Gleb Matveychuk: biography, personal life, photo

The biography of Gleb Matveychuk is probably known to all fans of Russian cinema and pop. This is a famous actor, singer and composer, the star of modern Russian show business. Most recently, he became a father, is now preparing to celebrate a wedding with his new lover.

early years

According to the biography of Gleb Matveychuk, the future musician was born in 1981 in Moscow. His father was Alimzhan Matveychuk, who at that time was a member of the USSR Union of Cinematographers. Gleb Matveychuk's mother - Olga Shalimovna make-up artist. When Gleb was still a little boy, his family moved to Minsk.

Gleb Matveychuk got to the theater group when he was only eight years old. There he became interested in vocals, which ultimately influenced the specialty that the hero of our article chose at the music college. He became the conductor of the choir.


Photo of Gleb Matveychuk

Recalling the details of his biography, Gleb Matveychuk admits that in his childhood cinema was carried away.Therefore, no one was surprised when, after graduating from college, he went to the capital to enroll in a drama school. Passion for music also made itself felt - he became a student at the conservatory.

Both of these hobbies in the future seriously influenced his entire fate. Combining the love of cinema and music, Gleb became a composer.

Movie debut

Biography of Gleb Matveychuk

The biography of Gleb Matveychuk was replenished with an important event when he was 14 years old. He played his first cameo in a movie. It was a little-known painting "Fiery Shooter".

After almost ten years, he appeared in the image of a sailor in the dramatic disaster film Vladimir Khotinenko "72 meters." After were small roles in the drama of Vladimir Mashkov "Dad", a series about counterintelligence in Tsarist Russia "The Death of the Empire", the drama of Yuri Moroz "Tochka", a multi-part detective action film by Igor Korobeinikov "Damned Paradise", a comedy melodramatic series "Margosha".


In the TV series "Margosha" Gleb plays the role of Ruslan Khilkevich. This is an adaptation of the Argentine film, which was released in South America under the name "Lalola", its creator Sebastian Ortega.

In Russia, the series has collected so high ratings that after the release of the 151 series, it was decided to continue the release of the project.Now the scripts have been written by domestic authors, since the adapted material has ended. A total of three seasons, consisting of 240 episodes.

Matveychuk plays an employee of the radio "Selena". He is one of the main characters of the first season, working as a sound engineer.


Actor Gleb Matveychuk

A few years after graduating from the Conservatory, the hero of our article began writing music for films. His debut work became the melodies for the painting "Pilgrimage to the Eternal City".

Specialists praised his talent, and after two years Matveychuk was nominated for the Golden Eagle award for music in the biographical drama Admiral about the fate of Kolchak. After this success, the photo of Gleb Matveychuk appeared in specialized publications, and in professional circles he had a reputation as a composer, working on historical and dramatic tapes.

In 2006, the hero of our article begins to act as a performer. At first he sings in the group of Lady Prowler, and then, together with Igor Novikov, organizes the band Flair, his next stage becomes a team called "Renaissance".

After the success in the TV series "Margosha", where he played his most famous movie role at the moment, Matveychuk immersed in television projects and theater.In the show "Russian Tenors" singer Gleb Matveychuk declares himself as a talented vocalist, gets to the finals of this competition.

In the future, he mainly works on soundtracks, although since 2009 he has finally switched to television.

Work on TV

Singer Gleb Matveychuk

In 2012, the hero of our article goes to the show "Voice". But the performance of Gleb Matveychuk turns out to be a failure, he does not pass the casting.

Next year he wins on another project. Together with Olga Kormukhina he ranks first on the TV show "Two Stars". Together they go on a tour of the south of Russia.

Not long have to wait and the next good luck. On the show "Toch-to-Tch" Gleb ranks second, receiving the audience award.

It was an amazing and unusual experience. Throughout this project, the artist had to try on a lot of completely different and not similar to each other roles. Matveychuk appeared in front of the audience in the image of Anna Netrebko, Shura, Klaus Meine, Grigory Leps, and even the leader of the Scorpions group. In the final, Matveychuk sang the song of Freddie Mercury along with Taisia ​​Povaliy, who got the role of Montserrat Caballe.

