Fishing on the Black Sea from the shore spinning, trolling. Tackle. Underwater fishing on the Black Sea

Black Sea for many a place where you can lie on the beach and sunbathe enough. But there are those who are more interested in active rest, for example, fishing on the Black Sea. And this is not surprising: a huge amount of fish is found in the waters of this reservoir, which can also be your catch. But only for fishing you need to be well prepared.

What are the features?

In comparison with river or lake fishing, the sea has significant differences in terms of fishing conditions and techniques. So, the seas are characterized by a dense population compared to freshwater bodies, so there is an active struggle for survival, the fish are more active and mobile, as they are forced to look for food. All this is caused by a strong breaking current, a considerable clarity of water, the flock, which is characteristic of any sea. Therefore, fishing on the Black Sea is active: he threw a fishing rod - caught - pulled out, and so constantly.

Fishing on the Black Sea

Sea fish are distinguished by their sensitivity to weather changes, which is not characteristic of freshwater relatives. It is best to engage in fishing in calm weather, when there is no precipitation and wind. Strengthening the wind leads to the sound of the sea, and many inhabitants, frightened, sail deeply so that they will not be thrown to the dangerous coastal rocks. The most successful fishing on the Black Sea in August, when good and pleasant weather sets.

Choosing gear

Sea fishing has a number of specific features that should be taken into account by novice fishermen. Tackles such as spinning on a jig or wobblers and effective and traditional tyrant are most commonly used. Small fish can be caught on the usual bottom fishing pole, but for the predatory it is worth preparing more serious gear. Consider the most popular little more.

Trolling gear

If you are interested in fishing in the Black Sea, you will need to purchase gear in advance. Trolling is fishing by towing a lure with a boat or a motorboat. The peculiarity of this method is the ability to cover a large area when fishing, and the likelihood that you will catch a really big fish is much higher. Tackles for this type of fishing should be chosen carefully:

  1. Spinning for trolling - this rod is not less than 1.8 m long. It must have sufficient rigidity, strength, comfortable grip.
  2. Spinning reel is selected or multiplier, or inertia-free. The first ones possess an even laying-line of the fishing line, are distinguished by direct transmission and are easily controlled. The main requirement for the second model is the capacity of the coil: it must belong to the 3000th or 4000th class.
  3. When trolling, the fishing rod is complemented with braided cord or thick fishing line, especially if you plan to catch big fish. Doesn’t it require fishing on the Black Sea? The gear you need is appropriate, so be sure to use a leash.

Trolling is carried out using wobblers of various shapes, colors and sizes, rotating and oscillating lures, silicone and foam baits on jig heads.

Fishing for a petty tyrant

Samodur, or samolov, is a popular maritime sport fishing gear that can be used for fishing at shallow depths in coastal waters. From the point of view of construction, the petty tyrant is a strong and long cord that has a load on the end - it is he who is thrown to the bottom, while the fisherman holds the end of the cord in his hand.The bottom of the tackle is supplemented with hooks - there can be up to 10 of them, and they are attached to the cord with short leads. Fishing on the Black Sea with the use of a petty tyrant is an interesting process, and you can create such tackle yourself.

fishing on the Black Sea from the shore

The main cord is a synthetic fishing line, the length of which depends on the depth of fishing. Hooks for tooling is better to choose white with a long forearm, strong and sharp. The choice of hooks plays a big role, as the fish itself is hooked during fishing. Often the tooling is supplemented by the feather of birds: the effectiveness of their use is that when twitching, feathers imitate the vibrations of the body and fins of fish, thereby attracting the attention of predators.

Popular and fishing in the Black Sea on the spoon. Self-suckers can be supplemented not only with natural baits, but also with oscillating lures. By the way, it is possible to catch on a petty tyrant and from the shore, and from a boat, the main thing is to at least move a little away from the shore.


Tinker - a unique tackle, as it can be done independently. In addition, it is ideal for those who love a relaxing holiday and who are more interested in fishing on the Black Sea.The fish here is found in large numbers, and you have a unique chance to catch mackerel, horse mackerel, pelamid, bluefish. But for the efficiency of the catch, it is better to move around on a boat in order to react in time to the location of the cluster of running fish, which does not stand still.

