Famous brands of sneakers

Sports shoes have long been in demandthanks to its convenience and comfort. Sneakers fit almost any image. Therefore, they are worn not only by athletes or people leading a sporting lifestyle, but also by most other people who simply appreciate the convenience of walking. Manufacturers of this footwear annually produce new lines, trying to attract as many buyers as possible. Advertising of famous brands can be found not only throughout the city, but also on television, so their products are distributed around the world. What brands of running shoes are the best, in the opinion of average consumers?


The largest company producing sports shoes was opened in 1948. Since then, Adolf Dassler, the founder of the brand, has become one of the most popular and wealthy people on earth.

brands of sneakersTo date, Adidas isowner of a large number of subsidiaries, delivering their products to almost all corners of our planet. Comfortable shoes, made according to all quality standards, are distinguished by a variety of designs and colors. Therefore, pick up sneakers will not be difficult for any buyer.


Few know that the founder of Pumais Rudolf Dassler, whose brother is Adolf Dassler (owner of the company Adidas). 1924 is the year of the founding of the famous brand from Germany. The main direction of the company is the creation of sports shoes for athletes. Therefore, Puma sneakers are so popular among players of almost all teams. Convenience, combined with high quality, does not require additional advertising.


What other brands of shoes are known? The list of companies will continue with Reebok. The company was founded in 1958 by Joseph and Jeffrey Foster, who became masters in sewing shoes thanks to their grandfather Joseph William Foster. It was he who handed over to his grandchildren the technology for sewing sports shoes. Ever since, the American company, whose name translates as a "fast-footed African gazelle," has been producing sneakers according to family traditions. Currently, Adidas has swallowed the Reebok brand, making it its subsidiary.


Continuing to describe the brands of sneakers, we will consideranother one - called Nike. The year of foundation of the company for the production of sports shoes was the 1964th. To date, the company is the largest company in the US.

brands of sneakers listThe scale of the produced footwear simply amazesthe company receives an annual income equal to not one billion dollars. Sneaker lines are designed for consumers of all kinds. Everyone will be able to pick up their shoes, based on their individual preferences.


It is impossible not to mention Converse, telling aboutpopular brands of running shoes. The company is one of the very first to start producing sports shoes. The Converse brand became known in 1908. Since then, the shoes of that brand are in high demand, especially since Nike has recently become the legitimate owner of this brand.


To date, the company is the supplier of sports shoes for most American basketball players. The company produces goods since 1916, attracting buyers with comfortable and fashionable models.


Describing the brands of sneakers, we will tell about Fila. Shoes of this brand began to be produced in Italy since 1911. To date, the owner of the company is in South Korea, where the headquarters of the brand File. The company has achieved great results in the production of sports shoes. Therefore, it is one of the leaders in the sales market.

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