Good Sevastopol

Still, Sevastopol is a beautiful city.
No matter what.
Not at all of the annoying land admiral, not at indestructible landfills, neither at high prices, nor at the killed roads, nor at the poor shovels of fairs ... All this will change one day.
And the sea, the old center, the embankment, Chersonesos, awesome sunsets and its unique atmosphere will remain and will not go anywhere.
This is how I remembered it when I first arrived, I loved it that way when I moved here to live many years ago ...
I love this city, although I often criticize it. For the cause.
Sunset in the Chersonese / Chersonesus Sunset
2. Winter sunsets in Sevastopol - this is something.
Now, these days, being at home, I understand how I missed them in faraway countries.
Sunset in the Chersonese / Chersonesus Sunset
3. At this place was once an ancient Greek city. A few thousand years before today's Sevastopol.
Several thousand years ago, people stood on the same spot and looked at the sun setting into the sea ...
Nothing changed.
Sunset in the Chersonese / Chersonesus Sunset
4. ... and no, changed ...

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