Flanged mesh filter

Flange mesh filter is designed for arrangement of cold and hot water supply systems, as well as used for heating installation. Such a product is recommended for condensate lines, steam systems, inert and neutral gas pipelines, as well as for water intake and water treatment systems. Such filters are common when it comes to transporting synthetic and mineral oils, as well as for other manipulations.


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Flange mesh filter should be installed only after inspection of the product. If damages were found, as well as defects resulting from improper transportation and storage, it is unacceptable to put the filter into operation without agreement with the seller.

Installation conditions

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Before proceeding with the installation, you must rid the product of plastic plugs. If we are talking about a horizontal pipeline, the installation is carried out in a horizontal position, so that the cover is facing down.When working with a horizontal steam line, the lid should be turned to the side to avoid filling the filter bowl with water when condensation occurs. The mesh filter can be installed in a vertical position only if the flow is directed from top to bottom. The direction of flow of the medium through the filter should be identical to the direction of the arrow, which is located on the body of the product. If you install the mesh filter by yourself, then you should take into account that the connections should be evenly tightened at least 3 passes. It is important to observe the sequence of cross-wise.

Installation recommendation

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During operation, there may be a decrease in fixing load in the joint, which occurs, as a rule, after the gasket or fasteners are loosened. If the process is cyclical in pressure and temperature, it may be necessary to further tighten the connection after a certain period of time after the start of operation. A similar situation sometimes occurs in particularly difficult cases. To solve the problem you may need additionalequipment fasteners spring washers. It is necessary to choose those that are as powerful as possible.

terms of Use

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Flanged mesh filter may require quick cleaning of accumulated dirt. To do this, use a drain plug, which is located on the lid of the product. To ensure ease of maintenance, excluding system shutdown, it is possible to install a drain valve instead of a plug. If there is no such addition, the stopper can be opened only when the system is turned off. Depending on the quality of the working environment, products should be serviced. This will also be affected by the requirements for the operating conditions. Most often, such manipulations are carried out at least once every 12 months. If you installed a flanged mesh screen, the cells of which are of standard size, then the structure should be serviced twice a year.

If a situation arises which is characterized by pollution, the pressure drop increases dramatically, and an additional load is applied to the grid.In order to completely clean the product, you need to remove the cover, and in the next step remove the grid. The latter is washed under running water that will effectively get rid of foreign particles. If there is damage, the elements must be replaced. At the subsequent installation of a cover it is necessary to apply new laying.

Storage and transportation conditions

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In order for the mesh clutch filter to last a long time after installation, it is necessary to follow the rules of storage and transportation. In this case, the product should not be subjected to shock loads, and the ambient temperature can vary from -40 to +65 degrees. It is important to exclude the possibility of foreign objects entering the internal space. The filter should not fall, as well as be stored in a room that is contaminated. Products should be protected from the effects of aggressive external precipitation.

What else you need to know before installing the filter?

The mesh filter for water should not be exposed to contact with foreign objects while the product is in operation.This is due to the fact that there is a possibility of heating the surfaces. Before starting maintenance or dismantling, make sure that the product is not subjected to pressure and is not heated to a high temperature. During operation, do not remove the label on which the label is located. If there is a desire to keep the warranty obligations of the supplier, then the rules of storage, operation, transportation and installation should be followed. Only in this case, the warranty extends to the structure within 12 months. This period starts from the moment the filter is put into operation. However, this period can not be more than 18 months from the date of implementation.


A brass mesh filter is used when it is necessary to purify water in hot and cold water systems from mechanical impurities. Such products are used in heating systems in order to exclude ingress into the control valves, as well as pumps of scale. Such products can be supplied in plant conditions with built-in ball valves that serve to shut off the flow of liquid.Such an addition is simply necessary when it is necessary to clean the filter element. You can choose a model that has a magnetic insert inside. It is able to delay and prevent all kinds of metal particles from entering the system.

Cost of

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The mesh filter, the price of which may vary depending on the characteristics, has recently become more and more common. Before you buy, you must decide on the model. For example, a traditional cast-iron flange filter costs 9,500 rubles. While the product, which is equipped with a drain valve, has a cost equal to 18,800 rubles. If we are talking about a product made of brass, which has a grid made of stainless steel, then such a design can be purchased for 4000 rubles. Some models equipped with cork, can cost several times more expensive. Their price may be equivalent to 48,000 rubles. Select a specific model will help the supplier.


Most often in the filters of the type described above, there are grids, cells that have a square size with a side of 1.4 millimeters. The product can be made with the required dimensions of the filter mesh, while taking into account the wishes of the customer.However, it will use state standards that will guarantee quality. Throughput characteristics will differ from those possessed by products with nets of the type described above. For the manufacture of structures that will serve as a filter in the water supply system, you should contact the manufacturer.

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