Grass cinquefoil white: medical applications, reviews

The perennial plant belonging to the Rosaceae family is cinquefoil white. Name generic - Potentilla. In the people it is often called: pyatipersten, pyatipalnik, pyatipal.

Plant description

Herbaceous plant that can grow up to 25 cm. Potentilla has a thick rhizome, having a black-brown color. The plant is covered with silky hairs pressed to the stalk. The leaves are palmate, silky from the bottom, consisting of five dark green leaves, there are lanceolate stipules. Flowering stems with 1-2 leaves, which can be up to 5 flowers. Petals - notched, white, longer than the sepals.silverweed white applicationPotentilla was not accidentally called white, during the flowering period it is covered with white flowers, which create a magnificent white cover that can be seen from afar. Her flowers are very similar to the color of wild strawberry. The root creeping in length can reach 100 centimeters.This medicinal plant propagates by root processes.

Where grows

Potentilla white has a very large area of ​​growth. It stretches from the Volga to Central Europe. Its northern boundary is Germany. This species is absent in the Scandinavian countries and the British Isles. The western boundary of the range passes through the Ardennes and Vosges. And, finally, in the south, silverweed grows in northern Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Ukraine.

Easily takes root on any soils - wet and dry, sandy, clay. It grows especially in light, especially oak and pine forests, woods, edges and meadows. There are several other varieties of Potentilla - Potentilla caterpillar and Potentilla erect (Kalgan).

History of use

This plant has been known to man since ancient times. In the 15th century, the famous treatise “On the Power of Herbs” was published in Italy, in which the silverweed was described as white — the application and healing properties of the plant. The medieval author writes that this herb is beautiful, but very bitter in taste, well treats various injuries, quickly heals burns, helps well with abdominal pains and even snake bites.silverweed white instructions for use

Medicinal properties and composition

Potentilla white application was first found in traditional medicine, and then its healing properties recognized and traditional doctors. This was facilitated by its unique chemical composition. This very fragile plant contains almost all the elements from the periodic table.

The researchers of this plant found out that the silverweed is white, the use of which by a group of patients was about a month, first normalizes the salt and mineral metabolism, then levels the hormonal balance, as a result of which all metabolic processes are restored. Scientists have concluded that this is a truly unique plant. Potentilla white, the use of which should be carried out after a mandatory consultation with a doctor, can stop or slow the development of many types of tumors. silverweed white application reviews

The plant has tannins in its composition, in particular, gallotanin. Its greatest content is recorded during the flowering period. In addition, it contains phenol carboxylic acids, starch, saponins, flavonoids - rutin. Its leaves contain kaempferol, quercetin, cyanidin, elemental iodine, a huge number of trace elements.

The main part of the active (biologically) substances is in the underground part of Potentilla. If the preparations from the above-ground cinquefoil stimulate the central nervous system, then extracts from the root effectively normalize the balance of hormones and the functioning of the thyroid gland, significantly increase diuresis. Such drugs are used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract. The use of cinquefoil white for thyroid gland, gastric ulcer, rheumatism and gout, dysentery and jaundice gives a positive effect.

It is used as a weak downward pressure, wound healing and antiseptic, astringent and antitumor agent. It is also known what a beneficial "associated" effect in the treatment of any disease is the silverweed white. Application (patient feedback allows you to say this) of this amazing herb promotes the resorption of nodes, soft tumors, improves the structure of nails and hair. Many people who have taken this wonderful herb, note the high efficiency of treatment.

silverweed white application for thyroid reviews

In recent years, many people are interested in silverweed white. The use in medicine of drugs based on it gives excellent results in the treatment of the thyroid gland.It is noteworthy that in the treatment of any disease, patients note that their nails no longer exfoliate, their hair becomes stronger - they do not split and do not break, acquire a healthy, rich luster. Scientists believe that silverweed is especially important in areas with iodine deficiency. The use of drugs that are based on the root of this plant will be able to help people with endocrine problems. But we must remember that the course of treatment is rather long.

Potentilla white: use for thyroid, reviews

Silverweed is known as a unique natural remedy. It effectively affects the work of the entire endocrine system. Indications for use can be considered thyroxycosis, euthyroidism, goiter, and thyroid gland. In case of serious problems in the work of the thyroid gland, Potentilla drugs are prescribed for a rather long period. Patients report significant improvements in well-being, and even cases of complete healing are known. It is important that the non-toxicity of this plant is officially proven. Its use as an iodine-containing agent for the prevention of iodine deficiency and general health improvement of the body is allowed.silverweed white application for thyroid

It has been noted that it fairly quickly normalizes the balance of hormones, improves the functioning of many important organs and body systems, the silverweed is white. The use of the thyroid (reviews of patients and doctors talk about it) gives a high clinical efficacy due to the presence of unique biological iodine compounds in it.

