"Grippol Plus": reviews of the vaccine for the prevention of influenza

Of course, ARVI can hardly be considered a rarity in the modern world. And it will certainly be difficult to find a person who has never had the flu. Fever, weakness, cough, runny nose - extremely unpleasant symptoms. Moreover, the disease violates the daily routine of the person.

Nobody wants to hurt. And modern pharmaceutical companies offer buyers a lot of vaccines and drugs that can prevent influenza diseases. Flu vaccine Grippol Plus is considered to be quite effective. But what is this tool? Are there any contraindications to its reception? Are side effects possible? Should I agree to the vaccine? Answers to these questions interest many people.

Drug release form

flupol plus

The vaccine "Grippol Plus" is available in the form of a solution for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. A single dose of 0.5 ml of the solution, which is placed in glass ampoules or vials with a rubber cap and an aluminum cap.Some companies produce vaccines in convenient sterile syringes that are ready for use.

The composition and properties of the drug

Naturally, in the first place, people are interested in questions about what this tool is and what properties it has. The drug "Grippol Plus" is a highly effective, purified influenza vaccine that provides for the formation of immunity to influenza A and B viruses.

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One dose of medication contains hemagglutinin of the current strains of influenza virus, in particular, different subtypes of influenza viruses A and B. In addition, the drug contains an immunoadjuvant polyoxidonium in phosphate-buffered saline.

According to studies, the flu vaccine Grippol Plus provides for the rapid formation of immunity. As a rule, in 75-96% of patients in the blood, antibody titers to the influenza virus are determined already 8-12 days after the procedure. Immunity lasts up to 12 months.

By the way, polyoxidonium, which is a component of the drug, has immunomodulatory properties. This substance stimulates a nonspecific immune response and increases the resistance of the human body not only to the influenza virus, but also to other infections.

Indications for use of the drug "Grippol"

In what cases vaccination is carried out with the help of the “Grippol Plus” preparation? The instruction indicates that vaccinations are allowed in almost all age groups of patients, including children older than 6 months.

In addition, it is worth highlighting several groups of people who are particularly prone to this viral disease. Graft is recommended to people who, by virtue of their profession, are prone to such infections, in particular, medical workers, military personnel, workers in the transport, trade, police, social services and educational institutions.

On the other hand, the drug Grippol Plus is recommended for people who are at increased risk of developing complications in the event of an infection of the body. Elderly patients (over 60 years old), as well as children attending schools and preschool institutions can be classified as at-risk groups.

Patients with poor health are advised to vaccinate, for example, people who constantly suffer from acute respiratory infections. High-risk groups include patients with chronic somatic diseases, as well as diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, congenital and acquired forms of immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, metabolic disorders.

The drug "Grippol Plus": instructions for use

flupol plus instruction

How to use this tool? Immediately it should be noted that vaccination is carried out exclusively in medical offices or clinics. Only a specialist knows how to properly administer the Grippol Plus solution.

Instructions for use contains generally accepted recommendations. Children older than three years of age, as well as adult patients receive a vaccine in a dose of 0.5 ml. The procedure is mostly disposable. The solution is injected using a sterile syringe intramuscularly or under the skin into the upper third of the outer surface of the shoulder (the deltoid muscle is located here).

By the way, in some cases, the dosage may vary. In particular, patients with immunodeficiency, as well as people taking immunosuppressants, are vaccinated twice - the second injection of the solution is carried out after 3-4 weeks.

Before use, the vial of vaccine must be kept at room temperature. Shake the solution immediately before vaccination. It is worth paying attention to the presence of physical changes - if the solution changes color or you notice an uncharacteristic precipitate, the use of this portion of the vaccine should be discarded.

Naturally, the procedure must necessarily be carried out under aseptic and antiseptic conditions. Syringes and needles should be sterile, and the skin at the injection site should be wiped with alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to store the remains of the vaccine in an already opened vial or syringe.

It is advisable that the patient be under the supervision of a medical officer in the event of an immediate allergic reaction for the first half hour after the injection. By the way, the vaccination room must be equipped with the equipment and preparations used for first aid for allergies.

Features of the drug for children

flu plus children

As already mentioned, the drug Grippol Plus is administered to children over three years old in the same way as adults. But for babies under three years of age, the vaccination scheme varies slightly. The dose in this case is divided into two times.

First, 0.25 ml of vaccine is administered to the child, and after 3-4 weeks the procedure is repeated, observing the same dosage. By the way, the injection is carried out intramuscularly in the anterolateral surface of the thigh. Sometimes doctors recommend giving a febrifuge to your baby on the first day after vaccination.

Are there any contraindications?

In fact, this drug has not so many contraindications. However, not all people can be vaccinated with this tool. In particular, the tool "Grippol" is not suitable for patients with increased allergic sensitivity to any components of the vaccine, as well as chicken protein.

