Fetal development by week: the main stages of pregnancy

Unforgettable and indescribable experience - to observe how the baby grows and develops inside you! The development of the fetus for weeks - this is what should be followed by the future mom with her doctor.         

So, the test showed the second striped - you're pregnant. We hope that the pregnancy was long-awaited, and the baby - desired and loved from the very first minutes.

We do not doubt that now you are experiencing a whole range of emotions: surprise, joy, maybe even fear ... But the main thing is the realization that your life will never be the same and at least the next 38-40 weeks you don’t belong to yourself . After all, your main task or even mission is to ensure peace, comfort and safe growth and development of a small miracle in your tummy.

But, of course, you, like the future dad, I wonder how this very miracle develops, what stages and when passes. How long does the little heart begin to beat? When can you start talking to your baby? When will he start jostling? Weekly fetal development is something that worries every parent.

We will answer these and many other questions along withobstetrician-gynecologist Marina Vladimirovna Shevchenko, which tells about the main stages of pregnancy by week.

1-2 weeks of pregnancy - fertilization took place and the sex of the baby has already been determined!

3 weeks of pregnancy - a fertilized egg on the fallopian tube enters the uterus, is attached to its wall and is filled with nutrients. In the future, it will turn into a placenta.

4 weeks of pregnancy - inside you now is a 2-cell embryo. It is from these 2 cells that all the organs of the baby will develop.

5 weeks of pregnancy - the baby’s spinal cord and brain are forming, the heart begins to form.

6 weeks of pregnancy - develops the brain, eyes, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems of the child. The heart begins to beat.

7 weeks of pregnancy - a baby's umbilical cord is formed, as well as its nose, mouth, ears and lungs.

8 weeks of pregnancy - develops the pigment of the eyes, which determines their color, the fingers on the baby's hands and feet begin to form.

9 weeks of pregnancy - baby's head grows. In length, the child is already 16-18 mm and weighs about 3 g.

10 weeks of pregnancy - all vital organs of the child are formed and begin to work. If you have a boy, his testicles are already starting to produce testosterone.

This period will also markend of the embryonic phasedevelopment of your child.

Fetal development week 2

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11 weeks of pregnancy - the face of the child is formed, its genitals develop.

12 weeks of pregnancy - the eyelids are formed on the eyes of the baby, he has a sucking reflex, which he immediately begins to use.

13 weeks of pregnancy - the child’s thyroid gland begins to produce hormones. His body is already covered with a protective fuzz, which is rolled out soon after childbirth.

14 weeks of pregnancy - the skin and muscles of the child are formed, the hairs on the head and eyebrows grow.

15 weeks of pregnancy - at this stage the baby begins to develop his facial expressions, he can frown or smile.

16 weeks of pregnancy - the child’s hearing and sight have already fully developed, he can hear voices and see the flashlight beam if you direct him to the stomach for a long time.

17 weeks of pregnancy - starting from this period, the child will increase the fat layer, that is, his weight will increase rapidly.

18 weeks of pregnancy - the hair and nails of the child are formed.

19-20 weeks of pregnancy - the growth of the baby is already about 20 cm, and the weight can reach up to 1350 g. He now puts pressure on all “neighboring” organs, especially on the bladder.

21 weeks of pregnancy - the liver and spleen of the child already produce blood cells.

22 weeks of pregnancy - all the baby's sense organs develop: taste buds, nerve ending. The testicles descend in boys and the vagina is formed in girls.

23 weeks of pregnancy - the lungs of the child, his inner ear are finally formed, intrauterine movements are activated.

24 weeks of pregnancy - the child already has its own regime of the day. At this stage, it is useful for mom to do some kind of sport for pregnant women.

Mom-forumchika UAUA.infounder the name Korol'eva writes“I personally went to yoga for pregnant women at 23 weeks, and then I added swimming from the 30th week. It was so funny, in the water, with dumbbells and stomach ... Or on the head and with the stomach:) But on the other hand, the small one was quiet-quiet, while I was engaged, weightless right) ”.

Fetal development by week

25 weeks of pregnancy - a little more and the eyes of the child will open and it will start blinking.

26 weeks of gestation - the baby’s lungs, liver and immune system are formed; he can already recognize the voices of the pope and mother.

27 weeks of pregnancy - at this time, babies already usually take their position, which will be in childbirth. But it happens that the baby turns over even on the eve of the birth.

28 weeks - baby's movements are becoming more and more difficult. It is no longer gentle thrusts, but rather substantial rolls in your stomach. :)

29 weeks - the child learns to breathe, imitates respiratory movements. Therefore, often you can feel how he hiccups, this is normal.

30 weeks - the skin of the child is gradually smoothed, it is growing rapidly and gaining weight.

Week 31 - it's time to do a study on the amount of amniotic fluid to understand if they are normal. This is determined by ultrasound. Also, you can already stand out colostrum.

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32 weeks - the hair covering on a body of the child is finally formed.

33 weeks - your baby already sees colorful dreams.

34 weeks - during this period, the child actively absorbs calcium, so eat more products enriched with it - cottage cheese, greens and seafood.

35-40 weeks - at this stage the child is most activegaining weight, accumulates fat reserves.Also, starting at 37 weeks, it is very important to monitor harbingers of childbirth:

  • False or real contractions.
  • The way your tummy goes down.
  • Whether the mucus plug has come off or not.

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