Globber My Free scooter: description, features and reviews

Scooter is one of the most popularvehicles for children and adults. Its advantages are safety and ease of management. A huge variety of models for any age allows you to choose such a vehicle to your liking. Recently, Globber scooters have become one of the most popular models. This French company has gained popularity due to the fact that its products combine ergonomics, ease of use, safety and stylish modern design. In addition, the production of these scooters uses the highest quality materials and the latest developments that improve their functionality.

How useful is a scooter for a child

Riding a scooter is useful at any age. Models of the company Globber are produced for children from 1 year and for adults. Every child, regardless of age and physical fitness, needs to buy such a vehicle. After a scooter is much safer than a bicycle or skateboard. With him, the risk of injury is minimal. In addition, the scooter has such useful qualities:

  • develops in children the coordination of movements;
  • strengthens the muscles of the legs and hands;
  • teaches to own one's body;
  • introduces the rules of the road;
  • develops respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • gives a good mood.scooter globber

Globber Scooters

Development of these vehicles for children from1 year is carried out in France. But scooters are manufactured in China. Therefore, they combine high quality, innovative performance and affordable for everyone. The firm won in 2016 the first place among manufacturers of goods for preschoolers. And among the parents, this product is in great demand due to safety, practicality and high quality.

Globber scooter is an unusual product. It is possible to find under the brand of this company the usual two-wheeled scooters. But this brand became popular due to transforming models for young children. These are three-wheeled models, as well as variants with a child seat. In this case, the product turns into a comfortable runaway, combining the functions of a scooter and a bicycle. The company has made this popular mode of transport affordable to the smallest. As soon as the child can sit well and balance, it can be rolled on this scooter.scooter y scoo globber my free

Advantages of these models

Globber scooters are produced in a variety ofvariations, for children and adults. But they became popular thanks to innovative models for small children. Unique ideas and products that are used only in the products of this company make RT Globber My Free scooters comfortable and safe. Compared to other popular models in the world, they have such advantages:

  • stylish modern design;
  • A convenient telescopic handle for adult control of the scooter;
  • the front wheel locking mechanism, which makes riding for a small child safe - it will never fall to one side when learning to turn;
  • The platform has a non-slip surface and rubber sides that do not allow the legs to slip;
  • Despite the fact that the platform is plastic, it is reinforced with light steel, which makes it very solid;
  • the ability to adjust the basic parameters depending on the growth of the child;
  • long handles made of latex do not allow hands to slide;
  • two wheels in front of three-wheel models improve stability and convenience of control.scooter globber my free

Main technical characteristics

All models of this company have high quality and features that make them better than others. For example, the Globber My Free Titanium scooter has the following characteristics:

  • have a T-shaped handle that can extend depending on the user's height;
  • A sturdy platform with a rubberized coating is located low;
  • wheels are made of high quality polyurethane and do not make noise when driving;
  • In the front wheels are built-in high-speed bearings ABEC, which simplifies the control of the scooter;
  • the rear wheel is covered with a special material, which increases its strength, and is equipped with a long brake, this makes braking comfortable and safe;
  • Handles are made of elastic material and are elongated, which makes them more comfortable;
  • The steering wheel is fixed to the platform on a special system, which prevents it from turning.scooter rt globber my free

Three-wheeled scooters

Such models are transformers, inwhich in front are two large wheels, and behind - one smaller. They are designed for children from 1 to 6 years of age and help the child learn to own their body and move with additional vehicles. The peculiarities of three-wheeled models is the possibility of their transformation. They grow with the child, transforming from a wheelchair into a runaway, and then into a full-fledged scooter. Therefore, the kid has been able to ride as an adult since 12 months.

Characteristic features of three-wheeled modelshas a Globber My Free scooter. It is also called a scooter-transformer, or "4 in 1". After all, he combines a wheelchair for kids and a classic scooter. These models are awarded many prizes for high quality, ergonomics and the needs of the child. After all, they were developed in conjunction with specialists in pediatric physiology, so they are ideal for the physical development of babies.

Why you need to buy such a scooter

A child can learn how to sort out from year to yearlegs, holding hands behind the wheel, keep his balance and own his body. Already at this age the child can independently move, using a scooter Y-Scoo Globber Titanium as a runaway. A comfortable seat has a motorcycle-type steering wheel and ensures that the child will never slip and fall.

And if you need to go outside, parents canattach the step and carry the baby, controlling the scooter with a convenient handle. It has 4 positions, which allows you to adjust it to the growth of an adult. And the child will not get tired even with a long trip, since the seat is comfortable, and the footrest allows you to protect your legs. Globber has thought of everything for the convenience and safety of the baby. Sitting version of the scooter is designed for a weight of up to 20 kg.

Transformation of the runner to the gurney is easyand without the use of additional devices. Just as easy to remove the seat and turn it into a full scooter when the child grows up. Such a model can be used up to 6 years or before the weight of the child reaches 50 kg.globber my free titanium

Scooter Y-Scoo Globber My Free

This model is the most popular in the world. This is an excellent gift for a child from the year that he can use up to 6 years. This three-wheeled scooter-transformer is comfortable and beautiful. The rear wheel lights up, all metal parts are covered with a special matte aluminum coating. The Y-Scoo Globber My Free scooter is available in different color variations, which allows you to choose the model according to your tastes.

The ergonomic seat of this wheelchair has 2positions that are easy to change depending on the age of the child. The scooter has several variations: a wheelchair, a runaway and a scooter. Therefore, it is excellent for the entertainment and physical development of a child from 1 to 6 years. High quality workmanship, strength of construction and beautiful unusual design make this model one of the most popular.y scoo scooter globber titanium

Two-wheeled scooters

These Globber scooters have a classic shape. But they are very different from the products of other firms with high quality materials and assembly. They used quality details and innovative design ideas. In all models, it is possible to increase the length of the handle. These scooters are designed for a weight of up to 100 kg, so they can be used by both children and adults.

This scooter weighs only 2.5 kg, so the child can easily handle it. These models are available in different color combinations and in a modern stylish design.

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