Famous people who were kidnapped after death

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

Some celebrities do not have peace after death due to numerous fans and "fans."

The bodies of some famous people were even abducted after their burial. And many still missing ...

Saint Mark

Most often in history they stole the relics of the Saints. It happened in Venice, the patron saint of which is St. Mark the Evangelist, whose symbol, like the symbol of the city, is the lion. Today, the relics of the Holy are kept in the main altar of the Cathedral of St. Mark on the central square of Venice. But Mark was never in the city itself, Venice was founded much later than his death.

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

There is a legend that when he returned from Aquileia to Ravenna, the ship on which he sailed, he stopped on a certain island, where an angel appeared in a dream and said that it was here that Mark would find the last peace. The prediction came true when the Venetian merchants Buono and Rustico secretly removed the relics of the Saint from Alexandria, where he was buried.And they hid the body of Mark among the barrels of pork, which, as you know, Muslims can not touch. The history of this legendary abduction today is immortalized in the frescoes of the cathedral.

Yaroslav the Wise

No luck and Grand Prince of Kiev, Yaroslav the Wise. His remains disappeared without trace in the XX century from the Sofia Cathedral in Kiev, where he was buried. In 2009, the sarcophagus was opened, but there were only two female bodies, and a couple of Soviet newspapers: Izvestia and Pravda.

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

According to the main version, the remains of Yaroslav the Wise repeated the fate of the Icon of St. Nicholas "Wet", which, together with the German occupiers, was taken out of Kiev through Poland and Germany to the USA, and today is in the Holy Trinity Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri, the famous creator of the immortal "Divine Comedy" was not lucky not only in life, but also "after his death." Even before the creation of his great work, he was expelled from his native city of Florence for anti-state activities. Alighieri found his refuge in Ravenna, where he was buried in the church of San Francesco. Two centuries passed and Florence, after all, recognized the genius of Dante, deciding to return the dead exile to his homeland.Michelangelo himself asked Pope Leo X for permission to solemnly transfer the remains of the poet to Florence. But when the coffin was opened, it turned out that it was ... empty. Apparently, prudent Franciscan monks two centuries ago hid Dante's body from the militant Pope, who after his death demanded to burn Alighieri as a heretic. The reburial had to be postponed, and Pope Leo X was informed that, they say, Dante himself returned and took his body from Florence, hated by him.

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

He took it, so he took it ... Centuries passed, and in order to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the poet of genius in the 19th century, they decided to restore the church of San Francesco in Ravenna. The builders broke through one of the walls, and found a wooden box with an inscription carved: "Dante's bones were put here by Antonio Santi in 1677."

Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol

Correctly say, from genius to madness is one step. Known to us all from school, Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol was still “strange” during his lifetime. He often had seizures that were accompanied by depression to such an extent that he once said: "It would seem to me to hang myself or drown as if it were some kind of medicine and relief."Alexander Blok in the article “The Child of Gogol” wrote: “If Gogol lived among us now, we would treat him the same way as most of his contemporaries: with horror, anxiety, and, probably, with hostility.” As you know, the writer was terribly afraid of being buried alive, in the so-called lethargic dream: "Do not bury my body until there are clear signs of decay."

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

The oddities continued even after death, when, during the re-burial of Gogol in 1931, the writer's skull was not found in a coffin! Today there are many different versions about who, after all, encroached on Gogol’s ashes, but Nikolai Vasilyevich’s head remains in an unknown place. Literary critics believe that the Gogol skull story was reflected in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita in the scene with the death of Berlioz.

Sigmund Freud

The last loud attempt on the ashes of celebrities happened in the past New Year from December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014. This time the target turned out to be the remains of the famous inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. It happened in the London crematorium Golders Green, which houses the ashes of many British celebrities, in particular Bram Stoker.

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

But the criminals, obviously, were frightened by something, and they hurried to escape from the crime scene empty-handed, however, badly damaging the ancient Greek urn, where the remains of Freud and his wife Martha are kept. The crime still remains unsolved.

Charlie Chaplin

The ransom can be asked not only for the living, but also for the dead. So decided a couple of intruders who, on March 1, 1978, kidnapped Chaplin’s coffin and demanded a fabulous ransom from his widow - $ 650,000. The crime happened in a quiet Swiss village of Corsier-sur-Vevey, where the actor spent 25 years of his life. The widow refused to pay the ransom, saying that "Charlie would have considered it ridiculous."

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

The two kidnappers, who turned out to be from Poland and Bulgaria, were quickly caught, and the remains of a silent comic were found 15 kilometers from their former place. In order to prevent a repeated encroachment on Chaplin’s body, the grave was poured with concrete.

Kurt Cobain

In 2008, a robbery occurred in the California home of actress and singer Courtney Love. In addition to valuables and jewelry, the robbers grabbed a lock of hair and the remains of her husband - the leader of the famous Nirvana group Kurt Cobain.An inconsolable widow told the press that she was on the verge of suicide: “That was all that was left of my husband. I took the remains with me everywhere, to feel that Kurt was still with me. Now I have a feeling that I lost him a second time. ”

Famous people who were kidnapped after death

Cobain’s ashes were found a few months later from German artist Natalia Shtellmah, who said she had acquired Kurt’s remains in order to smoke them at the close of her art exhibition and free the soul of the musician from the “information circus”.

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