller is obliged to comply not only with the warranty repair period - he also pays for the delivery (or simply sends the master at his own expense for diagnostics and necessary work).

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