Fukushima: strange things are happening in the dead city

1-05-2017, 18:00
The events of March 11, 2011 are officially referred to as the Great Earthquake of East Japan, which is not surprising, because the strength of the shocks reached 9 points. At 2:46 am, this caused an accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which is why the city of the same name with a population of 100,000 people and the land around it had to be alienated. This is an absolutely closed area for civilians, for the sixth year in a row, but when such trifles confused desperate stalkers? But inside the dead city there is something to see.

The police successfully catch the marauders, and it has become clear during the time that has passed since the accident that it is better not to get involved with infected objects inside Fukushima - the radiation does not like jokes. Getting a lethal dose of radiation in this place is easier than it seems, but curiosity is stronger than fear. A researcher by the name of Kio Wee Lung (Keow Wee Loong) was unable to get a radiation suit and sensible equipment, but he still made his way into the exclusion zone. And he shared his impressions of his last foray into a city that is dead, but can never die completely.

Most of the printed materials in the city turned into monuments of tragedy - magazines, newspapers and calendars show the same sad date. Clocks and electronic gadgets did not stop immediately, the events at the Fukushima nuclear power plant developed almost a week before it became obvious that the station and the city could not be saved. Nevertheless, a 7-point catastrophe on the International Nuclear Event Scale is a non-trivial problem, for which there is no optimal solution.

The city of Fukushima was officially abandoned by all residents, but it is not at all dead. Moreover, Kio Lung ran into his real inhabitants, who were chasing him. Wild and feral animals. There are still a lot of spoiled food on the shelves and in the disconnected refrigerators of the stores, plus all the gardens, lawns and gardens have become thickets, so the beast has enough food. And since the person has not appeared here for 6 years, then the fear of him has disappeared. The decaying corpses of animals and half-eaten remains suggest a simple idea - in Fukushima it is not safe.

But if you walk around the city at dawn, being careful, then you can see an amazing picture - regularly working automatic traffic lights that nobody repaired for years on end. Roads and streets are empty, but inside the buildings something else works, makes noise.And if you tinker, you can run a washing machine or make yourself a portion of coffee. If you are not afraid of radiation. Unlike the really empty city of Pripyat, Fukushima is full of various items, things and equipment. It does not look like a classic ghost town.

6 years after the disaster, the authorities are beginning to try to correct the mistakes made in a hurry. The dimensions of the exclusion zone are going to be revised downward, the level of radiation will also receive a new estimate. Life, in its normal sense, will not return here soon, but people are already visiting. Okuma, Nami, Tamioka, Futabe and other towns around the perimeter of the zone opened for entry. Their former residents can go back and collect valuables left behind during the evacuation. Fukushima in line.

Probably, Fukushima is awaited by the fate of Chernobyl, where, despite all the prohibitions and restrictions, desperate adventurers constantly penetrate. Today the cities are frozen in an incomprehensible position, between the power of man and nature, but in the conditional tomorrow people will come here. And the video, filmed by Kio Wee Lung, will help get an idea of ​​what awaits them.

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