Fish in the oven. Tasty and healthy

fish in the oven

Pink salmon is a versatile fish. It is cooked from fish soup, baked in the oven, fried on coals and simply in oil in a pan, used as a filling for pies, added to salads, stuffed and salted. The list can be continued indefinitely. But most of all it is good fish in the oven. Pink salmon meat is not fat, it is baked quickly and well, without losing its healthy and palatable qualities. It is a bit dry, so it is advisable to prepare sauces for pink salmon. Sweet and sour to any fish. But sour cream is not combined with all cold-blooded. But pink salmon in their number is not included. So feel free to cook gravy and sauces with the addition of any ingredients.

Fish in sour cream in the oven

My pink salmon, I clean the scales. I pull out the gills, gut. Again my. I cut into portions. I bring corn oil to the boil in a pan. In it I fry pieces of fish to the crust. In a large (five hundred grams) glass of sour cream I add a teaspoon of sugar, the same amount of salt, a handful of finely chopped rosemary. Three or four large onion bulbs, large I cut (can be half rings). Sour cream sauce in half. In one part spread onions.Stir and pour cream-onion cushion into the pan. From above I place slices of pink salmon. I water with the remaining sauce. The fish in the oven comes to readiness for twenty minutes. I usually give pink salmon with rice. Sometimes cook sweet and sour sauce.

fish in sour cream in the oven


I mix in equal proportions water, dry white wine, soy sauce, lemon juice. I bring the mixture to a boil. I add into it a couple of spoons of tomato paste, a tablespoon of starch diluted in a third glass of water. All boiling over low heat until thick.

Fish in the oven with vegetables - the first way

I really love this recipe. It turns out surprisingly tasty, juicy and easy to prepare dish. Although the fish in the oven is always baked simply. So, polutorakilogrammovuyu pink salmon I clean, gut, mine. I rub the spicy oil mixture, for the preparation of which I use cumin (one teaspoon) with pepper and mix it with olive oil (a couple of tablespoons). I cut two onions into large slices (six or eight), finely chop up the fennel and parsley (along the bunch), and also chop the rind of one lemon. Baking pan covered with two layers of cooking foil. I put greased fish on it, stuffing it with a mixture of herbs, onions and lemon.Add a few sprigs of rosemary. Wrap in foil. I bake for thirty to thirty-five minutes in a hot (two hundred degrees) oven.

fish in the oven with vegetables

Fish in the oven with vegetables - the second way

Preparing vegetables in advance. Fry, sequentially adding finely chopped onion, grated carrots, shredded cabbage. In the end, I put tomatoes chopped in a blender. I divide the finished vegetable mixture into two unequal parts. I spread the big one in a baking sheet, and from above I place the pink salmon fillet. I spread the rest of the vegetables into pieces of fish. Hard cheese rubbed on a grater, sprinkle them evenly the entire surface. The fish in the oven is baked for fifteen to twenty minutes. I serve it to the table without a side dish. Just sprinkle with finely chopped fresh herbs.

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Fish in the oven. Tasty and healthy 16

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