Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish

Some young housewives are wondering about thewhat is goulash, how to cook this dish. The answer can be found in this article. This delicious product should be able to cook every loving wife who wants to nourish her beloved husband.

How to cook goulashhow to properly cook goulash

Here are a few tips that will help make the meat ingredient amazingly delicious.

  1. For a dish of pork you need to take a neck part or a clipping, and if you decide to use beef, then the most delicious goulash will be from the scapula or kidney part.
  2. For juiciness, the first five to seven minutes of frying on high heat until the formation of crust, which will keep all the juice inside the piece. Then you can reduce the heat and extinguish.
  3. Meat is ready for goulash. How to cook a thick sauce? Use flour or starch.
  4. Deciding to make a dish with vegetables, it is worth knowing that the number of ingredients should be the same, that is, how much meat, so many garden gifts.
  5. The most proper saucepan for cooking meat is cast iron or other material, but with thick walls.

How to cook goulash: a recipe with beef

how to cook goulash recipeCut the meat into cubes, sprinkle with pepper. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the product over a strong fire to brown crust, then transfer it into a thick-walled pan. To scoop another surface, to roast on it two spoons of flour (without oil), meanwhile to clear and cut a pair of bulbs and as many carrots. Bring the vegetables to the ready in the tank, where the meat was cooked. Add to them 60-70 grams of tomato paste and flour. Put the ingredients in the saucepan to the main ingredient, pour in the spices. Pour water so that it covers the food. Spread half an hour under the lid. Serve with rice or boiled potatoes.

Goulash: how to cook porkgoulash how to cook

Cut the meat into pieces, chop the onions. Preheat the vegetable oil in the wolf and fry the meat over a large fire, add a second product. Cook for about five minutes, then add a glass of hot water and cover with a lid, simmer for about half an hour. If you decide to use tomatoes, they need to be cut (remove the peel better) and put into a pan to extinguish with the rest of the ingredients. After the specified time, pour a couple of spoons of flour, spices, if there were no tomatoes - add a few spoons of tomato paste or ketchup. Give a little stand, put chopped greens and you can serve on the table.

Goulash: how to cook in Hungarian

homemade goulashCarrots, onions, tomatoes and peppers wash andcut into cubes, do the same with beef. In a frying pan, warm up a few spoons of fat (smaltz), add the vegetables and bring to the color, sprinkle a few spoons of Hungarian paprika. Hold on the fire, then put the meat, be sure to pepper and salt. Fry at high temperature for 10 minutes, then pour a glass of water and simmer the hour under the lid. Then add the remaining vegetables and a few chopped cloves of garlic, add more water (200-250 ml) and cook for 15 minutes. That's all, Hungarians usually add potatoes and tantalize until the latter is cooked, but instead of tubers to goulash you can serve pasta, rice or buckwheat.


The prepared dish will become the crown and favorite in thehouse, if you comply with the entire formula and cooking time. Do not forget that goulash needs special meat, only then lunch or dinner will be hearty and tasty.

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Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish Goulash: how to cook a Soviet dish