Funny baby: daughter Timati

On March 19, 2016, famous rapper Timati and his former wife Alena Shishkova literally royally celebrated the birthday of Alice’s daughter. And many fans were immediately interested in the question: "How old is Timati's daughter?" It turns out she was already two years old. Even after her parents broke up, they in every possible way take care of their beloved and naughty little girl and try to devote the maximum of their free time to work. Timati’s daughter is raised by her grandmother and rapper’s mother, Simona Yakovlevna. She teaches her granddaughter to be independent from an early age.

daughter timati

Daughter Timati Alisa - little mistress

Most recently, my grandmother posted a video in Instagram where Alice was washing her clothes with her own hands. Simona believes that small children are not at all helpless, as their parents might think. Often in the comments she is asked the question of what method they bring up the girl. However, no one method adheres to any one. Simona constantly improves her intellectual level and reads a lot to keep up with young people and be interesting to them. Grandmother Simone also added that her granddaughter helps her to cook and clean.Just recently, the daughter Timati personally cooked borsch under the control of her grandmother. True, then I had to flush the kitchen and wipe the spilled water, but Alice's phrase that she did it was worth it. The rapper's mom also claims that independent children develop much faster.

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Alisa Yunusova - Timati's daughter

Recently it became known that Alice had problems with her eyesight with age, doctors discovered the so-called "lazy eye" syndrome. “Easy Kosinka” was noticed immediately when the girl was born, but since the optic nerve of the eye was formed up to two years, the treatment was not carried out. When she was two years old, they turned to an ophthalmologist, and the little girl wrote out glasses. The girl's family very interestingly beat this moment. When family and friends gathered at home, everyone put on their glasses. Alice also put them on, and she was bombarded with compliments that she was very beautiful in them. Timati's daughter went through the glasses with all the necessary time, but there was no improvement, then the second stage of treatment began. An occluder was used for it (a sticker on a healthy eye). This was necessary in order to stimulate the work of the "lazy eye."A child should walk like this for three hours, and there, the longer - the better, until the whole day.

Grandmother Simona, talking about her troubles with her child, hoped that her information would be useful first of all to those who faced these problems. She even deliberately runs her microblogging, where she shares her experience in the problems she faces and in what developmental activities she does with her granddaughter.

Alice's mom

It must be recalled that Alena Shishkova was born in 1992 in the city of Tyumen. In childhood, she studied music and vocals. Then she became interested in a modeling career, and when she moved to Moscow, she won fame at performances in Tokyo and Milan. The girl really has a delightful appearance, she won many different titles at competitions, and the main one is “Miss Russia 2012”, where the model became the second Vice-Miss Russia.

At one time, she met with the goalkeeper of Dynamo Kyiv, Maxim Koval. At the end of 2012, she started the affair with rapper Timati, however, the public only guessed everything in early 2013, when they were lit up at the New Year's concert “Song of the Year”. Timati is ten years older than his girlfriend.March 19, 2014 she gave birth to a rapper daughter weighing 4 kg and 53 cm tall, which was named Alice.

But the relationship did not last long, in the spring of 2015 the couple broke up. Timati could not forgive the girl for her betrayal. When the rapper had a fracture of the spine, and he had to spend two weeks in bed, the girl at that time packed up and left to look for better conditions. But the numerous fans of this pair justify her act by the fact that the rapper himself has repeatedly cheated on her. In general, this moment became a turning point in Timati's life, only the most devoted and close people turned out to be near him. But Shishkova, after parting, almost immediately spun up an affair with football player Anton Shunin. Then there was a passionate kiss with Chadov, which the paparazzi did, and this gave rise to a wave of rumors about her new romance.

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Alice's dad

Timati was born on August 15, 1983 in the capital. He was a member of the TV show "Star Factory 4", after which he began his musical career with the group "Banda". Now, if you make a list of the largest stars of Russian hip-hop, then the first line is quite deservedly occupied by Timati. However, at the world level in his genre, he is quite a large professional.In high life, a rapper is known for his outrageous behavior, and therefore he has many not only fans, but also haters.

Timati participated in childbirth and even cut the umbilical cord of his daughter, in which he doesn’t care today and behaves like an insistent loving and caring father. When he first saw his baby, tears appeared in his eyes. Timati's daughter was born in the Dominican Republic, from there the family returned to Moscow only a few months later, where the rapper presented Alena a very expensive car - a Mercedes jeep, at the price of a good Moscow apartment. After some time, Alice's mom showed a watch on her hand that was worth more than 10 thousand dollars.


Today, despite the separation of this beautiful couple, they maintain close and warm relations. After all, their daughter Alice is growing up. But Timati continues to pamper Alain and Alisa with signs of attention and does not spare money for various surprises for them. His funny two-year-old baby helps her choose gifts for her mom. Timati Alisa's daughter also adores her father and mother and misses them if they are not together for some reason. The rapper celebrated the recent New Year holidays in the United Arab Emirates, where he came with his mother, brother and daughter.

Alice Yunus daughter Timati

Recently, many have noticed that Timati and Allen more often began to spend time together with her daughter, so fans very much hope that their couple will reunite again.

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