Five best places to explore. Write down ...

Five best places to explore. Write down ...

We all dream to meet a soul mate. But to wait until fate itself throws a man into our life, there is neither time nor desire. Getting acquainted on the Internet is also not always effective - in the virtual space it is easy to “pick up” the inadequate or pervert. Therefore, we are going to look for our ideal off-line.

We have selected five of the most effective and pleasant places to meet. And yet, it is warm and cozy there - what you need in a dank winter.

Speed ​​dating or fast dating

For a couple of years now, this way of dating from America has been gaining popularity in Russia. The point is the following - you come to a party in a restaurant and in an hour you get acquainted with a dozen, if not more, men. Accordingly, with each interlocutor can talk only a few minutes, but this is enough to determine their sympathies. At the end of the meeting, participants leave phone numbers for those they like.If your sympathies with someone were mutual, then you get the contacts of the participant.

What are the advantages? Firstly, you save time, and secondly, you immediately see what the other person is (as opposed to Internet communication). And thirdly, the time limit makes communication with strangers easy and informative.

Five best places to explore. Write down ...

Date without words

The original kind of fast dates were meetings, where you don’t need to talk. The main thing here is eye contact for several minutes. The authors of this type of dating are sure that it is non-verbal communication that helps to find a soul mate, and not banal conversations about work and hobbies.

What are the advantages? Eye contact, really will tell you about a person much more than a hackneyed phrase about a career and a desire to start a family. You just need to turn on your intuition and relax.

Latin parties

Here is where you can have a great time and acquire a lot of interesting acquaintances, so it is all sorts of dance parties. Unlike nightclubs, men go to them intelligent and do not necessarily strive to "remove" someone.It is quite possible to come to such an event in complete solitude - you can be sure that no one will forcefully pester, but they will not leave you alone. Well, if you are not strong in salsa, then before the parties training workshops are often held.

What are the advantages? The partner’s ability to lead a lady in dance is also very valuable information. From the way a man moves, you can understand what kind of person he is and how good he will be in bed.

Five best places to explore. Write down ...

Sports bars

That's where brutal, unmarried machos sit up in the evenings, these are sports bars. However, before going there, it is better to prepare a little and at least learn the rules of the game of football. And of course, you should not go to the sport bar during the World Cup - at this time you simply will not notice.

What are the advantages? In sports bars you have a chance to meet a real man - unshaven, rough and with a beer belly. He may not be as handsome as a metrosexual, but with him you will be safe and secure.

Foreign language courses

As you know, there is nothing more pulling together than general hobbies. And learning a foreign language is the most suitable occupation for this. As a rule, purposeful and sociable young people come to such courses, therefore you will not be able to find an adequate cavalier.In the meantime, you will conjugate verbs together and learn new words, perhaps something serious will be born between you.

What are the advantages? Of course, no one guarantees you love in the courses, but it is here that you have all the chances to meet really your own person. And then, there will be plenty of time to get to know him.

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