Government members of the Russian Federation

The composition of the governing body of the Russian Government, which is a collegial executive body under constitutional law, includes: the head - the chairman, his direct deputies and federal ministers.


Deputy chairmen, like other members of the government, are authorized by constitutional law to distribute to senior positions in federal districts, which is carried out in accordance with the accompanying presidential decree.

Only citizens of Russia who have no other residence permit in another country or any other foreign citizenship can become members of the government. The deputies of the chairman and federal ministers receive an appointment to a similar position, as, incidentally, are released from it, at the suggestion of the above-mentioned person, as well as by decision and after the corresponding decree is signed by the President of the Russian Federation.All employees of this management team are also entitled to apply for resignation on their own.

government members

Commanding person

The Chairman, the main person of the Government, is selected and appointed by the President of the Russian Federation from among Russian citizens who have confirmation of a resident exclusively in our country. The order of appointment is in accordance with the Constitution. Conclusion: a citizen of a foreign country cannot get into the highest governance structures of the country. That is, members of the Government are a team consisting only of Russians, residents of our country, which must be confirmed by each of them and reliably verified by document.

Material and property issues

All members of the Government of the Russian Federation immediately upon appointment to the position, and after - and annually, are obliged to submit to the tax authorities of the Russian Federation information on income, expenditure and property, not only their own, but also their spouses, as well as which belongs to their minor children.

This report also includes other incomes of the members of the Government, which also concern the rest, which are objects of taxation, profits, for example, from securities and other other state.It is necessary to submit the prepared documentation no later than the first day of April of the month following the reporting year. Tax authorities redirect received information to the President, as well as to the federal assembly, and in addition they have the right to publish them.

Restrictions for staying

Members of the Government of the Russian Federation do not have the right to be part of the Council of Federation, to become deputies of the State Duma and other legislative representative bodies of the Russian Federation, and they are also forbidden to be deputies of elected subjects from local self-government. In addition, they are not allowed to fill other posts in government bodies and self-governing committees in the field. The only exception to these rules is the assumptions established by federal constitutional laws and presidential decrees.

Restricting the rights of a member of the Government of the Russian Federation

Not allowed:

  1. Entrepreneurship - both with personal participation, and through fake or proxies.
  2. Participation in the management of business entities, regardless of their organizational and legal forms, unless such is provided for by federal regulations in the manner established by the Government of Russia,by decree of which there is an instruction to participate in the management of the specified organization.
  3. Engage in other paid activities other than scientific, teaching, or some kind of creative, provided that the types of classes listed are not funded by international funds from foreign countries, their organizations and citizens. If this, again, as an exception, is not provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or by any international treaties of our country on a reciprocal basis of state federal authorities with exactly the same authorized subjects of foreign states and their organizations.members of the Russian government

What is the work of the members of the Government?

The Government of the Russian Federation directs and oversees the activities of the federal ministries and the structures of the executive power, which are responsible to him for the conscientious performance of the tasks assigned to them. In order to more effectively exercise its powers, the governing aegis has the right to create its own territorial bodies and then appoint the appropriate officials to manage them.

The Russian government is engaged in the distribution of functions between federal executive bodies.In addition, it approves the legislative provisions on federal ministries, and sets the maximum number of Government members, staff and bills for their maintenance. Without going, by the way, beyond the limits of the funds provided by the federal budget for these purposes.

Rights and obligations

  1. Appointment and dismissal of deputy federal ministers, and other leadership of federal executive bodies of authority, which are under the authority of the Government and its members.
  2. Government members have the right to decide on the abolition or suspension of acts of federal bodies.
  3. The right to establish organizations, create and form advisory and coordinating bodies.
  4. If it is necessary to investigate the reasons that led to the occurrence of circumstances of an extraordinary nature, as well as, of course, to eliminate their consequences, the leadership has the right to establish government commissions concerning investigations into the causes of the circumstances that led to these peers.
  5. The Chairman of the Government may decide on the need to involve in the work of the above commissions any of the representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
  6. Before adopting changes in the structure and order of the system of federal bodies, members of the Russian Government can redistribute the functions of these entities, taking into account all the nuances and aspects of the management of federal ministries and other executive bodies regarding the issues referred by the Constitution to the powers of the President of the RF.

General authority

The government of our country together with its staff fulfills certain obligations to the people. And their sphere of influence concerns so many areas. Within their powers, members of the Government of Russia perform the following functions:

  1. Organization and implementation of foreign policy of the Russian Federation.
  2. Implementation of regulatory actions in the socio-economic sphere.
  3. Ensuring the unity of functioning of the entire systemic executive power of Russia, the direction and control of the joint activities of its bodies.
  4. Formation of targeted programs of federal significance and ensuring their implementation.
  5. The exercise of the rights and legislative initiative.members of the Russian government

Delegation of responsibilities

In agreement with the departments of the executive branch of the Russian Federation, members of the Government (photos) can transfer to them the fulfillment of part of their powers, naturallyif it does not conflict with the Constitution of Russia, and with other aspects of the law.

