First aid for poisoning with poisonous plants

First aid for poisoning with poisonous plants

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In our civilized time, when everyone has the opportunity to use the Internet, buy medicines, get qualified medical care, it is difficult to imagine the possibility of poisoning with poisonous plants. It would seem that for the modern man is impossible. Poisonous plants grow somewhere far away and poisoning them does not threaten us. But there are a lot of similar products around us. The risk of penetration of chemicals is enormous. Therefore, we consider it important now to sort out this issue, find out how and where you can poison with dangerous plants, what are the first symptoms and what to do.

You will need:

Field plants


Poisonous substance


Manifestation time

Hemlock Konyin. Nausea, vomiting, weakness in the legs, skin inflammation, paralysis, dizziness. From 15 minutes after contact with poisons.
Milestone Cycutol Nausea, vomiting, colic, foam from the mouth. If poison is introduced into the body, it can lead to death. A couple of minutes after contact.
Henbane Hyoscyamine, atropine. Faint, fever, arrhythmia. Toxic substance causes blindness. From 15 minutes.
Dope Hyoscyamine, alkaloids. Strong effect on the body. Causes loss and frustration of consciousness, increased pressure, rapid heartbeat. Toxic substances affect the nervous system and organs of vision. From 15-20 minutes.
Hogweed Furanocuramines. This herb is completely poisonous. Leaves are especially destructive. They cause burns. When ingested juice literally burns the skin. Poisonous substances can cause blindness in 30-40 minutes (when in contact with the plant). From 2-3 minutes to 2 days.
Celandine Toxic substances are in the milky juice. Burn the skin. Severe burns cause death. From 5-15 minutes.
Aconite Wild plant. Poison and poisonous substances everywhere. Rich in deadly toxins, especially aconitin. It is dangerous even to take with bare hands. Cramps, foam from the mouth, severe vomiting From 3-4 minutes. A poisonous flower and ordinary leaves can lead to death. Up to 24 hours after contact.
Belladonna Atropine. Burning throat, hard to swallow, hoarseness appears. There is delirium, hallucinations. Tachycardia, cramps, heartache.The body temperature rises. 10-20 minutes.
Digitalis Glycosides. Heart problems, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling in the hands and in the whole body, hallucinations. Strong substances appear after 30-60 minutes.
Sagebrush Tauratsin, thujone. An aromatic plant with oblong leaves grows in fields and meadows. A field plant is full of poison. It affects the brain, provokes headache, disrupts the function of the nervous system. When used systematically causes hallucinations. The time and degree of manifestation depends on the duration of the contact and the amount of poison. Approximately valid after 1 hour. It can occur up to several days.
Quinoa In the plant a lot of harmful salts. Although it is edible, but pets, for example, can be poisoned. It grows in the fields, in the garden or forest. Juice and leaves cause swelling, vomiting, diarrhea. After 6-15 minutes.
Rosemary The juice Nausea, paralysis of the heart, arms, legs, vomiting In these poisonous plants, the greatest amount of toxins is in the stem and leaves. Signs manifest in 20-30 minutes.
Hellebore Veratrin. The plant is completely poisonous. Alkaloids cause indigestion, vomiting, weakness. In case of poisoning, first aid should be given immediately. Otherwise it may be fatal.
Field Yakut Tsinoglossin, heliosupin. These herbal herbs cause vomiting and indigestion. From 25 minutes to 2-3 hours.
Mack (red) Opium, morphine. Hallucinations, delirium, dizziness, nausea. Immediately after admission. Leaflet is not dangerous. The poison is in the ripe head.
Euonymus This cultivated plant is very poisonous. From contact with its leaves immediately comes a reaction. Dangerous - leaves, stem. Causes poisoning, diarrhea, rashes and allergies. From 3 minutes.
Sagebrush Dope Hogweed Hemlock Rosemary Aconite Celandine Poppy

A harmless shrub or ordinary wildflower causes an allergic reaction, problems with digestion or leads to death. Before collecting herbs or bouquets in nature, you should carefully study the most dangerous types of plants.


And there may be danger in the garden. The usual yellow flower or krasnoplodny bush keeps a lethal dose of poison. To protect yourself and your loved ones, we advise you to pay attention to the most common and poisonous plants.


Poisonous substance


Manifestation time

Castor oil Ricin, ricinin (alkaloid) Bleeding stomach, lung damage. Do not burn the plant, as the smoke will cause inflammation of the airways. The term of manifestation is up to 7 days. Causes serious health problems for a long period.
Pink periwinkle Quarantus Insomnia, weight loss, vomiting. Diarrhea. This brittle flower leads to problems with digestion. Manifestation - from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Lily of the valley Cardenolides. Negative effect on the heart. Vomiting. Renal dysfunction. Death Inhale the smell is not recommended, as well as put flowers in the house. The term of manifestation - from 2 hours.
Delphinium Condelfin, dictiocarpine. Blocks receptors, causes weakness in the body, vomiting, severe coughing. From 35 minutes.
Lily The flower is not poisonous, but the most dangerous thing in it is fragrance. Headache, fainting. Allergy. Fatal (with prolonged contact). Ways of penetration of poison - through the respiratory system. The exposure time - from 2-3 hours.
Buttercups Protaanemonin. Inflammation of the digestive system, severe inflammation of the eyeballs, pain in the stomach, cough, redness of the skin, cramps in the throat. From 20 minutes.