Samodur - amateur tackle, however, it is represented by a huge variety of models. The main differences between them relate to the size of the hook, the length of the undergrowth, the color of the plumage, the methods of garter feathers, the distance between the undergrowths and the number of hooks. When creating a petty tyrant, you need to take into account several points: the activity of the prehensile reaction of the fish, the degree of its satiety. Therefore, all the gear of this type are divided into visible and playing.

If you are interested in fishing on the Black Sea in July, at night, then you need to choose a good-looking tyrant, because visibility is poor in these conditions. If you go fishing in the afternoon, then choose the playful tyrants: they will beautifully “play” in the highlights of the water. Most of this type of gear differs by a mixed device, when they combine the features of different types of fishing rods.

Coastal fishing

fishing in the Black Sea tackle

Of course, the most effective way to fish at sea is to swim away from the coast to the depth of a boat and enjoy the beauty of nature. But if you come on vacation for a couple of weeks, but there is no money for renting a boat, but you want to go fishing, your salvation is fishing on the Black Sea from the shore spinning. This kind of vacation also deserves attention, as this is an interesting process. The main thing is to find a place free from tourists and do your favorite thing.

Spinning for fishing from the shore can be equipped with a rod of any length, it is better to take the reel inertia-free. The most effective fishing is at night, when fish swim in flocks to the shore. It is possible to catch on a shrimp, a sea worm, mussels, pieces of fish. A bite is fixed either on the tip of a fishing rod, or with a bell or a bell. If you want a big catch, for example, a pelengas, then choose bottom gear and catch at a distance from the coast. In this case, the rod should be almost 5 meters long with a weight of at least 200 grams. Effective sea fishing in the Black Sea, if you choose surfing rods, the spool spool size of which is 4000 and above. Pay attention and equipment: do not do without hooks and nozzles that will make the process of fishing more successful, and your catch - more.

Peculiarities of coastal fishing

Fishing in hot countries is popular with many, but here it is important to correctly approach the selection of gear. Most often, the basic requirement is to ensure that the rod was tough, did not have coils and flow rings. This design is ideal for catching small fish in the coastal zone, for example, carp, goby or mullet. Fishing on the Black Sea from the coast can also be carried out by the Bologna method: its essence is in using a telescopic rod equipped with an open-ended spinning reel up to 7 m long. vyvazhivanii

fishing in the Black Sea from the shore spinning

Another great way to fish from the shore is surfing, that is catching in the surf. It is good in the event that the sea is bad weather, a storm, and you are so attracted by fishing on the Black Sea from the shore. During prolonged bad weather, microorganisms are released to the shore - crustaceans, worms, and mollusks that predators feed on. Therefore, the fishermen have a great opportunity to catch a fish that lives on a sandy or muddy bottom. A distinctive feature of this method is in distant casts, because the richest in fish places are located about 10 meters from the coast.

Rockfishing: Rock Climbing

If you are for an extreme vacation, then you will certainly appreciate this type of fishing, like rock fishing. This is the most unusual fishing on the Black Sea from the shore, tackle for which you can choose and traditional. The only thing - you need to fish from the rocks! The main orientation of rock fishing is in increased productivity of coastal areas, where the fish sails in search of prey. Rockfishing involves fishing on high cliffs that hang over the sea or drop off steeply. As a gear you need to use a telescopic rod length of 4.5 m with a load of up to 200 g.

Sea fishing through spinning is a traditional method, but the rod itself for such fishing is somewhat different in design, most often plug-in, of a parabolic type, with high resistance to corrosion. Ideally, the rod should be at least 3 m long so that you can throw the lure weighing up to 50 grams. Spinning is better to catch in the mouths of rivers and places of confluence of the rivers with the seas.


Ledgering is the English way of fishing in the deep sea. As often happens, this method of fishing was invented by athletes, and special gear and accessories were created for this kind of fishing sport.And the main distinguishing feature of the ice dresser is in the use of feeders in the form of transparent plastic containers of various shapes, with the help of which the top dressing is delivered to the right place.

underwater fishing on the Black Sea

Ledging at sea is carried out using plug-in or telescopic rods, on which the turntables can be mounted - they allow you to provide a certain bite. Most often, quiver-tops are used as done, which are made in different shapes and easily hold onto the rod.

