Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance

On the life course of each person one of the main and solemn events is the marriage. Create a special - refined, sophisticated and unforgettable atmosphere, flowers at the wedding will help you wonderfully. On this day, they are used everywhere: to decorate the attire of the bride and groom, the hall for ceremonies, the car, as bouquets. Color harmony is very important for excellent design and wedding style.

Newlywed flowers

The bride, naturally, thinks about the wedding bouquet long before the solemn moment. Of course, first of all, she carefully selects him to his side. The bride, according to tradition, uses flowers at the wedding for the following purposes:

  • as a wedding bouquet;
  • as a decoration for yourself;
  • in the form of a bracelet for the witness;
  • in the form of boutonnieres for the groom and his friends.

It is possible to decorate with fresh flowers both the dress itself and the hairstyle, thus creating an image of a real princess. These fragile details not only play the role of jewelry, but also create a real solemn mood.

flowers at the wedding

Carefulness in choosing flowers is the main rule of the bride after choosing a dress, since a wedding bouquet is also an essential attribute for a wedding. At the same time, he is the individual choice of the bride, evidence of her special style. Wedding bouquet complements and emphasizes the refined image of the bride, attracting hundreds of curious looks of guests.

It is worth noting that the bracelet of the witness, boutonniere for the groom and guests should be in harmony with the floral decorations of the bride, since this is a sign of a special taste and style of the wedding.

Flowers at the wedding

Live floral compositions at a wedding are the main decorative elements. They are used to design all major wedding objects:

  • arch for the celebration of the ceremony;
  • cars;
  • to create color compositions on the table for the newlyweds and guests.

In most cases, used live flowers for the wedding and its ornamentation. But if the newlyweds want to save, then apply artificial flora.

The stunning result of decorating the solemn arch for the marriage ceremony is provided by real flowers.They confirm the refined taste of the newlyweds, subtly emphasize the elegance and solemnity of the main event.

Live floral compositions look particularly aesthetically pleasing both on the table of the newlyweds and in front of their guests. They are made in vases or special "oases", where all the conditions for excellent preservation are provided.

fresh flowers for the weddingCar decoration with fresh flowers is a spectacular, beautiful and elegant spectacle. Such a reception in the design indicates chic and a certain style of wedding, its superiority and originality.

Wedding flowers from guests

Many believe that the future life of the couple depends on the gift given to the newlyweds by the guest. Therefore, it is necessary to understand well which flowers can be presented for a wedding, and which can not.

Floral bouquets from guests may include the following options:

  • Red or white roses.The first symbolize passion and love, the second - purity and innocence. The original solution will be a combination of the two options.

what flowers to give to the wedding

  • Lilies. They denote virginity, hope, fertility.
  • Callasthat reflect elegance, beauty and wealth.
  • Presentable Gerberasthey are a symbol of the main values ​​of life: eternal youth, love of life, carelessness.
  • Lilies of the valley- a sign of innocence, loyalty and purity.
  • Orchidsrepresent a sign of unbridled and strong passion.

If it is difficult to decide which flowers to present to the wedding, then it should be remembered first of all that it is preferable for the groom to present large plants, on tall stems, to the bride - any volume of bouquets of various heights.

What kind of flowers for the wedding do not give?

According to old traditional beliefs, newlyweds cannot be welcomed with the following colors:

  • chrysanthemums, especially red;
  • gladioli;
  • daffodils;
  • camellias.

According to old signs, they symbolize death and are mourning flowers. Flowers at the wedding from the guests should not be purple (tone of sadness) or yellow flowers (color of betrayal, separation and deception).

what flowers for a weddingIn addition to taboo bouquets, there are flowers that are considered neutral, and give them at their discretion. These are hyacinths. They mean only a calm and friendly location.

You should also remember the rules of etiquette of presenting bouquets to newlyweds.Out of a couple of guests, a woman greets a bride, after which a man gives her flowers.

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Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 38

Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 100

Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 44

Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 49

Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 85

Flowers at a wedding, their role and importance 11