Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro

Fidel Alejandro Castro Rus was born on 13th.08.1926, and died on November 25, 2016, having lived a long and fruitful life. Many of the winged expressions spoken by this great man, and quotes of Fidel Castro became known throughout the world.

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Fidel Castro is primarily known as a leaderThe Cuban Republic and the people's ruler. At the head of the state, he rose in 1959, when he and a group of associates managed to overthrow the dictatorial regime of General Batista.


In the early 60's. Cuba under the leadership of Castro began to build socialism, and Fidel remained the unchanging ruler of the republic. He stood at the head of the country for more than 57 years, until his death in 2016.

Because of the sharp convergence of Cuba and the USSR during the Cold War, relations between the island republic and the United States government have deteriorated significantly and remain quite tense to this day.

For more than half a century the rule of Fidel Castrohe was assassinated several times, rumors of his death were started, the commandant was repeatedly reproved. In addition, he was excommunicated by the Catholic Church for almost 50 years. However, all the negative that was sent to him, did not break the spirit of the head of Cuba. In response to all the negative assessments, he said: "You can judge me, it does not matter - the story will justify me."

Citations of Fidel Castro

It is not surprising that such an outstanding politicalan activist, a revolutionary and a man who had been in power for the state of Cuba for almost 60 years, left a huge number of statements that were instantly picked up by the media and the people.

Fidel Castro Quotations Aphorisms

The winged expressions that Fidel saidCastro, quotations, aphorisms that came down his mouth, spread rapidly around the world and became truly legendary. He was a wise and purposeful man who gave his whole life for the good of his Motherland.

Citadels of Fidel Castro have in many respectspoliticized direction, but this is not surprising, because he was a politician. Often and rather negatively, he spoke about the capitalist way of life and the negative impact of the United States on the world.

The famous quotes of Fidel Castro

There is a huge amount of citations made by the leader of Cuba, but within the framework of this article we will cite only a small part of his winged expressions.

One of his most well-known phrases describing the general attitude of the great Cuban to the capitalist system is: "Capitalism is loathsome: it only bears war, hypocrisy and competition."

famous quotes from the Castro

No less interesting is his statement about the realitiesof this world: "The reality of the world seems to have been conceived to impose egoism, individualism and the dehumanization of man." This philosophical and profound statement demonstrates the whole essence of Castro's relationship to the foundations of the world, and points to that part of human life that he zealously wished to correct by his politics and personal example.

In addition to statements related to politics orthe condemnation of capitalism, the quotes of Fidel Castro often had a very deep, motivating, sometimes even secret connotation, and from the standpoint of philosophy were encouraged to reflect. This, for example, is the phrase: "Life without goals is worth nothing." There is no greater happiness than fighting for them. " This phrase not only generates a lot of thoughts in my head, but also motivates a person to take active actions, strive to achieve their own goals.


Fidel Castro is a strong person and trulya great man who was respected not only in Cuba, but throughout the world. For decades, he attracted attention with his policies, actions and strong, strong statements. Fidel Castro's quotes are of a mixed character, but always emphasize his life position and a clear presentation of his goals. It is thanks to the strong personality hiding behind these phrases that they have become popular and continue to be quoted even after he passed away.

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Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro Famous aphorisms and quotes of Fidel Castro