Expressive pickup Mazda BT 50

Statistical research onsale of cars on the domestic market indicates that among the Russians pickup trucks are in great demand. In particular, last year in Russia, dealers managed to sell about two hundred thousand units of such cars. A separate niche among them was occupied by Mazda BT 50. Representatives of the Japanese manufacturer say that over the next year they intend to sell more than one thousand units of these pick-ups in the territory of our country, with the subsequent growth of this quantity.

Mazda BT 50The first generation Mazda BT50 appeared onthe domestic market in 2006. Two years later, the car was subjected to refinements, as a result of which it received a new radiator grille, a modified bumper, new, better materials used for interior trim, as well as a leather-covered steering wheel and amber panel lighting. In October 2010, the Japanese presented to the general public the second generation of the model - Mazda BT 50 new.

Mazda BT 50Now let's talk about the power equipment of thisJapanese car. The first generation was equipped with two variants of diesel engines, the volume of which was 2.5 and 3.0 liters. As for the second generation, it has developed a petrol 2.5-liter engine, capable of developing 166 horsepower. In addition to it, already familiar diesel engines are provided, by 2.2 and 3.2 liters. Their capacity is, respectively, 150 and 200 "horses". Each of the described motors is characterized by a relatively low noise level, as well as reliability and economy. Among other things, Mazda also decided to take care of the environment as well. The model is characterized by low fuel consumption, hence, and the amount of carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere is not very large.

Mazda BT 50The manufacturer has provided two variants of the cabinMazda BT 50: one of them is equipped with two doors and the other with four doors. However, in our country only the second of them is available. For domestic consumers, the cost of this car starts from the mark of 23.5 thousand US dollars. It should be noted and the nuance that this is the price of the basic model in the standard configuration, where there are only airbags and power steering. However, if you want and the financial capabilities of the buyer, other options are available, among which are chrome mirrors, a grille, a turntable, heated mirrors, and electric windows. The main purpose of this pickup - it's still shipping cargo, which it is able to carry in its body in the amount of one ton. Moreover, the model is equipped with a special device with a chain, which serves for the transportation of trailers weighing up to three tons.

Well, at last, let's say a few words aboutmanagement. At Mazda BT 50 it differs simplicity, ease and smoothness. The driver in the process of driving can even get the impression that he is behind the wheel of a car. The car is just an ideal option for domestic roads, and for fans of fishing, hunting and just an active lifestyle, he will become a reliable friend and an indispensable assistant.

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