Strokes and heart attacks

Potentilla is white; it has been used for a long time when using the thyroid gland (or rather, in its diseases). And its use after such serious and dangerous diseases as heart attack and stroke, began to practice recently. After a person has suffered such diseases, it is very important for him to restore blood circulation and normalize cholesterol levels. And in this case the silverweed comes to the rescue.

The use of drugs based on it are used with high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbance. In addition, this tool has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of blood vessels, removes toxins and slags, cleanses the blood. In addition, the silverweed helps to reduce excess weight, because it accelerates the breakdown of fat, stimulates the digestive system and normalizes metabolism.

Potentilla white: use in traditional medicine

Official medicine has paid attention to this plant relatively recently, while traditional healers have been treating them since ancient times. In particular, they are widely used pendentis in the treatment of gynecological diseases - myomas, prolapses of the uterus, cysts. Reception of infusions and decoctions of papilka improves a stable menstrual cycle, relieves pain during menstruation. silverweed white use in folk medicine

Healers have long known how white blood is acting on tumors. Application in folk medicine has repeatedly proved its amazing ability to resorb nodes and significantly increase the defenses of the human body. Folk healers claim that when you take Potentilla, excessive sweating completely disappears, dyspnea decreases and then dyspnea completely disappears, manifestations of gout and rheumatism are reduced.

Potentilla grass is white, the use of which is very effective in the treatment of kidney diseases, provides a diuretic effect and pain relief.

Potentilla white: how to apply

Folk healers prepare various preparations based on Potentilla. Today we will introduce you to some recipes.We want to remind our readers that before using any medicinal herbs, consultation with the attending physician is necessary. Today, in all pharmacies, silver white is freely available. Instructions for use are listed on each package. It should be observed very strictly.

Tincture of the roots on vodka

You will need 50 grams of dry roots. They should be finely crushed with a hammer, placed in a glass container and pour white vodka (500 ml). After that, the container tightly closed and set for four weeks in a dark place. Do not forget to shake it periodically. After the expiration of the specified period, it should be filtered and you can start taking 30 drops, not more than three times a day. Tincture should be diluted in a small amount of water.

Potentilla infusion white

Prepare one and a half tablespoons of crushed and dry roots and herbs, they should be taken in equal quantities. Pour the raw material with a glass of boiling water. It is better to insist means in a thermos for 8 hours, after which it must be filtered. It is recommended to take from one tablespoon half an hour before meals three times a day. This composition is used in the treatment of the thyroid gland. silverweed white instructions for use

Prepare infusions preferably in melt water. Of great importance is the correct choice of therapeutic dose. She is always an individual, the doctor should select it. The dosage depends on the stage at which the disease is at the moment, and on the patient's heart condition. For children, the dose is halved. The group of potent drugs is tincture of Potentilla white. Its application should be under the supervision of a physician. As a rule, treatment of almost all chronic diseases (including the thyroid gland) is carried out by courses. They are 4 weeks. After that, you need to take a break for 2 months. Potentilla drugs are not toxic.


Crushed Potentilla roots pour 500 ml of water, bring to a boil and boil for five minutes over low heat. The decoction should stand for at least four hours, then strain. Take the composition should be as follows. On the first day, one tablespoon five times a day, on the second day, the dose is increased to 2 tablespoons, on the third to 3 tablespoons, on the fourth day 4 tablespoons. Then a three-day break follows, and the course is repeated. The duration of the full course is 30 days.

White ointment

Anyone who suffers from inflammation of the joints, radiculitis, osteochondrosis should help this ointment.

Potentilla roots (5 grams) grind to a powder. Fill them with 200 grams of melted pork fat or butter and cook over low heat for seven minutes. In the sore spots you can rub white ointment or make compresses.


Contraindications for the use of white Potentilla include:

  • some heart diseases (ischemic disease, rhythm disturbances, increased heart beat rate);
  • hypotension (low blood pressure).

Prophylactic reception

Today, many people are deficient in iodine. Therefore, the use of Potentilla for prophylactic purposes is fully justified. This will help improve metabolism, normalize the endocrine system.

Iodine deficiency can be reduced by using whiteweed in combination with infusions from other plants - cocklebur, green walnut, Iceland moss, etc. grass silverweed white application


Patchwork white in our country is used by many people. Most of them write about their impressions, leave feedback about the treatment. The main part of them concerns the treatment of the thyroid gland and, in particular, of the goiter. All patients report clear improvements in their condition.But everyone who uses this remedy warns that the treatment is long. For example, a significant decrease in nodes occurs after 8-9 months of intake of tincture.

Many people note the effective effect of decoction of the roots of potentilla in the treatment of intestinal disorders. Moreover, it can also be used by children, since the drug is not toxic.

Marks and surprised many cosmetic effect of treatment. Strengthens and becomes healthier hair, stops their loss. Become strong and unbreakable nails.

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