Family and biography of Andrei Malakhov

always aroused genuine interest among the audience, especially among the fairer sex. This presenter and showman for a long time remained an enviable bachelor of Russia. But even after his marriage, interest in him did not disappear.

Where is the truth, and where is the lie?

Almost all Russian TV viewers know perfectly well who Andrei Malakhov is.biography of Andrey Malakhov

Biography, wife, children, mistresses, travel, friendship with celebrities - from time to time this or that tabloid newspaper tells about the personal life of a showman interesting details, where sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish truth from lies. The biography of Andrei Malakhov, a TV presenter and just a handsome man, is often intertwined with leisure fiction, which, however, is not uncommon for a media person. And the fact that he himself is not always in a hurry to refute the rumors only adds intrigue.

So, who is Malakhov Andrey Nikolaevich? His biography is presented in our article without speculation and fantasy, without rumors and exaggerations.

Born in the province

The biography of Andrei Malakhov begins in the distant Murmansk region. He was born in Apatity.The family was intelligent: my father worked as a researcher and devoted his life to the study of minerals on the Kola Peninsula. Mom was engaged in small children - at first she was a simple teacher, then she became the head of the kindergarten.

Andrei was a very obedient child and was an example for his peers. The boy went to a music school at the violin class, attended the needlework club, where the guys made soft toys.

The ratings in his diary were just great. Peers described Andrew as a nerd, and he did not hesitate to call himself so jokingly. In high school, Malakhov became interested in learning English, and he learned it so well that he could easily talk to the teacher on any topic.

MSU and University of Michigan

Excellent knowledge helped the young man to enter the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism. Biography Andrei Malakhova since 1991 made a steep turn: the guy became a student at the first university in the country. He studied so hard and diligently that he was once offered an internship in America. Taking the opportunity, Andrew went to study at the University of Michigan at the Faculty of Journalism.Andrei Malakhov biography wife children

It was this period of his life that influenced his future career and formed the style of behavior on television. Andrei did practice in one of the divisions of the largest company, Paramount Pictures, on Detroit television. He took over the American style of transmission, when the presenter does not just read the text and represents the guests in the studio, but is an active participant in the discussion. He learned to stay relaxed in the studio and at the same time with dignity, without losing dynamics.

Career in Russia

Malakhov came to Russian television for the first time in 1992. Initially, he worked as a student intern, prepared news in various programs, voiced them. Sometimes even a guy was allowed to keep news. Diligence and work bore fruit, and what! In 1995, a young journalist was appointed editor of the Morning program, popular at that time. The biography of Andrei Malakhov as a popular Russian TV presenter begins with this program.

We wash with the whole country

However, at that time almost no one knew who Andrei Malakhov was. The personal life, biography of this young TV journalist was of almost no interest to anyone. But then came the high point.In 2001, the television launched a new program - "Big Wash". A completely unusual type of presenter appeared before the public - relaxed, benevolent, not avoiding sensitive topics and often provoking guests in the studio to candor. It was then that a genuine public interest arose: where did such a handsome presenter Andrei Malakhov come from? Biography, wife, children, friends - everything became suddenly interesting. There are articles about him in glossy magazines and yellow newspapers, he becomes truly recognizable and loved by the public.Biography of Andrei Malakhov TV host

Keep viewers on their toes

Malakhov manages to captivate the viewer and to keep him in suspense until the very end of the program. Often, heroes argue, tell about their innermost dreams, dump their most intimate secrets for everyone to see. Moreover, themes are selected such that worry almost everyone - relationships between people, divorces, adultery, the division of property, common children ...

But at the same time, the TV host himself always tried to keep his personal life under lock and key. Andrei Malakhov, whose biography, children and family are under the close attention of fans, does not like to talk a lot about himself.He remained silent for a long time about his personal life, preferring to be told by others.malakhov andrey personal life biography

He was credited with unconventional sexual orientation, numerous novels, and even the role of Alfonso. He never rushed into battle to refute these facts. It seemed that Andrew didn’t care what he was saying.

His first bride is called Marina Kuzmina, who was a metallurgical princess and was much older than her chosen one. Actress Elena Korikova is not the last in the record of the TV Don Juan. He is credited with the affair with Emma Salimova, who worked as the press secretary of the State Duma deputy.

Stop the novels!

But four years ago, Andrei Malakhov finally made his final choice. He offered the hand and heart to Natalia Shkuleva, who was the publisher of the ELLE magazine group. The wedding took place in the Palace of Versailles in Paris. After the newlyweds exchanged rings, Natalia Shkuleva acquired a new status - the wife of Andrei Malakhov. Photo, biography of a young woman began to appear in the press, and many fans immediately understood - this marriage for a long time and seriously.Andrei Malakhov biography children

Andrei Malakhov settled down and became an exemplary husband, and every six months in the press there are reports that he is about to become a father. They even publish pictures of the spouse with a supposedly rounded tummy. Alas, for now the couple lives without children.

But Malakhov has the status of the godfather. In 2012, he baptized the daughter of Philip Kirkorov Allu-Victoria. It is known that the TV presenter is friends with Kirkorov for many years.

Record show

Andrei Malakhov can be called the most sought-after TV presenter. What a show he just did not lead! These include the Golden Gramophone Music Award, the Higher League star program, the Five Evenings information program, the Two Stars song show, the Lie Detector entertaining, the fancy Infomania, the Tonight show. and much more.Andrei Malakhov's wife photo biography

Andrei Malakhov is invited to broadcast the Eurovision finals. But the most popular program to date is the “Let Them Talk” program, which is broadcast on the first channel at the highest rated time. The heroes of the program find out who was the father of the children, search for mothers who disappeared many years ago, help people with disabilities, discuss the themes of betrayal and loyalty.Passions on the set boil sometimes serious, and some heroes, when the logical arguments end, sometimes start hand-to-hand.

Recently, even the opinion of Valentina Matvienko and Vladimir Zhirinovsky was voiced that the program “Let them talk” must be urgently closed.

Say, show our people in all its ugliness. But it is unlikely that numerous viewers will allow this to happen. After all, be that as it may, on the screen we see the real life, real passions, not decoy heroes and, most importantly, sincere feelings. And it always captivates.

It should be noted that over the years the popularity, which Malakhov Andrey rightfully deserved, is growing. The personal life, biography and creativity of the showman to this day do not give rest to his many fans. It is precisely because of this interest that the career of the host has remained at a height for many years.

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