Gas boilers "Buderus": a review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews

If you have a country house and gas communications are connected to it, then it will be quite easy to solve the problem of heating water and heating a home. The main requirement is the correct choice of the boiler, which will occupy one of the main places in the heating system.

double gas boiler buderus

Almost all modern boilers are reliable, easy to use and safe. However, their choice must take into account many factors. Around the world, there is a huge variety of heating boilers, but gas accounts for more than half of them. In order to make a choice in the direction of a particular model, it is necessary to narrow the circle of searches. First of all, it should be decided whether the gas boiler will be single-circuit or dual-circuit, floor-standing or wall-mounted, with or without a chimney, as well as volatile or operating without electricity.

double gas boiler buderus

In order to decide, it is necessary to consider several models. They may belong to one or several manufacturers. You can ease the task by considering the boilers of one supplier. Among other proposals, the heating equipment of the Buderus company, which will be discussed in the article, should be highlighted.

Tips for choosing

gas boilers buderus

Gas coppers "Buderus" can be wall or floor. The first are optimal on the area up to 350 m2. Such devices have an attractive design, compactness and ease of installation. Depending on the model, the flue gases can be discharged through a chimney or a small coaxial pipeline. The latter option is safer and cheaper, because the products of combustion will be displayed outside the house with a simple fan. When installing such a unit to the ventilation system no additional requirements.

Wall-mounted gas boilers "Buderus" may have piezo ignition, which is activated by a special button. You can choose a model with automatic electronic ignition. The latter is convenient, because in the event of a power outage, the boiler switches on itself as soon as the electricity is received by wire. But during piezo ignition, the owner must turn on the unit.

In large rooms, floor boilers are usually installed. They are distinguished by an impressive mass, so they cannot be hung on the wall. Under them often the foundation is mounted. When choosing a floor boiler, you will need to tilt your choice towards devices with a pressurized or atmospheric burner. The latter is cheaper, simple and features quiet operation. For the first is characterized by a higher efficiency, but also an impressive cost. Atmospheric burner is included, but the supercharger will have to be purchased separately.

Considering the gas boilers "Buderus", you should pay attention to details that increase the safety of operation, but entail an increase in price. Among these options should be highlighted:

  • thermostat to turn off the boiler;
  • flame sensor;
  • thrust control sensor;
  • lock the boiler.

As for the flame sensor, the element is required to shut off the fuel supply if the flame goes out. If you turn off the gas, you need a blocker, so it is better to purchase a model with this function. Pay attention also to the thermostat, it is designed to turn off the unit when the water temperature rises to the emergency mark.

Review of models: Logamax U072-24K

wall mounted gas boilers buderus

You can buy this model for 37000 rubles. It is a wall model for heating water and heating. The unit is a dual circuit and has a closed combustion chamber. For cleaning the case can be easily disassembled.

The device is operated on liquefied and natural gas. This double-circuit gas boiler "Buderus" has protection against freezing, it is resistant to voltage and pressure drops. On the case there is a control panel for convenience of tracking of a working condition. With it, you can change the heating temperature.

Model Specifications

This double-circuit gas boiler "Buderus" 24 K is an equipment, the marking of which indicates the power. It is 24 kW. The maximum consumption of natural gas is 2.8 m3. Liquefied gas will be consumed in the amount of 2 kg. Heating temperature varies from 40 to 82 ˚C. Performance is equivalent to 6.8 liters per minute at 30 ˚C.

This wall gas bypass boiler “Buderus” weighs only 30 kg. Its overall dimensions are 400 x 700 x 299 mm. The volume of the expansion tank is 8 liters.The permissible pressure of natural gas is 0.016 bar.

Consumer reviews

As for the additional benefits, among them consumers distinguish:

  • resistance of the boiler to pressure drops;
  • adaptation to Russian conditions;
  • presence of flame control;
  • availability of a simulated fan;
  • electronic ignition;
  • frost protection;
  • unpretentiousness to voltage drops.

Consumers like the presence of an LCD display and control panel. With their help, you can enable, disable and monitor the operating status of the device. The display also helps to regulate the temperature.

Review wall boiler Logamax U072-18K

double-circuit gas boiler buderus 24

This equipment is a device for heating homes and apartments, as well as water heating. Buderus wall gas boiler is a traditional device with a permissible pressure of natural gas of 0.016 bar. The volume of the expansion tank is 8 liters.

Overall dimensions are 400 x 700 x 299 mm. The device weighs 32 kg, operates at a voltage of 220 V. Productivity reaches 5.1 liters per minute at 50 ° C. The temperature of hot water can vary from 73 to 145 C.

Model Reviews

wall-mounted gas boilers buderus dual

After reading reviews about the gas boiler "Buderus", you can understand that it provides convenient control, stability with pressure drops and can heat large areas.All this is very popular with consumers, as is the presence of a simulated fan, as well as electronic ignition.

The boiler is multifunctional, it can be used for heating water and heating. Flame control in the device is provided by an ionization electrode. During operation, the boiler emits noise, but at a low level. It is adapted to the Russian conditions, which is very popular with the modern consumer, who appreciates quality products at an affordable cost.

Review of gas floor boiler brand Logano G334-73 WS

gas boiler buderus reviews

This model is a floor gas device, which is equipped with a modern atmospheric gas burner. The unit is operated for heating houses and premises for various purposes. It can be installed in the boiler room, which is located on the roof or attic. By connecting a horizontal or vertical expansion tank to the equipment, hot water can be prepared.

The heat exchanger of the gas boiler "Buderus" is made of high quality cast iron, it ensures durability and reliability. The system can be converted into an installation with two boilers. The unit comes assembled, which is very convenient.

Customer reviews about the model

This device, according to consumers, is characterized by efficient operation and ease of management. Additional benefits buyers consider:

  • delivery in assembled form;
  • standardized utilization rate;
  • ease of conversion to the boiler plant;
  • possibility of operation of the unit on natural gas.

The design of the burner increases the life of the boiler. According to consumers, the boiler can be easily reconfigured to work on other types of gas.

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Gas boilers Buderus: review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews 68

Gas boilers Buderus: review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews 34

Gas boilers Buderus: review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews 51

Gas boilers Buderus: review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews 97

Gas boilers Buderus: review of models, characteristics, advice on choosing, customer reviews 49