Bottom method

This is one of the effective and simple ways of sea fishing, which, however, has its own characteristics. Thus, fishing is carried out using a light bottom fishing rod with a length of up to 4 m, which can throw a sufficiently long distance to weighs up to 100 g. In this way, the sea can be caught at sea, crucian, eel, cuban.

And if under water?

Underwater fishing in the Black Sea is very popular with those who are a fan of this hobby. In addition, it is a great opportunity to diversify your summer vacation and spend time not only pleasant, but also useful.Underwater fishing requires the simplest equipment - a mask with a snorkel, flippers, a scuba gun, a special knife and a kukan for storing caught fish. The main thing - to comply with safety. For example, a rifle needs to be charged only in the water, since in the open air the slaughter distance is about 30 m. The best places for such hunting are the areas near the rocks with dense underwater vegetation and cozy bays. Near the shore, gray mullets, pelengas, bull-calves often settle, and grouse prefer to leave to the depth, slab.

What to catch?

fishing on the Black Sea in July

For fishing to be successful, it is important to know what kind of bait you need to stock up. And in this regard, fishing on the Black Sea is very interesting: the bait for fishing on the sea will fit the most diverse and sometimes even amazing. Consider the different types separately:

  1. Mussels These mollusks have a length of up to 12 cm, most often they are attached to the rocks near the coast in the form of bundles of threads. They are still grown on special plantations. This is the most simple and quickly mined nozzle for sea fishing. To find mussels, you need to dive with a mask on the rocky areas and scrape them off from the walls of the rocks.The shellfish is carefully removed from the shell, which is most often used as bait - that is, it is simply thrown into the water, and you can fish nearby. The newly caught mussel is sitting on a hook badly, so you can boil it, and if you catch mussels and want to immediately use them as bait, you can slightly fade in the sun.
  2. Nereis. These are polychaete worms that live in the coastal zones of the seas and on estuaries. All predatory fish feed on them, so nereisy are just perfect as bait. You can get them in estuaries, in silt, near boulders, you must store nereis in wet algae. Depending on the type of hook, these worms can be planted either piece by piece, or entirely, covering the tip of the hook.
  3. Sandy skin. This is a common type of worm, which can be obtained on the seabed after the tide.
  4. Krabiki. Their meat attracts many fish - flounder, kalkan, red mullet, sea bass, slab. Get them easy, they often swim even in shallow water. Such small crustaceans are ideal for sea fishing, however, to catch them, you have to try. Crabs sit on sharp hooks in whole or in pieces, but their limbs are removed first.

What can you catch?

Fishing on the Black Sea is always a lot of emotions. But what kind of fish is here? The Black Sea coast will please you with an abundance of different fish - small and not so, therefore your catch depends only on you. So, the most popular inhabitant of the Black Sea is the bull, which is not perceived by many as a delicacy. Gobies are presented in as many as 10 species, the largest of which is a goby-martovik. To catch it, the bait is placed on the bottom - it will attract the attention of a bull, and you will have to get out of your sand cave.

sea ​​fishing on the Black Sea

Ornate Black Sea and gray mullet, however, one can catch a variety of singyl near the coast - not the largest, but well recognizable by the orange spot on the gill cover. You can catch a mullet with a bait, or you can be a petty tyrant with a boat - in April, May and October, they move in packs, so it is easiest to catch them.

The Black Sea scad is popular with fishermen, and on the coast of the Crimea and the Caucasus, you can catch small Stavridok, and close to Georgia and Abkhazia - large individuals. Scad usually hunt in the water column, but in search of food they sink to the bottom. And if they are looking for prey with passion, then they start jumping out of the water - it is easiest to catch them at such moments.

Crucian carp is another possible prey for fishermen; it migrates seasonally but is always present in the waters of the Black Sea. If you are going fishing in the summer or autumn, then look for this fish in the open sea. You can catch it on the bait, choosing a shrimp as bait.

In the coastal zone, you can catch the wrasse - a bright and beautiful fish that can weigh up to 300 g. These individuals live near rocks and stones that are overgrown with algae. Different tackles can catch the sea bass, which is represented in the Black Sea in a huge variety. By the way, like the horse mackerel, the perch is one of the fish species favorite by anglers.

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Fishing on the Black Sea from the shore spinning, trolling. Tackle. Underwater fishing on the Black Sea 96

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Fishing on the Black Sea from the shore spinning, trolling. Tackle. Underwater fishing on the Black Sea 33