Each year, the collegiate composition of the Russian Federation provides the State Duma with reports on the results of their work, including the questions posed by it.

The Government of the Russian Federation sends information on the course of development and the estimated time of adoption of regulatory legal acts stipulated by federal laws to the Council of the Federal Assembly.

More about bans for government staff

  1. Members of the Government may not be attorneys, as well as representing ombudsmen for third parties in the bodies of State structures.
  2. They have no right to use information for any non-service purposes, as well as capital from financial, logistical and information support, from what is intended solely for official use.
  3. Receive a fee or payment for any speeches and publications as a member of the Government of the Russian Federation.
  4. It is forbidden to receive remuneration for exercising one’s own powers from individuals or legal entitiesto take loans not provided for by federal law, cash and other incentive bonuses, gifts, including for the use of any services or for paying for your rest and entertainment.government members photo

Without the cost of self taxpayer money

  1. It is forbidden to accept without the permission of the President honorary and other special titles, awards, insignia and other regalia of foreign states.
  2. No business trips outside Russia at the expense of individuals, as well as legal entities are allowed. The only exceptions are business cases specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. To enter the management staff of the board of trustees or any other supervisory boards, and other bodies of foreign non-commercial, including non-governmental organizations, and, of course, their subjects and structural units operating in the Russian Federation, again, if this is not provided for by our Russian by law.

Discussion of current regulations

At least once a month, the President of the Russian Federation holds a closed or open meeting with members of the Government. At this type of meeting is discussed,what is the situation now, is everything going in accordance with the previously outlined points, and new plans are being prepared for the progressive development of the country and regions for the future period of time. The topics of the meetings can be different, often the key points are discussions of social and economic development, indexation of pensions, allocated budget resources for one or other matters related to the implementation of all social obligations of our state.

Deputy and federal ministers personally participate in meetings. In case of impossibility of presence and participation in a meeting, members of the Government (photo below) are obliged to inform the governing person of the Government of the Russian Federation about this in advance.

rights of a member of the government of the Russian Federation

Meeting results

The Russian government can consider and make decisions on individual issues not only in closed meetings, but, in addition, make decisions in general without convening meetings. The preparation and holding of non-meeting meetings are carried out in accordance with the Constitutional legislation of the Russian Federation. The materials of the meetings and the decisions taken on them have the status of official information, and in connection with this, the procedure for their distribution is established by the Regulations, unless otherwise contradicted by federal laws.The Government of the Russian Federation notifies and informs citizens about the issues considered at its meetings and about the decisions taken on them through the media.

Personal cash

Members of the Government of the Russian Federation do not have the right to open foreign accounts and keep deposits outside the territory of the Federation, in addition, they are not allowed to use and own foreign financial instruments. This prohibition also applies to lawful spouses and their children. Observance of these conditions is monitored, as provided for by presidential decree.

Employees must transfer for the time of their employment as part of the Government apparatus they own securities, units in the authorized capital of organizations and a share in trust management (according to the terms of legislation) of the Russian Federation.income of government members

Conflict prevention responsibilities

Members of the Government of Russia are obliged, relying on the decrees of the President, stipulated by constitutional legislation, to report cases of some personal interest to those who fulfill their official duties, the actions of which threaten the occurrence of conflicts of interest.Also, the government apparatus is obliged to take part in the peaceful resolution of the situation, that is, to take all possible measures to prevent or resolve such a controversial disagreement.

Support activities

Members of the Government for their official work receive a monetary allowance in the amount established by federal legislative prescription. Medical care and other welfare of the members of the Russian Government Office is executed on the basis of federal law, but without going beyond the limits of federal budget expenditures allocated, in fact, specifically for the maintenance of the composition of the Government.

Trust or denial of such

The chairman of the administrative apparatus is entitled, as necessary, to put before the State Duma for consideration the question of confidence in the Government of the Russian Federation. As a result, the aforementioned committee of power (i.e., the State Duma) has the authority to either express confidence in members of the Government, or else to give a verdict of refusal to do so.meeting with government members

Government Relations with Other Authorities

Specially formed Committees and appointed members of the commissions of the chambers of the Federal Assembly have the right to send written appeals concerning their own affairs to members of the Government of Russia and other heads of federal bodies and subjects of executive power. After the consideration of such written appeals by the commissions of the Federal Assembly chambers and committees, as well as the measures taken, the heads of these executive bodies report the results and provide them to the relevant services in a time agreed with them.

The preparation of annual reports on the activities of the Government and the results obtained in the course of this, including on issues that have been raised by the State Duma, is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions specified in the Regulations of the Russian Federation. Reporting must be officially published in the Parliamentary and Russian newspapers.

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