Grandmas for Babkina

Do you know what the trouble of contemporary pop artists is? They have to go out of their way to be called to a corporate party.
Who in their right mind needs Timati? So he tries, scandal, like everyone else. There will be no noise around - they will not invite to corporate parties - there will be no money for a good life.
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Nadezhda Babkina, an extremely sensible woman, decided to go another way. Instead of scandals and market competition, she, realizing that no one needed, got a job at the Moscow Regional Duma.
No, it only seems stupid at first sight. Following an investigation by a non-governmental anti-corruption commission, Nadka Babkina was suspected of money laundering.
The singer, who mimics her cries under folk art, is now a deputy of the regional duma, a member of the commission on culture.
According to the anti-corruption commission, Babkina summoned herself to speak, paying royalties for budget funds. Budget, as you know, this is not about the price, but about the money that artists from the regional budget pay.
Not a big deal, by the way, money. As far as I know, the fee from the budget is two times higher than for the usual performance.
According to the results of the investigation, as I understood, Babkina’s activity looks as follows: some regional holiday is planned, money is allocated for culture, and Grandma Nadia, as a member of the commission on culture, makes an agreement with herself to speak.
Nadezhda Babkina simultaneously holds the position of a member of the commission on culture and mass communications of the Moscow Duma and the head of the folklore theater “Russian Song”. When concluding a contract with their own theater for performances on the stage of their own theater, Babkin, together with officials of the department of culture, find themselves in a situation of circular conflict of interests.
During the year Nadezhda Babkina concluded with her own theater three contracts worth about seven million rubles.
Well, cool, cho. Very cool. Why wait when they call you, if you can call yourself and dance at a budget expense?
Babkina Babkin Babkin, commission, culture, performances, Hope, regional, money, money, coin, cool

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And we all think why these “collections” of the days of the city and public holidays are so dismal? Why on stage - one shit?
Instead of sitting and thinking in the regional duma, how to raise the level of culture among the people, Babkina will sign agreements on her performances and do not care for her that her work is just a shame.
Didn't this Babkin ohrenella?
Is there really so much money in the Moscow Region that, except for Nadya, there is nowhere to spend it? And the problem was solved with dumps, and with roads, and with the degradation of education and medicine? All problems have been solved in such a way that now it's Nadya’s turn, so what?
How is this even possible, I do not understand.

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