Fake motels and hotels

Vacation time is not only for hoteliers, fraudsters wake up in season. According to official data at the beginning of June, already 160 families were left without vacation, and according to preliminary estimates, up to 50,000 tourists may be deceived. Fraudsters specialize in those who want to save money, buy permits directly on the sites of resorts and hotels themselves.
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So far this problem concerns exclusively the resorts and hotels of Abkhazia. But you know yourself that if the scheme works, then it can be adapted to any region.
The scheme is simple, scammers make fake websites and landing pages that are lured by good and cheap placement options.
In order not to get into their paws, it is recommended to carefully examine the sites, look at the date of registration of the domain and in no case transfer money to individuals, and are suspicious of low prices for rest.
Of course, fraudsters are constantly improving the system of withdrawing money and it is best to buy such tours on serious aggregators.
So be careful.
I recommend you to test my own project.prosto.travel, where quite recently there was an opportunity to book package tours.
You no longer need to check different sites, look for the best price. Now the tours from all the most famous tour operators of the country are collected in one place. Prices are checked in real time. Tours can be bought both online and arranged without visiting the agency’s office and WITHOUT extra charge strictly at the price of the tour operator or even cheaper, and in our office on weekdays.
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And we google for you;)
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