Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail

That the surrounding space was holistic andharmonious, you need to pay close attention and finish the opening - door and window. Of great importance is the finish of the doorway: it should be not only neat, but also desirably originally designed, because it begins with his acquaintance with your house.

How to finish?

doorway finishingBy the way, improve the appearance of the doorwayyou can and your own hands. First, for this you do not need to have the ability to conduct construction work. Secondly, the main thing in such a lining is not skills, but a desire for accuracy and creativity. Finishdoorwaycanbe done in several ways:

- after the interior doors are installed;

- the design of the opening, which will remain open;

- execution of slopes of external entrance doors.

The general principles of the work are similar, so in this article we will consider the main points of their implementation.

door entrance door trim

Finishing the doorway involves installingplatbands. With their help, you can hide the cracks between the wall and the box, while giving the room a finished look. Of course, you can pick up the clypeus in the tone of the door, but if you plan to make the room more interesting, it is better to choose contrasting products by color and texture. For example, in any layout and stylistic solution, carved decorative elements look very elegant. The clypeus is installed by gluing, nailing or using a special groove. By the way, this option is most preferable, because in the course of the work the clypeus will not suffer, and the joint line will not be noticeable at all.

When setting the clypeus, it is important to rememberthe need for an indentation from the side of the hinges - it must be at least 1 cm, as otherwise the door will creak when opening and closing. Then you need to measure the necessary length, cut the edges at an angle of 45 degrees, then gently and accurately attach the platbands in place.

Decorating doorways with artificial stone

In many apartments and country houses doorThe openings are left open, that is, doors are not hung in them. In this case, the correct design is very important, and it depends on how competently the finishing materials are selected. Exquisitely look door designs in the form of arches, which are made of plasterboard. In it you can insert various decorative elements or fixtures. Very often, the doorway is decorated with an artificial stone. Firstly, it's easier to work with, which affects the efficiency of the finish. Secondly, there is no need to stock up with numerous tools and materials. Third, you can lay a stone on any surface, the main thing is that it should be flat, without dents and defects.

finishing of doorways with artificial stone

Artificial stone is fixed by means ofSpecial glue, which affects the quality of the work performed. The material can be cut by the Bulgarian in the mode of work on concrete. By the way, this finish looks harmonious, fits into any design of the room, while the coating will be reliable, durable and moisture resistant.

interior door trim

How to apply for an entrance door?

Very many manufacturers of input structures do notpay attention to finishing. Most often they produce a door, install it, supplement the fittings, pour the joints with mounting foam, and everything, the door is ready for operation. However, the finish of the doorapertureinputthe doorcan be performed by the owner himself. And the input structure should be treated with maximum attention. The easiest way to finish is to use a cement screed. But it is suitable for a standard door, but if the entrance of your house is decorated with a beautiful and stylish design, you need to choose more suitable materials. For example, plastic, plasterboard or decorative plaster are suitable. Remember that the door is the visiting card of your house, so it is important to make it concise, but catchy and reliable.

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Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail Finishing the doorway: aesthetics in every detail