Before vaccination, you need to carefully examine the medical record of the patient. If in the past there have been cases of an allergic reaction to the introduction of influenza vaccines, then it is worth refusing this procedure.

In addition, exacerbations of various chronic diseases also apply to contraindications - the drug can be administered only after the onset of a period of remission. Also, vaccinations are not carried out in the presence of febrile states, intestinal diseases, mild forms of ARVI - in such cases it is better to wait until body temperature is normal.

Are side effects possible?

Immediately it is worth noting that this vaccine is a highly purified product, so complications after its use are extremely rare. Nevertheless, the possibility of their appearance should not be excluded.

flup plus reviews

So what are the side effects of the drug Grippol Plus? Instructions for use suggests that local reactions are most often observed. In particular, soreness, slight swelling and hyperemia may appear at the injection site. These phenomena are considered completely normal and go away on their own. Common complications, slight fever, weakness can also be attributed to common complications.

Such common reactions as a sore throat, mild runny nose, headache and fever are much less common. These symptoms usually go away on their own after 1-3 days.

Rare for vaccination are considered intense immediate-type allergic reactions. In some cases, after vaccination, patients developed some neurological disorders, parasthesia, myalgia.

Can I be vaccinated during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an extremely important period in the life of every woman. Indeed, at this time the immune system is weakened, and any disease can affect the body of a growing fetus. Therefore, today many are interested in questions about whether pregnant women are allowed to be vaccinated with the Grippol Plus vaccine.Reviews of experts, as well as research results, indicate that this tool does not have embryotoxic and teratogenic effects, so it can be considered as safe.

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In any case, the decision on vaccination is taken by the attending physician, taking into account the risk of infection and the development of certain complications. By the way, it is believed that in the second and third trimester the drug is safer.

By the way, the vaccination “Grippol Plus” is also allowed for nursing mothers. Interrupt breastfeeding during vaccination is not necessary.

Interaction with other drugs

Can I use Grippol Plus along with other drugs? Reviews of doctors and researchers indicate that this vaccine is perfectly combined with almost all drugs. For example, it can be used simultaneously with the basic therapy of the underlying disease.

In addition, it is allowed to use this tool with other inactivated and live vaccines. The only exception is BCG, as well as rabies vaccinations. Naturally, in this case, the doctor must take into account the contraindications and side effects of all the drugs used.

There are also drugs that can reduce the effectiveness of Grippol Plus. In particular, these are corticosteroid and cytotoxic drugs that inhibit the activity of the immune system.

How much does the medicine cost?

Of course, many people are primarily interested in questions about how much the drug Grippol Plus costs. The price in this case depends on many factors. First of all, you need to take into account the financial policy of the manufacturer and the organization that distributes the vaccine.

However, on average, the cost ranges from 250 to 350 rubles - that is how much one dose of the Grippol Plus vaccine will cost you. Price, you see, is not too high, especially if you compare it with the cost of drugs that you need in case of illness.

On the other hand, we should not forget that some categories of the population can get vaccinated for free. For example, in some schools there is a mass vaccination of schoolchildren. In addition, free vaccinations are usually done for people whose profession is associated with an increased risk of infection.

Are there analogs?

Far from all cases, patients are allowed to vaccinate with this drug. Nevertheless, in modern pharmacological markets, various products with similar properties are presented. Purified antigens of the influenza virus contains Korean drug "Jishi Fle". If the patient is allergic to egg white, then you can be vaccinated with Monogrippol Neo. In addition, Grippol Neo vaccine, as well as Vaxigripp, Influvak, Fluarix, Panenza, and many others, are considered quite effective.

The drug "Grippol Plus": reviews of doctors and patients

flu plus doctors reviews

Today, many people are vaccinated with this drug. Moreover, the state allocates funds for procurement and mass vaccinations using the Grippol Plus facility.

Reviews of doctors about this medicine are mostly positive. Indeed, mass vaccination helps to reduce the number of patients with influenza diseases. By the way, vaccinations, as a rule, are recommended in the autumn-winter period, as well as at the beginning of an epidemic outbreak of the disease.

On the other hand, not all patients are satisfied with the result. Many people note that after an injection, the state of health worsens for a few days, although this is considered to be a normal consequence of vaccination, since the body needs time to produce a strong immune response. The undoubted advantages of this drug include its availability (it is quite often used in clinics), as well as the relatively low cost that each patient can afford.

In some cases, even after vaccination, the person becomes ill with the flu. This phenomenon has a simple explanation. The fact is that for the manufacture of the solution, the currently actual strains of the influenza virus are used - the vaccine will protect it from it. But in relation to another strain of infection, the vaccine may be inactive, so the probability of developing the disease is. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide patients with the necessary information in time and explain the characteristics of influenza vaccination.

Nevertheless, many people like the Grippol Plus vaccine. Feedback from satisfied patients suggests that the drug is really doing its job.

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