Food moth and methods of dealing with it

The problem of combating domestic pests is familiar to all hostesses. Practically in every family the question arises: “How to get rid of the food moth, as well as the clothes one?”. This small-sized household pest is conditionally divided into two types. The first of them is the kitchen mole, and the second is the room one. You can distinguish them by color. Food moth gray. Have a coat color sand. Their habitats are also different. The food moth, eating certain foods, lives in storerooms and kitchen cabinets. Duffel also lives in residential areas. A mole can get into an apartment through an open window in the case when there is no mosquito net on it, as well as through the entrance door, vents and cracks. In addition, there is a possibility that the pests were brought into the house by you along with the things or products.

food moth

Food moth

Kitchen villain does a lot of harm. The food moth prefers bulk products as its habitat. It mainly lives in cereals and grains, dried fruits and nuts, sometimes it is found in tea. And this is no accident.After all, cereals and similar products are stored in containers or bags, where there is no ventilation and there is high humidity.

Food moth - how to get rid of the pest?

food moth how to get rid

Killing a flying butterfly pest cannot solve the problem. It is necessary to destroy the caterpillars and moth eggs. First you need to find the habitat of the pest and carry out preventive actions aimed at limiting all possible ways of its occurrence in the apartment. In the event that even a few representatives of the food moth were discovered in the kitchen, you should start to get rid of the problem. It is likely that the harmful butterfly lives in the next moth how to get ridIt is necessary to find out where it flies from, install mosquito nets on the windows, and hang on the door frame specially bought tape for this purpose. The food moth can live in your apartment. To combat it, you first need to make a general cleaning in the pantry and in the kitchen. In this case, from all cabinets should get all the contents and inspect it. At the same time, special attention should be paid to dried fruits, cereals, tea and other bulk food products.It is most convenient to pour them onto a newspaper and, while raking a slide, inspect everything for the presence of caterpillars or larvae of the pest. Proven products should be placed in glass containers, hermetically sealed with lids, and put in a warm and dry place. The food moth can get into the apartment in the groats purchased from the store. To exclude such cases, it is advisable to buy bulk products in packages, packaged in an industrial way, and not by weight. After inspecting the cereals, rinse the kitchen cabinets. This should be done either with a solution containing soap, or using special tools. At the end of the cleaning cabinets wipe with clean water. To prevent the occurrence of pests on the shelves of kitchen furniture, a special trap can be set for the food moth. You can buy it in hardware stores. A well-known folk remedy that scares the mole is lavender. Special fragrances and sprays with its smell, are widely represented in specialized stores. An effective way to combat food moths is also wiping cabinets and kitchen utensils with a solution of vinegar.

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Food moth and methods of dealing with it 16

Food moth and methods of dealing with it 28

Food moth and methods of dealing with it 43

Food moth and methods of dealing with it 12

Food moth and methods of dealing with it 88

Food moth and methods of dealing with it 49