Flatulence. Treatment and Symptoms

Symptoms of pathology

Flatulence (bloating) is a pathological condition of a person caused by a large amount of gas in the intestinal area. The main symptoms of this disease are:

- bloating;
- involuntary release of gas from the intestine;
- unpleasant belching;
- Colic (pain) in the stomach or intestines;
- nausea;
- headache.

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Flatulence. Medication Treatment

All of the above symptoms of the disease may occur during exacerbation of the disease, and may accompany the person constantly. Getting rid of the pathology is possible only through the treatment of the disease that provokes excessive accumulation of gases. For example, in the case of enzyme deficiency, enzymes are designated by a specialist. If the cause of flatulence is dysbacteriosis, then the goal of the course of therapy will be to restore the optimal microflora in the intestine. Appropriate drugs are prescribed for relieving constipation and diarrhea.In the stomach of a person may experience severe pain caused by flatulence. Treatment in this case should be accompanied by the use of antispasmodic drugs. Reduce flatulence and bloating in this case, such medications as activated carbon and the drug Smekta. Intestinal infection can also cause pathology, the name of which is "flatulence." The treatment in this case is carried out with Linex, Hilak-forte, or Acilact drugs.

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Meals with flatulence

It should be borne in mind that to get rid of an unpleasant disease requires an integrated approach to the existing problem. First of all, flatulence, the treatment of which should be based not only on taking medications, is eliminated with the help of proper nutrition. The diet, which the patient must adhere to, involves the use of various cereals, dishes from beets and carrots, fish and meat, rice and chicken eggs. At the same time it is necessary that the food was balanced. The menu should be limited to flour and potato dishes, as well as easily digestible carbohydrate foods. Permanent meteorism will recede in case of refusal from various carbonated drinks, cabbage, legumes, onions and milk.By adhering to these recommendations, in a short time, many manage to get rid of an unpleasant problem.

how to get rid of flatulenceHerbal Treatment

How to get rid of flatulence with the help of natural remedies? Folk healers recommend the use of infusion of dandelion. The problem will eliminate the decoction of parsley. Increased flatulence is also removed dill oil. The treatment of attacks of an unpleasant illness is superbly performed by consuming the ground seeds of carrots. An excellent folk remedy is the mountain ash. An infusion of a mixture of its medicinal berries with dill, mint and valerian alternative medicine recommends consuming in the amount of one hundred grams in the morning and evening hours. Eliminates the problems of flatulence and brewed chamomile. In addition, traditional healers recommend taking tea from valerian root, mint, fennel or dried ginger. Its use has a very beneficial effect on the general condition of the whole human body.

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