External signs of cattle

Cattle also have a style. It is universal. In any culture, in any country of the world, cattle is determined by a number of external features.
What are these signs?
Sign of the first: untrained body. It can be thin, more often - plump, but never - turned out by trainings and proper nutrition.
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The reason for this is simple: cattle eats shit from cheap supermarkets. This shit can not be a building material for beautiful muscles.
Sign of the second: tattoos.
10 years ago rock musicians, artists and other bohemians were fond of tattoos. Today, their skins paint "under the Khokhlov" cattle.
Sign of the third: cigarette in the mouth.
It does not smoke. Point.
Sign of the third: underlined sexualization of appearance.
Due to the low requirements for self, cattle consider their loose body beautiful and demonstrate it according to the principle “all the best - at once”.
Sign of the fifth: following obsolete trends.
Cattle does not follow what is fashionable. It is dressed, combed and put on make-up as it was taken during puberty.Well, or, at best, 5 years ago.

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