From herpes on the lips pills - which is better?

Herpes virus infection (HVI) is the most common infectious pathology of a viral nature. By age 18, about 95% of the population is infected with it. To date, all antiviral drugs have only a therapeutic effect, eliminating acute manifestations, but do not have preventive and anti-relapse effects.

From herpes on the lips, pills are used most often. Consider the most effective ones.

from herpes on the lips of pills

How does herpes appear?

The clinical manifestations of HVI depend on the state of immunity and the primary gate of infection.

The bubbles filled with transparent contents are arranged in small groups. The skin under them is moderately hyperemic, swollen. Bubbles can merge, forming multi-chamber large elements. The appearance of rash is accompanied by pain, tightness of the skin, severe burning and itching. After turbidity of the contents of the bubbles are opened, leaving the crusting erosion.

With mild herpes forms, one or two elements can appear only on the lips. Manifestations persist up to 10 days. If herpes has appeared on the lips, treatment with pills is the most effective method of therapy.

Causes of herpes exacerbation

The following factors can provoke herpes:

  • contact with an infected person;
  • cold;
  • hypothermia;
  • stress;
  • menstruation;
  • pregnancy;
  • injury.

Consider below which of the herpes on the lips of the pills are most effective.

pills for herpes on the lips

Herpes Therapy

Tablets for the treatment of HVI are commercially available in large quantities. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the disease will be cured completely, since the virus is hidden in the human nerve cells.

Herpes pills have the following positive actions:

  • decreases the duration of the disease;
  • pain relief is relieved, as well as severe itching and burning in the places of formation of bubbles;
  • the general well-being of the person improves (headache passes, fever).

Applying a pill against herpes on the lips, a person not only struggles with an existing infection, but also prevents the recurrence of the disease.Antiherpetic agents with immunomodulators have been shown to be most effective.

It is important to understand that drugs for herpes tablets do not completely kill the virus in the human body. They only protect it from various disruptions caused by a virus.

Therapy for HVI consists of taking the following medicines:

  • antiviral drugs;
  • immunomodulators.

Herpes pills on the lips must begin to take even before the appearance of bubbles on the skin. This will prevent the development of the disease. In cases where herpes occurs with frequent relapses, it is recommended to drink tablets for several months.

If simultaneous administration of antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs is carried out, then the drug fights the disease as efficiently as possible. The drugs dissolve in the stomach, while the active substance with blood is distributed throughout the body.

Due to the action of the drug and the work of the immune system, the reproduction of the herpes virus is suspended; healthy cells are not affected.

Need to rememberthat antiviral drugs have many side effects, so they should be taken in full accordance with the instructions and only as prescribed by the attending physician.

What are the pills for herpes on the lips?

For the treatment of herpes prescribed various drugs. Some of them will be discussed below. These drugs are most effective in combating the disease.

 acyclovir tablets for herpes on the lips


"Acyclovir" - a concentrated drug, effective at different stages of the disease. It enjoys good patient reviews and is reasonably priced.

Side effects of "Acyclovir"

But this antiviral has a lot of side effects:

  • drowsiness;
  • rash;
  • hallucinations;
  • headache;
  • abdominal pain.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children.

Nevertheless, the most popular means is "Acyclovir". Herpes pills on the lips quickly relieve symptoms. Compared with other drugs are quite inexpensive.

herpes on the lips


"Zovirax" - a fairly common drug for herpes, can be used both for the treatment and prevention of the disease.Active ingredient in the composition of acyclovir. A rather expensive medicine.

A significant disadvantage of these drugs is the rapid formation of resistance to HVI.

If used improperly (discontinuation of the drug before the end of the recommended course, failure to comply with the dosages), resistance may form by the 2–3 course of administration.

Also the disadvantages include the frequency of reception, up to 5-6 times a day, which is inconvenient for the patient.

Drugs used daily for 10-14 days.

Pills for herpes on the lips "Valtrex"

It is recommended to prescribe this medication if the patient has already received treatment with "Acyclovir" and other drugs with the same active ingredient. As part of valacyclovir. It is considered the drug of a new generation. Well tolerated, has a minimum of side effects.

It should be noted that "Valtrex" is highly active in relation to all types of herpes, resistance is formed longer. It has a higher bioavailability compared with "Acyclovir". Apply one tablet 1-2 times a day. Treats herpes not only on the lips, but also on the genitals.