Few people know what kind of negative effects houseplants have on you every day. We collected the most popular ones.This will tell you what kind of poison your green oleander or luxury monstera keeps.


Poisonous substance


Manifestation time

Azalea Alkaloids are stored in the leaves. Copious saliva, vomiting, runny nose, fainting, nausea. From 15 minutes.
Oleander Glycosides. Heart failure, vomiting, delirium Up to 5 days.
Hydrangea Hydrangin, saponins. Weakness, shortness of breath, diarrhea. Sometimes - cyanosis. Up to 24 hours.
Dieffenbachia Danger in the leaves. With prolonged contact - burns on the skin, dumbness. Vision disappears. No swallowing reflex, sore throat. From 15 minutes.
Monstera Calcium oxalate. Difficulty in swallowing, vomiting, burns of tongue and mucous membrane. Harm to eyesight. From 15 minutes.
Ivy Urushiol. Inflammation of the skin, allergies, inflammation of the stomach, pain, diarrhea. Manifested up to 3-4 weeks.
Cyclamen Toxic juice. Mucus burns, fever, sneezing, allergies, cough. From 1 hour.
Spathiphyllum Cell sap, calcium oxalate crystals. Burning tongue hard to swallow. Nausea, emetic urge. Diarrhea. From 15 minutes.
Begonia Salt of oxalic acid. Burns, irritation of the skin, mouth. From 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Hippeastrum Lycorin. Vomiting.Shivering, weakness. Diarrhea. In 20 minutes.
Euphorbia room Milky juice. Mucus burns, corneal irritation, loss of vision. Skin burns Immediately after contact.
Calla All parts of the plant are poisonous. Numbness, convulsions. Vomiting, skin irritation. Death. Weakness after 25-30 minutes.
Adenium Milky juice. Intoxication of the body, vomiting, diarrhea. After 15-30 minutes.
Gloriosa The greatest amount of toxins is in the bulb. The poison is vikasol. Nausea, diarrhea, renal failure. Bleeding from the digestive tract. 10 minutes later.
Hydrangea Azalea Begonia Calla Cyclamen Ivy Monstera Oleander


The effect of toxic substances on the body due to the amount of poison that is in the leaves, flowers, stems, bulbs of plants. Depending on the duration of the contact, certain disorders appear. Some of the plants cause irreparable damage to the entire body. They can systematically destroy the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, brain, affect fatigue and general well-being.

Often poisoning is fatal.

First aid

  1. Be sure to do the gastric lavage.
  2. It is necessary to induce vomiting in order to get rid of harmful substances.
  3. Immediately call the hospital so that the experts can assist the victim.
  4. If it is burns, treat the lesion using ointment.
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Medicines for poisoning



Activated carbon When washing the stomach helps to rid the body of toxins. The poison can come out through vomiting. Eliminates diarrhea, stomach pain.
Potassium permanganate Be sure to use when poisoning. In particular, it helps to get rid of aconite, hemlock toxins. Removes poison from the stomach, relieves vomiting, nausea.
Tannin When a poison enters the body binds it. It then removes the toxic substance through the digestive system. Eliminates vomiting, diarrhea, weakness in the legs and body.
Glycerol Accelerates the removal of poison from the body, relieves headache, weakness in the limbs.
Sodium Bicarbonate, Dimedrol Helps with burns. Eliminates burning, inflammation of the skin and pain.

You should also use painkillers after first aid. But it is important to establish exactly what caused the poisoning. At home, you can cause vomiting.Give the patient to drink milk and egg white.
In any case, you need to go to the hospital, make a sensing and gastric lavage. Without this, it is impossible to be confident in maintaining health.

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The best way to protect yourself from poisoning is not to touch the herbs with your hands, do not make them infusions or teas, face masks. Before going to the store for indoor or garden plants, be sure to read the information about them.

Better to be safe. Often non-professional herbalists advise taking herbal medicines. We do not recommend following their advice, as you cannot be sure which herbs have been used or how they will affect you.

Be attentive to your health. If you have been collecting field plants, wash your hands with soap and water. Wear gloves when gardening. Do not touch your face and eyes until you have washed your hands. The best way to avoid poisoning is to avoid contact with poisonous plants.

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Your favorite flower pleases the eye and fits perfectly into the interior, but perhaps it is he who poisons the body.For example, a bouquet of lilies causes suffocation, and beloved lilies of the valley - severe poisoning. You will blame for health problems treatment, fatigue, medications, food. But, often, to blame the flowers and plants that surround you.

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