Recent projects

Speeches by Gleb Matveychuk

In the summer of 2016, everyone drew attention to the bright performance of the singer in a duet with Alexandra Vorobyova. At a concert in honor of the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, which took place in Murom, they sang the song "Eternal Spring".

It is safe to say that now Matveychuk is at the zenith of fame. He regularly performs with large-scale concerts, collecting almost full halls, writes music for films.

Often he appears on stage with a vocal program, among his most famous original songs of the songs "New Year", "My Russia", "Letting Go", "Faded Flowers", "Time", "When you are near", "Unfamiliar", " Broken love "," Siren "," Adagio "," Hope ".

In addition, Matveychuk still plays on the theater stage. He tours the country with a musical and dramatic production called "Territory of Passion". He played a major role in the musical “The Master”, played by John Utterson in the rock opera “The Strange History of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, Julien Portal in the play “The Hotel of Two Worlds”, Fernand de Morser in the musical “Monte Cristo”, Jesus Nazareth in another opera entitled "Jesus Christ - Superstar."

In 2017, his large-scale tour in the central part of Russia with the program "Winter Ball" took place.In particular, the singer performed in the Moscow region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, in March he went on tour with the new program "Spring Ball".

About personal life

The biography of Gleb Matveychuk abounds in many fateful meetings. He has always been in demand among the fair sex. It is known that for a long time he met with actress Svetlana Belskaya. But they never made serious plans, knowing that their relationship would remain at the level of hobbies. At the same time, they tried to hide their meetings to the maximum, never advertised them in the media.

In 2008, they parted on the initiative of Svetlana, the singer's mother even tried to reconcile the young people, but nothing happened to her. Shortly after the break in relations with the hero of our article, Belskaya married a classmate.


Gleb Matveychuk and Anastasia Makeeva

Considering the biography of Gleb Matveychuk, personal life should be given special attention. In 2010, he married actress Anastasia Makeeva. The celebration took place in a country castle, and Svetlana Belskaya was among the invited guests, which surprised many.

After registering at the registry office, the newlyweds went to church to get married.The artist himself often admitted that his wife remains his muse and the best adviser in the work.

Therefore, the news was so unexpected for many, when in 2016, Makeeva said that they were divorcing. Everything happened quietly - without mutual accusations and scandals. Young people themselves admit that the reason was their high employment, which did not allow them to devote enough time to living together. The couple had no children.

Soon after the divorce, Gleb radically changed his image. For example, he cut his long hair, standing in front of fans with a short haircut. Besides, I went with pilgrims on a trip to Greece.

For the role of Matveychuk, journalists svatali singer Ksenia Dezhneva, with whom Gleb was noticed in Vitebsk at the “Slavianski Bazaar”, but failed to get official comments from the stars.

At the end of 2016, a photo with an unknown brunette appeared in the artist’s social networks, who apparently became his new girlfriend. Fans and journalists decided that in such a simple way he decided to present it to the public. However, it was not possible to find out her name and occupation. It soon became clear that this is not necessary.Everyone learned who the new beloved singer.

In September 2018, it became known that the hero of our article became the father for the first time in his life. Daughter Alice to him gave birth to his bride, actress Elena Glazkova.

Pregnant Elena Glazkova

Gleb himself told the fans that at first he was going to name the child Stephanie, but then he realized that in combination with the child’s middle name, the name would not be very harmonious. The decisive role was played by his work on the project "Labyrinths of sleep", which very soon should go to the theater stage. By the way, this is his first independent production project based on "Alice in Wonderland." His girlfriend liked the music very much, she suggested calling her daughter Alice.

The birth was successful, mother and child have already been discharged from the hospital. It is known that shortly before giving birth, Gleb and his bride moved into a new house, in which they had already arranged a children's room. The relationship between the couple began soon after the singer's divorce from Anastasia Makeeva. He met his future wife in Greece at the Russian Film Week. Within a few days after the acquaintance, he realized that he was ready to marry Elena.Learning that he would soon become a father, he dismissed all doubts.

However, due to Elena’s pregnancy, the wedding had to be temporarily postponed. It was decided to solemnly celebrate after the birth of her daughter.

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