In order to prevent relapse, you can take only one pill once a day.

If relapses occur constantly, then there is a certain immunodeficiency.In this case, the dosage is increased to two tablets per day. But it is obligatory after consultation with the attending physician. Otherwise, you can exceed the dose, which will lead to undesirable side effects.

The disadvantage of the drug is the absence of infusion forms, which makes it impossible to use them in severe cases of the disease.

pills against herpes on the lips

"Valtrex": contraindications

The drug is prohibited for pregnant women, mothers who feed their children with breast milk, as well as children under 12 years of age. Possible allergic reaction and individual intolerance to the drug.

Side effects are similar to "Acyclovir."

What pills for herpes on the lips are still?


Famvir is an effective drug for the treatment of HVI. If you make the reception at an early stage, you get a long time to get rid of herpes. Tablets are quite expensive, with long-term use - neurotoxic. The active ingredient is famciclovir. The herpes virus stops multiplying in the body due to the effect of the medicine.

Take the drug in the amount of three tablets per day at regular intervals. Wash it down with water and do not chew.

It also has contraindications and side effects. Therefore, before you start taking, be sure to consult with your doctor. Famvir is expensive because it is produced by a foreign pharmaceutical company.


"Virolex" has low toxicity, has immunomodulatory effects, is highly active against GUIs of the first type.


"Vivoraks" used to be mainly always produced as an ointment, but more recently tablets can also be found on sale.

A cure for herpes on the lips in pills should be selected by a doctor. It is necessary to seek medical attention from either a physician or an immunologist.

In addition to antiviral drugs, you must take drugs that stimulate the immune system.

cure for herpes on lips


Immunomodulatory and immunostimulating agents do not replace antiherpetic therapy, but they increase the effectiveness of treatment and shorten the duration of the disease. Success depends on the timeliness of the treatment started, as well as on the individual reserve forces of the body.

Immunotherapy includes therapy with interferon and immunoglobulin preparations.

The most effective against HVI have preparations of alpha-interferon:

  • "Anaferon" - used in the treatment of herpes, as well as for the prevention of the disease.
  • "Viferon" - a popular remedy in the fight against herpes, effectively stimulates the immune system.
  • "Reaferon" or "Roferon-A" - with the help of this tool is the treatment and prevention of herpes on the lips.

Tablets, suppositories or other forms of release immunomodulators can be selected by the patient. Also used herbal remedies, such as "Immunal." This is a spirit tincture of Echinacea purpurea. The tool has long been used to stimulate the immune system.

Also gaining popularity are:

  • "Izoprinozin" - does not require taking antiviral drugs, he copes well with herpes.
  • "Galavit" - eliminates the swelling and inflammation that causes herpes.

Symptomatic therapy

In addition to the main treatment of herpes, symptomatic therapy is shown, which greatly facilitates the course of the disease.

It includes the use of:

  • Antihistamine drugs ("Cetrin", "Diazolin", "Tavegil", etc.). For severe itching and heavy rashes, the combination of Loratadine and Diazolin is effective.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with a pronounced pain effect (herpetic neuritis). Voltaren, Diclofenac, Nimesulide and others.
  • Vitamin therapy, especially effective use of B vitamins ("Neurobeks").

You can buy cheap drugs at the pharmacy, such as Revit, Undevit, which will help the body protect itself from the devastating effects of the virus.

From herpes on the lips, the pills are very effective, but ointment can also be used in combination. They dry out the rash well. Crusts form faster on vesicles, and after healing there are almost no traces. Ointments are available in large quantities, the same trademarks - "Acyclovir", "Zovirax".

pills for herpes on the lips of valtrex

Herpes Prevention

With frequent recurrences of HVI, it is possible to use an antiherpetic inactivated vaccine, but it can be used only in the remission phase.

General preventive measures include:

  • adherence to a healthy lifestyle;
  • tempering procedures;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • avoid stressful situations;
  • positive attitude to life.

A healthy lifestyle involves frequent walks in the fresh air, the right,good nutrition, exercise. All this in combination has a positive effect on human immunity. The body becomes more resilient and can easily withstand viruses.

We considered the most effectivepills against herpes on the lips.

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